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Africa; the land of great ancient myths
With culture diversified, but united mythos.
Traced to bear the ancestry of man
With the found evidence of modern humans.

Africa; like a rule of dynasty bestrides the equator
And encircles diverse unending climate sector
Stretching in awe-inspiring from the North Temperate Zone
Exuding the composite satellite imagery to the Southern pole.

Africa; a resource-rich and second-largest continent
With abundant natural resources that makes it pertinent
To the international community, especially the West
Such that they always want her to be their conquest.

Africa; they much talk about her in the global arena
But always present a mirror image of her aura.
They envy her diamonds, gold, coal, cocoa, and crude oil
That they glow while she mangles herself in turmoil.

Africa; whose stories are always told in a horrible manner
And images portrayed like all she holds is poverty and hunger.
But we know Africa is fascinating, invigorating, and amazing
With her azure clouds and vivid green lands that are unending.

Africa; embossed in awe moist grayness and magnificent mountains
With swirling long-lasting waterfalls stimulating her fountains
And inter alia scenic view of hills and crystal beaches
That marvels the tourists, and geologists see her as a peach.

Africa; muddled in kleptomania that has left her in wanton hardship
And her people glued to delusions that wash up their craftsmanship
Such that they often let her down by being unable to see
The aura of mystery in her versatile resources given by nature for free.

Africa; still muddling through despite the variegated challenges she faces
Needs her people to be well articulated and embrace with a game face
The clarion call that the time is long overdue to unite to rewrite her stories
For only Africans can tell better the untold stories about Africa’s histories.

Africa; I look at the east, west, north, central and south
I hear; and I see the youths strutting; and yelling for change in loud shouts
For they’re tired of bad governments, rebels, militants, genocide and warring
For their future is not of hatred, food crisis, diseases, but devoid of suffering.

Copyright © Chuma Okonkwo | Year Posted 2013

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Struggle of a Black Child

As a black child
At the beginning were birth pangs
That welcomed my checkered existence
My childhood was full of struggles
That became my birthmarks.
Like every other tyke of my kind
That attended schools where blacks were minority
Chronicles of Western myths became stories I ever knew
Legends of untold black heroes were left in the rear seat of history
Where pages of surviving tales were rouletted and turned into dots
And slots left in my mind turned tabula rasa.

As a black child
Struggles became songs I sang
At school I knew no friends
I stood a distance far from their feet
History books of black legends were my companions
Every page I read became a scar
Tears I shaded were words I ever spoke
Pains became air I inhaled
Anger became gas I belched
My words became brusque
No one understood when I spoke.

As a black child
I refused to be docile
I challenged every smirk of my tormentors
I never buckled under the tensions to change who I was
I was a unique mold from the kind of clay that made my kind;
Never easily washed out
My strength was in my black power.
I wasn’t alone in that wilderness of unknown history
What I faced other black teens faced
In unison our voices roared
We got the audience we needed!

As a black child
My passion burned into my hearts
It glowed like a phoenix that never dies
The embers never burnt out of the inglenook.
The stars became our stepping ladder
We sold the hard-to-sell thoughts no one was willing to buy
Tales of unsung legends on the lips of many
The struggles we conquered became the shining armour
That silhouetted against our destinies
Who I am, I cannot change;
A black child, transuding the dark aged slim path of life;
A Struggle that glues past, present and future.

Copyright © Chuma Okonkwo | Year Posted 2013

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Oh Death

Oh death!
Where is thy abode?
I want to pay you a visit!

You've caused me much pain
You make me cry all the time
Like a baby every now and then
You make every January
And every May
A month of sadness and sorrow

My father was a noble man
He toiled under the Sahara sun
The scorches were thick-skinned
To his succulent skin
Yet he endured the excruciating pains
To provide for us
You didn’t let him reap those fruit trees

Akunne was my Rainbow
He molded me into many colours
He was every shade of my being
He was my best teacher; preacher
And best friend that will exist no more
He nurtured me into wisdom
Bequeathed me intelligence
Infested my mind with adages; idioms
That I became old before I was old
With my wise sayings

My father was my mentor
He indoctrinated me into Marxism
I sipped the juice of non-materialism
I became antithetical to bourgeois
He was a leftist; a liberalist
I inherited his revolutionary code of belief
But in a different way; a soft one
His world was different from mine!
He thought me Keynes principles
He baptised me with the Keynesian Bible
I became an advocate of Keynes School of Thought
But a lot has changed now!

