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Best Allen Braaten Poems

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Spiritual Mentor

I read and study my father-in law's old Bible

Tattered, written in , highlighted, never left idle

Each time I pick it up, I think of this spiritual man

He's smiling when I read from it as often as I can

Copyright © Allen Braaten

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A Caring Man

There comes to us each Thursday morning

One very interested in our group sharing

The texts to be used the next Sunday

His explanations of the verses help hear what they say

Our questions asked, sometimes simple, sometimes deep

His answers almost never put us to sleep

The Spirit speaks through this spiritual man

Understandable words spoken like few can

An hour Bible study, most times extended by half

Quite often interspersed with a hearty laugh

Who is this teacher/preacher sent to us to speak

Knowledgeable words our hearts seek

That one who longs for God's word, our hearts to fill

The one known to all of us as our friend, Pastor Bill

Copyright © Allen Braaten

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A Small Voice

I see, but I am blind
I hear, but I am deaf
I taste, but all is bland
I touch, but I do not feel
I smell, but the scent is elusive

Our senses conforming to the world
Influenced and molded by that deceptive designer
So skillful and crafty in guiding us away
Ever so masterfully allowing us our way
That we become accustomed to being in the darkness

What was once Holy is seen as folly
Truth is eroded, past rules are just old-fashioned
Being modern, everything is acceptable
What fun, join the crowd, we are free
Free to experience everything the world offers

But we have this small inner voice
Almost extinguished by that smiling deceiver
Something inside whispers during our quiet times
That our way is going against the grain
Some unexplainable sixth sense speaking softly
Fleeting thoughts of some other direction
A pull in our hearts that will not go away

Another way begins to enter our consciousness
A way that reveals our freedom is actually bondage
And that true freedom is found when we come to believe
In that One who comes to us where we are
All faults known, we are accepted and forgiven
By that One who has waited so long for us to come home

An unknown kind of love shown by our Heavenly Father
Who wants to be in a relationship with those so undeserving
The veil is lifted and our senses are refocused on His way
We are accepted as a child of God because of One on a cross
We then know true freedom enjoyed with Him for eternity

Copyright © Allen Braaten

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Hope Returns

Hope lost

What a cost

Too much pain

Am I sane

Is there a way out

Alcohol sought

A temporary solution

To numb the confusion

Another hangover

Will this last forever

Then a small glimmer

Something inside starts to simmer

Could it be lost hope

Like opening an envelope

It's contents a hand written letter

Words assuring that I will get better

A return address on the corner

A name once quite familiar

That one gone long ago

There wanting me back to help me grow

Amazing grace shown by You, Father

Hope emerges, a divine encounter

Copyright © Allen Braaten

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Thinking back on good times at the lake

Of wake boarding and tubing, jumping the wake

Quiet times at night when all beds were filled

The morning smell of pancakes and bacon grilled

Kids running down the dock, into the water diving

Sometimes splashing people in boats nearby fishing

Indelible snapshots of a family having fun

I'm sometimes saddened to have those times done

But to have had that time in my life, I am forever grateful

Spent with a loving family, my heart is exceedingly joyful

Copyright © Allen Braaten

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What message do we long to hear
That a loving God holds us dear
Our lives sometimes lived in fear
Please know that our God is always near

Copyright © Allen Braaten

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PT160, what does it mean
Sounds like a plane or some kind of machine
It seems to almost defy definition
Maybe it is some kind of condition

PT160, poetic texting in 160 characters of less
You are thinking, it's strange, that's my guess
But it is quite a challenge to obey the guidelines
160 characters or less, messages that rhyme in four lines

I would encourage you to utilize your poetic talent
To send a message of hope, words of encouragement
Maybe to say words not easy to say face to face
Loving words sent to someone in a far off place

Maybe you're thinking PT160 is quite silly
But those who have received responded positively
Smiles, days made better,thoughts provoked, appreciation
Sometimes just a few kind words can change a life's direction 

Copyright © Allen Braaten

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A Better Day

I was looking out at a dreary day

Not unlike many we have in May

I thought of your smiling face

It took me to a better place

Copyright © Allen Braaten

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Politicians, are they always right, never wrong

Sometimes I wonder if they can be bought for a song

Whatever happened to the concept of negotiation

If they don't begin listening, I am fearful for our nation

Copyright © Allen Braaten

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A gift has been given, freely from above

To all those undeserving of such great love

The Son of Man crucified on a cross

Words to explain, we are at a loss

Copyright © Allen Braaten