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Below are the all-time best Sabrina Robillard poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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A Pirates Life for Me

I want to be a captain
From the old salty sea
I want to steal booty
Quickly and then flee

I need me a peg leg
So that my body can stand
And a sharp pointy hook
In place of me hand

I need me a ship
One with black sails
Throw on some cannons
They better not fail

I be needin’ a crew
One that is strong
But better be quiet
When me plan does go wrong

A top my shoulder
I need me a parrot
One that won’t squawk
He be worth 14 carat

You be readin’ me sea chant
It be a catchy tune
I hope ye enjoyed it
Now you owe me gold doubloons

If ye don’t pay up
It’ll be a walk on the plank
Or perhaps a quick dip
In me shark infested tank

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My Shadow Friend

My best friend is amazing
She always stays in step
And when I’m in a good mood
She’s always full of pep

My best friend follows me around
Everywhere I go
She even follows me to town
So that I’m not alone

The only trips she won’t embark
Are the ones when it gets too late
My shadow doesn’t like the dark
That’s one thing that she hates

So she only comes out in the day
When sunshine does come near
But if the clouds do roll in
My friend will disappear!

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The Lazy Day

I wake up in the morning
My hair all in a mess
I slip on my pink slippers
Not wanting to get dressed

I pour myself some coffee
Then sit down in my chair
I think about all my todo's
Then huff, it isn't fair!

I want to lay in bed all day
Not have to lift a finger
Oh, what a joy it'd be
The ability to linger

I huff and puff and drink my joe
Then get on my lazy feet
I say "Just forget it!"
Then plop back on my seat

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Learning from your own mistakes
Increasing your knowledge
Friendship is one thing that lasts
Enjoy the future, don't live in the past!

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Apple pie

Apple pie is so divine,
I eat it all then feel like swine.

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Vegetable Troubles

I don’t like to eat my veggies
No carrots, beans, or peas.
And I don’t like to eat any salad
It’s full of gross green leaves.
I just don’t like the dirt
And all the bugs they’re carryin’.
All this wouldn’t matter….
But I’m a vegetarian!

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The Mouse --In reply to The Cat--

I am a mouse
You are a cat
You think you are…
But you aren’t all that
I am too fast 
For you to kill
The blood of no one
You will spill
Your claws are dull
Just like your head
You’re about as smart
As a slice of bread
You think you’re fast
But you're really not
So I have no worries
I’ll never be caught
A door does slam
We turn to see
A man walk in
With a new fishy
That fish looks tasty
Go give him a try
But he is a piranha
I hope you don’t die

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Picking Up The Broken Pieces

You left me all alone again
I thought you were my lover, my friend
I didn't know we were doomed to end

You went away and I fell apart
Now I'm stuck picking up the pieces of my broken heart
So much of my life I must restart

I fell in love with you so fast
I should have known it would never last
All my feeling's for you have past

You're now just a distant memory
You're gone and now I can clearly see
You and I weren't meant to be

By: Sabrina Robillard
For the contest: "Picking up the Broken Pieces"
October 28/ 2012

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Little Worm

Oh little worm
You are so neat
You move so fast
Without any feet

You help the earth
Go round and round
You dig little tunnels
All through the ground

You’re used on boats
To catch big fish
And if you’re gummy…
You are deeeeelish!

Oh little worm
You are so neat
You are so useful
And can’t be beat!

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Granny Garbanzo

I don’t know where you came from
Could not even take a guess
Did you jump off of a train car?
Are you from the Wild West?

You’re wearing a sombrero
And a pair of running shoes
You’re dancing the bolero
And reading local news

You brought me homemade cookies
And some milk to wash them down
Of course I’ll have some hard candies
You’re the coolest granny in town!