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Life's many Changes

              It's funny how everything turns around, travels faster than the speed of sound.
        how easy we forget the things that matters the most; from every nation to every coast
                       everyone from all ages are in tune to life's many changes.

            It's funny that there's no love anymore and if you do find love after sometime all that love is out the door, it's no pointing of the fingers it just ranges all because of life's many changes. It's strange how you can say one thing and it means another; like "i am here" yet the heart says its a bother.

            It's funny that you feel free, no slave masters, no bars and no chain,
               you are no one's prisoner but you can never free your brain.
our past teaches us how to embrace the future but what is the future when life is a cycle.
   Everything in stages nothing is the same when you turn the pages.
                      All you see is life and it's many changes.

        You will learn and not understand, you will gain and also lose at the sametime
you can be certain and at the same time be filled with doubt, words are effective in actions never when you shout. Sometimes it is in the wrong that we find solutions, there are times when mistakes must be many to arrive at a conclusion. peace is for the peacemaker and animals are for cages it does not matter where you are or who you are life will include you in its many many changes.

                      Blueprint is to plans as budget is to finance.
                      Water is to life as accidents are to rages.
                      People are to mistakes as life is to changes.
                      It's no mystery, its just life and its many changes.

Details | Germaine Thompson Poem

A Wounded Heart

It’s like a room you sweep and can never get all the dirt out.
Like an important message you can never understand, no matter how loud they shout.
It’s like life that repeats itself over and over again,
When it’s wounded there is no cure.
So why would you want to see it through to the end.

Like a scar you can barely see but you know that it’s there. 
Like the memories you forgot yet scared to search elsewhere.
Some say it heals in time, I say no, for it never leaves the mind. 
We yearn for happiness and rob ourselves blind,
you compromise and displease yourself to give a peace of mind,
and the moment something arises they neglect all the signs.

It’s like a race you start and can never complete.
It’s like walking into fire but you can’t even see it.
Everyone has a different story or a different blend, 
but when something is broken, how can it be mend again?

 I should’ve seen that you were trouble right from the start. 
I’ve learned so many lessons. Like never to mess with a broken heart,
A future that bares the past requires much more than faith.
A heart that was once broken is fragile and is easier to break.

Details | Germaine Thompson Poem


Some say “it’s better to have love and lost than never love at all”
They also say “if it was meant to be it will come right back to you”
I say “love is the enemy the silent destroyer and not to be underestimated”
It is the ruler of your brain and the master of your heart 

Anything lost should remain lost; if its possession was of any worth it would 
not be neglected
Nothing is meant to be if it was not carved in stone, our future is mold by our 
Never get emotionally attach to anything /any one you cannot see yourself 
For life is a journey and understanding should not compliment doubt.

Some say “never to burn your bridges behind you”
They also say “you cannot know the future without knowing your past”
I say “knowing your history is one thing but the future still remains a mystery.
 Some bridges are made to be burned while some weren’t strong enough to 
Not everyone that gives a helping hand has a good intention
Your friend could be as close as your brother but behind his aid manifest 

“No man is an island and no man stands alone”, I remember this well.
Who made this phrase up, what do they mean and on what aspect? Please do 
Unity is strength I know this to be true and still what was made a whole can be 
broken in two
I say “anything you can’t do by your self leave it alone and be very careful not 
to make ones burden your own.

Some say “the youths have no hope for the future”
Yet what hope does the future provide for the youths?
And what’s the sense of being direct if it’s not all the truth?
Also what good is an opinion now if you chose to be mute?

I say “youths make use of your prime”
And ensure that you’re being paid for your time.
Never expect people to tell you the truth,
It would be a bonus if they do
People will say what they want also do what they want 
So I say, time is money so when you talk be quick
And when you come with your ideology or your tricks 
Come prepared for a conflict