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Mask of Despair

The rich own the world
The ones with power never 
The poor are left to fight for 
Never have stability, always 
The injustice is almost 
The mask of despair is easily 
Some laws work most do not
Family's broken,left distraught
Will enough voices ever be 
Or will the air remain unstirred? 
It only takes one to light a 
To leave a forever lasting mark
How did we get here?
Always living in such fear
Justice will take its rightful 
But it won't be with ribbons and 
Can you put it all on the line?
Or leave all hope behind?
Is fine good enough for those 
that follow
Don't just sit,hope,and wallow 
The mask of despair will not so 
easily die
You cannot simply hide it with a 
while the rich sit on their 
The poor are burying their own
Drop the mask of despair
Throw it down,leave it their
Stand in the dust 
Life suddenly lost its list
The people will have their way
Loved ones have does and gone 
The ones with courage will 
move on
Until the injustice is finally gone
Those who have lost will now 
have won
The mask of despair is finally 

Details | Tessa Heyart Poem


Run from the darkness
Catch up with the moving light
Life is awaiting

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Sorrow is thicker than hate

Incontrollable rage
The fury cannot be measured 
on a gage
But with hate brings sorrow
Do I want another tomorrow?
Will those left even miss me
What I left no one will see
I lay down on the bed
The trigger right against my 
My goodbye letters to my right
One twitch of my finger and my 
soul takes flight
I have no more anger,no more 
No longer on life's cage
I'm sorry for any pain I cause 
And I was a failure for all my 
When you see me do not cry
Just hold my head,sing a sweet 
I do not want to be alone
My true feelings finally shown
I know this makes me weak
My future beyond will not be 
All that's left is to say I love 
And with that my soul soared 
and flew

Details | Tessa Heyart Poem


Don't run
Don't hide
He's watching you
That creek
That thump
Watch behind your back
That snap
That scream
Cover up your ears
That face
That shadow
Run for your life
That glimpse
That feeling
Jump under your covers
That silence
That chill
Don't move
That footstep
That evil cackle
Cry out while you can
That eerie feeling
That pure darkness
He's right behind you
That moment when the covers 
That moment when you scream
And you realize it was all just a 

Details | Tessa Heyart Poem


What do I want?
I cannot decided 
So many choices
But what do I choose?
A career or family
Comfort or excitement
Steady or different
Simple or complicated
Love or drama
Peace or conflict
What do I choose?
Plain or intricate
Relaxed or fast paced
Do I have to choose?
Or can I have both?

Details | Tessa Heyart Poem


I will not succumb to the life 
My feelings are true;no need to 
hide it
I'm screaming to be heard 
But you hear not a word
I'm selfish and unkind
Because I have a different state 
of mind
Im screaming,listen to me
I'm begging you to set my 
words free
I'll run to a far away place
Leave without a single trace
I cannot do this anymore
Hurt more now than ever 
My heart now made of steel
I just can't make this real

Details | Tessa Heyart Poem


I gave you my trust
Your words lost its lust
How can I believe you
When all your words prove 
My thoughts are in a turmoil
Stories spun like a snakes coils
I love you so my trust is given
Everything is fine,you've been 
But there's a voice inside my 
That makes me believe on only 
Could you tear my family 
After this,no new start
My heart just sank
I may as well have walked the 
I trusted you
Nothing you say is true
Leave and never come back
You've changed my soul from 
gold to black
Prove your innocence 
Make it not a coincidence
I have hurt before
But this has cut me from the 

Details | Tessa Heyart Poem


The current pulls me under
The pounding in my head is 
Bubbles escape my lips
Moving quickly,rocks smack my 
for air
My life is ending and it's not fair
I just need one chance
Looking up for one last glance
The world goes dark
I hope I've made my mark
My body is now at rest
My simple soul was just a guest
Do not cry or weap
For I am in eternal sleep

Details | Tessa Heyart Poem

Fall of humanity

The fall of humanity 
Loss of sanity
Another life has taken over
Can't be wished away by a 4 
leaf clover
We must take back what is ours
The world transforming by the 
Should we try?
We've got no allies
We will fight until the end
Our righteous  fury will not 

Details | Tessa Heyart Poem


I look deep into the forest
On a cloudy rainy day
I see a crow perched on a dead willow tree
Staring at me, as if waiting
I stare back
Watching its dagger eyes
Pierce into my soul
I start walking towards it
I’m mesmerized
The beak chipped on the left
I continue to walk forward
A feather floats down from its side
And kisses the ground
A shriek bursts from the crow’s mouth
I proceed forward even with warning not to
With each step I take forward
The ground behind me turns to ash
The flowers wither
The sky turns black
But I cannot help but walk forward
I hear buildings being engulfed in flames
But I cannot look away
I can’t go back now
I feel so close
The crow is unmoving
My world is still burning
I’m so close I can feel it in my bones
I feel myself getting weaker
My world falling apart
But I keep going
I must reach the crow
Pulling me towards it
I look away for a moment
And I see all the destruction
I could have prevented
But it does not matter
I must finish what I started
I reach the tree
And there is no crow
Just a dead willow tree
I rest against the rotting trunk
And wait for a crow
That never returns
But I will never leave
No matter how much the world burns
Because one day that crow will return
And I will be here waiting
No matter how much my world burns
Even if I burn with it.