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Somber Days

I am somber like November days and my words speak weak, as if through tired tongue I see the trees stand naked reaching their limbs across the stream as if touching and comforting each other from the bitter cold that's settling in sometimes I envy them I want to stand naked arch my back reach towards hands and feel the comfort of more than I am allowed and escape the bitterness as it settles in it doesn't seem fair to question a day or night that wears the same veil as me, colorless and silent in the breeze as it whispers through the trees sometimes I want to lean my ear and eavesdrop on them I want to peak beneath the skies veil and see the colors blend to see the rain less clear through colored drops fall upon a canvas and paint a masterpiece I want to feel my hands finger a pen, without tingling from bottled up emotions to feel my soul inside me not as if locked outside looking in, as if a stranger to my own life not be the afterthought or an emotion beyond words of some poet's muse I want to know the meaning of this emptiness I want to understand why the tree is as naked as my thoughts in winter yet dressed heavy in the summer and most beautiful in the fall why does beauty fall become grounded and dance in November's wind somber, like the day....

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Love never fades

the morning air staggers above the lake
through trees, i almost feel it kissing me
my thoughts spiral down like leaves amidst fall
this emptiness is more than i can take
beneath closed eyes you are all that i see
yet emptiness haunts within morning's call

Sandy Adams

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Tick Tock

i look at the walls around me
bootleg-moonshine shadows dancing
a waltz atop nighttides stage
yet i am empty of my own emotion
alone, covered in reflections of us.

i still smell your scent
linger in every deep breath
within this humid air
and i choke up another piece of me
as the hands of time rape me 
of all my colored thoughts
i now dream in black and white
in a room dressed the same.

the clock laughs in seconds
mocking raindrops on rooftops 
my eyes cry the same tune
over and over again
as time becomes my enemy

i can almost hear your footsteps
tracing the stairs, approaching me
they fill the voids within my heart,
momentarily, yet it beats no more for love
than the clock on the wall,
it's just there the same
tick tock, tick tock...

memories fade with night

Leaving on a jet relates to this song...the person is alone, lost their love and has a longing...yet begins to question if the love was worth staying for!
Debbie Guzzi 
Contest Name Songs to Poetry 

Sandra Adams  9/11/13

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soul's whisper

i stand beneath the moon
and attempt to admire its beauty;
its as full as my mind
with thoughts of you
i feel the breath of wind
a tender, welcomed touch
against my almost bare flesh
it arouses me
as shadows touch
like lips reaching
towards that first kiss
the gleam of a thousand stars
become your eyes
reflecting back at me

passion’s flame ignites
i can hear its thunder 
loud, like a summer's storm 
your inner soul shines 
like lightning across the sky 
i arch my back 
and cherish the warmth
as the wind caresses me 
and feel the rain of affection 
pouring down on me 
soothing me 
i am refreshed 
as i marvel in the beauty
of our relationship 
love full bloom

yet i struggle
like the moon
between clouds
yearning to understand
the abomination
of others
and scorn their darkness
with the beauty of your light

Details | Sandra Adams Poem

just like juliet

it's morning again;
i watched the sun yawn across the sky
making its way to my window
but the stars were still in your eyes
and last night's dew, still fresh
as i laid in your arms wanting more
wanting anything but a new day.

i always hated good-byes;
arms locked tightly around one another
lips pressing firmly while tired tongues whispered
"i love you" over and over again
but the hands of time never held still
and we'd start to part, then repeat the process
over and over again holding what we could from night
but day always dressed us
moved us along
left us standing alone.

i saw lover's leap;
it was this big rocky cliff
jutting out of the side of a mountain
and i settled deep in my own thoughts,

i'd like to climb it,
before sunrise,
when the stars are still fresh in your eyes
and the dew still wet between us,

kiss you,
close my eyes 
and whisper "i love you"
over and over again
without having to say good-bye.

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                                                     she sits
                                                  on the edge 
                                                   of her bed
                                                   the candle  

                                                thoughts drift
                                                with the aroma
                                                and light smoke
                                                one touch from 
                                                masculine hands
                                                could light desire
                                               and she would melt
                                                into a slow trickle
                                               like a candle's edge
                                               beneath the heat of
                                              red glow to puddles
                                                of warmth below

                        her eyes tear in a smokeless room as she sits
                         on her bed alone...the candle burns itself out


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ivory trees

dressed by winter's hand
glistening within sunlight
trees of ivory
swaying branches in the wind
whispers of white cascade down


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the moon rises
her candle-lit glow dances
casting shadows on walls
as she weaves in and out
of night's winded breath
fingering every inch of  darkness
as she thrusts herself forward

night moans
in a climax of screams
then becomes silent
under freshly fallen dew
she tucks herself beneath covers
and awaits morning's blush

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it's december;
holiday thoughts chill me
more so than this breeze
as it wraps me up
in winter's blanket

i want to be like the trees
colorless and bare
of everything
that weighs me down

i want to dance free
in the wind
not snap
like dead branches
in storm's fury

i'm snapping though
and it's only december
i can feel the weight
of winter's wrath
pulling me down
grounding me

i am falling
more than a few inches deep
everything is turning white
fading fast
within death's grasp
i am december's ending

Details | Sandra Adams Poem


i peer
through lacy curtains
that night has sewn
upon my window

at footsteps
that lead to you

the stars weave themselves
between the clouds
of winter's loom

a cold wind howls
beneath the unseen moon

a mother's lullaby

i feel the hands of time
 gently tap
from the edge of night
and sanity

i sit alone
beneath the shadows
and watch
as my footsteps
fade to white