My brother was my best poet
His word usages made me
Call for my dictionary more often than I appreciated
His writings were extraordinary
His messages were magical
Sometimes mysterious to an ordinary head
But re-assuring when unraveled
Though he lived shortly
With his magical ink
He spelt out his life in his poems

Buchi was a physicist in the making
Summa cum laude already awaited
But you the invisible hand
Snatched him away
He was my best gentle man
Brimmed with smiles at all times
Even when hurting

At 20 you felt he had served
His earthly purpose(s)
You took him away
Though his sojourn was mysterious
He wasn't a coward;
For those who thought otherwise
He fought the unseen forces;
Wrestled the unknown demons;
Challenged the underground;
And he once conquered them
But you Grim Reaper
Pulled up with your caravans
When he was a weakling

Oh Death!
Tell me your abode
Let me call on you.

Copyright © Chuma Okonkwo | Year Posted 2012

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On this day

   On this day, I’m sitting in this empty dome, yet to be filled with graduands, reminiscing
   Flipping through the images, of my trajectory, stored in my memory.
   I remember back then when dad had no money for my school fees
   His job was barely enough to keep food on the table; Mom was the breadwinner.

   Dad and mom were always arguing; dad was always on the move
   But mom kept breathing down his neck.
   Dad was visited by a chronic illness and he embarked on that immortal journey
   It seemed like everything had fallen apart, but mom kept grinding to ensure I never   lacked; and I kept faith too that everything would be alright.
   I started working hard to see my dreams through, with my eyes fixed on my goals.
   There are many unending walls to be climbed; and tough rows to hoe
   Many demons are out soaking up grease in my engine no matter how greasy I try.

   Sometimes things don’t always play out the way we forecast
   And we don’t make sense to people who always judge our moves
   But everything happens for a reason, sometimes beyond our control
   That’s what destiny is all about?
   I know I’m befuddling your mind now?
   Hush don’t worry too much, rest your brain!

   When I see how much I’ve grown and what I’ve learnt
   It trips me out, though I lay a guilt trip on myself for my aberrations
   The destination is still far away, but surely not a cul-de-sac
   I’ll keep my heads up, with dad’s words: never give up on yourself
   Now I need a mockingbird to sing for my soul on this day.

Copyright © Chuma Okonkwo | Year Posted 2013

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Battling Addiction

Like vitiligo it spreads across your brain cell
Whistles its addictive rhythm to your spell.
Like Alzheimer it eats away your memory
Bewitches your mind to apocalypse a la gory.

To the addictive evil hand your soul you sold
That’s procrastination; it devours your whole.
Procrastination prods like a knife blade
Confines you to a space you can’t escape.

Procrastination’s a sweet pill you hardly resist
So addicted you become that you can’t desist.
At the abyss of laziness your intelligence lies
Your mind’s killed daily as your creativity dies.

Procrastination is an addiction with a price tag
Indolence, un-productivity inter alia in your bag
You shop until your thoughts are eroded
And your mind’s consumed until all idea’s faded.

Procrastination’s an addiction to battle to its grave
You win until you silence and abandon your crave
For the enticing cadence it plays on your brain.
Only then will you be un-addicted again.!

For Anne Currin contest….

Copyright © Chuma Okonkwo | Year Posted 2013

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My Motherland, My Joy and Happiness

1st October 1960
It was the birth of a giant
She got her freedom from the ‘white man’
She was liberated from their control
She became independent
And she gained her sovereignty.

1st October 1960
It was the birth of a heroine
Love surfaced from the planet earth
Happiness echoed like a thunderbolt
Joy rang like bells chiming
In honour of her birth.

With great energy and strength
Our forefathers fought for her freedom
With all sweats and blood
They battled for her liberation
With all mental and emotional ability
They engaged with the colonists
With every physical and academic capability
They confronted the colonial masters
And there energy and strength;
Sweats and blood;
Labour and zealousness
Gave her the freedom she deserved.

The freedom came with peace and love;
The love for unity; the fervor for diversity
But after five decades of her freedom
The love is gone
She has been stripped of love
By these ‘predators’ in human skin
She weeps everyday like a virgin
Raped under the desert’s hot sun
Her future is bleak
Her only hope: OIL will soon cease
She moans everyday for help
But no one listens
She gets no help
But rather repeated torture.

We claim to be civilized now;
More united and advanced
But there can’t be anything
Like that first love!

The universe will make us barmy
Posterity will judge us harshly
With great pains and whips
We shall continue to live in this planet
Our cries will be greeted with sadness
Instead of joy and happiness
Unless we do something!

