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When Everything Else Has Failed

When everything else has failed,
Hope goes completely down the drain.

You drown in own misery—
Letting the currents pull your body further into the ocean.

Right before you drown to death,
You realize the value of a precious life,
So you swim back to the beach,
And keep living another day—fighting for a solution. 

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What is righteousness

This is a passage from my book called “The Rough Journey of Survival”:

When a person decides to perform a righteous act, is that individual really executing a virtuous deed? Some people will carry out a noble action for their egocentric needs. There are people who will fulfill a respectable deed to seek the approval of God. Individuals will accomplish honorable acts in order to expunge their sins from a guilty conscience. People will engage in ethical deed in order to experience a joyous emotion. When is an honest action actually righteous? A righteous act is honored a person completes a moral deed without a self-centered cause. An individual should never
practice a decorous action if he or she is considering how the worthy act will affect his or her own demands. If every individual reenacts a righteous deed without a selfish ambition, this imperfect world will be a little closer to perfection.

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This is a passage from my book called "The Rough Journey of Survival":

As I’m drowning in my own misery, 
I struggle to reach the surface of the water.

When I try to swim up to breathe in air, 
external forces pull me deeper into the sea.

I will fight the obstacles of the sea because I want to survive.

When I am able to breathe in oxygen, 
I am going to live a wonderful life.

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Life in a Cell

This is a passage from my book called "The Rough Journey of Survival":

As I sit in my cell, I feel trapped in my own isolation.

When I become depressed, my mind loses control as I lie on my bed.

As I imagine what life is like outside the gates of hell, 
I feel like time is ticking by slower and slower.

No matter how much I sleep, 
the clock still moves at a slow pace during my unconsciousness.

As I try to calm myself, 
all I can think about is dying by a blade from someone else’s hand or my own.

I continue to survive because survival is my only option in order to see the sight of the free

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A New Beginning

Traveled the unwanted trail to regret. 

Living in a land where past mistakes can’t be fixed.

Unwilling to walk back on the right path to progress.

Once realizing that the clock of life is ticking,
A new quest can begin by following the route to success.  

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This is a Passage from my book called "The Rough Journey of Survival":

Every time I am looked upon as abnormal,
People glare at me as if I’m paranormal.

Because I take pills for being mentally ill,
Individuals still don’t understand that I have exceptional skills.

I am not a person that you should repel;
I just endured experiences as if I went through the gates of hell.

If you knew my personality,
You would understand that I have a normal mentality.

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The Merry-Go-Round of Life

The artificial horse is on the track of repetition.

While sitting on this boring ride,
Precious moments are being wasted with each spin.

The carousel ignites sparks in the brain,
Ready to explode with the fuel of impatience.

In order to get off the wheel of boredom,
Humans must take a stand and stop going in circles.

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The Addiction Epidemic

Drugs of pleasure are an escape from earth.
Living in a place known as imaginary paradise.
Once addicts come back to the world and reality,
The toleration of life is torturous.
Craving drugs as if they need food to satisfy an appetite.
Betrayal is being committed to support the habit of vileness.
Desperation leads to a life of crime for artificial gratification.
Recovery only occurs when the spirit is broken,
Willing to travel the rough journey to genuine happiness.