I’ve chosen to do something
To speak for her
To stand for her
That’s because I still believe in her
I’m fortunate that I was born in her
I loved her; I still love her;
And will always love her
For what she is and what she does
She’s my motherland;
And she brings joy and happiness.


Copyright © Chuma Okonkwo | Year Posted 2012

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Outta Love Wilderness

We exchanged glances
Slugs from her eyes exploded into 
I couldn’t dodge, maugre I flinched 
With a flick of her blinkers she 
brought musical box
Playing unceasing medieval ballad in 
my head
I realized the duration I had 
whistled in the dark.
As a deer fly pants to spread 
So my  gentle soul hankers after her
My eyes glued to her inviting 
Epitome of a pictorial archetype 
depicting an Arabian princess
I read the instructions on her face to 
the letter
I could make out letter of intent on 
her fickle lips
Her lips are nature’s nectar!

Take me out of this wilderness, she 
whispered in hushed tone
Beneath the veneer of my tender 
I felt the gentle touch of her auburn 
The smell of her womanly scent 
smeared the tip of my nose
Shivers fluttered in drops across my 
If only ululation could bring down 
angels from heaven
I would summon the whole angels in 
Feelings of unfailing anticipation 
buck up every nerve in my body.

A gentle touch from my velvet hand 
moistened every fiber
She had in her squishy and tanned 
skin body
All over her plummy body were 
In plain sight even to the blind eyes
We were receptive of our tingly and 
sensual hunch
Leaning on each other nakedly in 
brazen openness
We could feel our spirit sync our 
heart desires
In deep winter garden our burning 
passion streamed
We serenaded our souls as we 
prayed to live in winter melon.


Copyright © Chuma Okonkwo | Year Posted 2013

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Snow please go away

Snow Snow Snow Snow
Please go away and come another time
You fill the streets with your blanket of ice
Turning the land into illusory of snowflakes
Covering the ground with vasty snow-packs
Taking away the sights of the vivid green grasses
And leaving only what seems like skating rinks.

As you unleash your wintry flakes in torrential aura
I look through my blurred window to catch a glimpse
I see the vastness of white fall of virgin ice you make
Though, prima facie, the ice seems strong
But it’s devoid of that thickness to bear the weight 
My feet bestow.

You leave me too cold to walk
I walk like I’m learning how to walk
In fear that I may be tripped by your slippery packs
I walk only on the virgin ice you create
Because it seems like a safe haven for my shoe soles
And I look back when I walk past, what do I see?
Only my footprints on the virgin ice.

Like a ghost, you fall at night and straddles along the day
You’re such an insatiable culero
Please go away and come back another time.

Copyright © Chuma Okonkwo | Year Posted 2013

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When we were young

Juveniles entangled in unending dreams
Archetype of utopian love fantasy
Where love tasted like a binge.
Obsessed by the taste of medieval love
Under your love’s wings I flew 
Like a latter-day Romeo.
You were my cage bird
Preening only for my beloved eyes
In your presence my heart laid bare.

Two birds of equal umbilical ardor
I played your sandpiper
Pecking your favorite soft mollusks
Your sole provider I had pledged.

In your paradise my happiness lay
Silhouette of your horizon was the future I born
Beneath your boundless love fountain
Was my Eden 
Where my rolling spirit replenished in thoughts
Your bluebird I turned
My melodies always on your ears
In total wetness your soul joyed.

None understood my convoluted being
You played Parcae
Deciphered me like you wrote the codes
Your African femininity dusted my masculine pride
Your world illuminated my life
As shiny as aventurine
Words you whispered turned my soul food
Life you spoke fed me abundantly
My white knight you turned
Pulling me up every second I fell.

Diamonds lived in your body
Like you were of the royal demesne
Stars glowed in your eyes
Like you were the goddess of constellation
Bubbles sparkled in your smiles
Epic smiles hard to consume enough
Whose beam you played your feme part.

Two souls bound by heaven’s blanket
Swamped by the sweetness of puerile exuberance
Mountains obeyed our calls like a shot
Love sealed with eternal ring
Oblivious of life’s transient presence
alas reality was bound to fade
Eternity disguised as petals lured life to doom
Young life was a mystical wonder.

Copyright © Chuma Okonkwo | Year Posted 2014

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Time ticked fast…..
Good bye never came
Heavens gate he stood.

Words unspoken
Dreams not lived
Eternal he sleeps.

Exists in frames
In silence we speak
His memory is my keepsake.

Memory waters brain
As I skim memory library
With unending love........

© Happy Father's day to all fathers living or dead........

Copyright © Chuma Okonkwo | Year Posted 2013