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High above clouds
You flew
Radar focusing beneath
In search of prey.

Image fell on screen
One walking in  haste
His head bowed down
Wondering at
Mismatching arithmetic
At home, office
Breaking his back
To meet ends both
Nebulous mind.

Flare in your eyes
Like a diving bird
Impertinent crash landing
Sharp claws clung
An ascension with prey
Into unreachable heights
Vanishing into thin blue.

A quill is shed
Life drops dead.

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I'm here on our shore
All above
Sands we used to measure
Timeís hour-glass.
You ran to the cape
Asterix from comic pages
The fisherman stopped you
Crabs chased, you ran in bewilderment
Mother sea, all tenderness gazed.
On a country boat on shore
Our rice bowl full
Sea-gulls creaked an omen ill
I stood over you though shaking
A shade, shelter, arms out stretched
Jesus on cliff in Rio
Drooping sun, tearful eyes
Faces of June, roaring waves.
My offering at twilight
My son, where did you vanish
Decorated our yard
Our life sketch
Sea lowers the mourning pitch
Light house like glow worm
Boats swing

Rhyming song, catching thief
Hidden hands emerged
Stealthy pirate
Eyes swoon
My life-terrible moment
Was it the Hidden Hand of God?
Misspelt horoscope,
Envious stars.
A lone sea gull dipping down into the sea
Death knell from chapel
Me alone on the shore.
Even shadows become invisible.

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              FUNERAL RITES

Hunter and the hunted -
It's a breach of contract
Finger , pointed at me ,accusing ,my dad .

Muse forefather , consecrated water ,
An agreement on half burnt chest ,
Primitive scribes chiselled-

Dad, you shake me in my sleep
Lifeless curses on me
Zenith of fear, I agonists
Tent a bye-pass
My love offerings to you dad .

My son breakes glass
Leap beyond circles
I weep in remorse
How I imposed solitude on you!

Brunt out ashes
Broken words- Day.

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Fumes of incense sticks
Death sneaks into the drawing room
Without consent of none.

Shivering mourning, snub off
With night spreading over
Remnants of obsequies
Twelve basket full of charred dreams
Odour of death smothering
Oh! mourn Jerusalem
Son of Man is beaten.

Next morning
Death has the odour
Of stinking mouths.
Over perfumes poured
Stinking death demonstrate a route march
Shrouding her wings
Death nothing but death.

Shuddering tears
Like diamonds-
Flame of candle bowing
Over the cross.

Time has come, sun drops dead
Flames fading
Trusting two ropes
The deceased sinks to bowels
Of earth,
A sigh of relief
Death leaves a photograph on the wall
Death smiles
My friend,

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                       GLASS HOUSE

It was me
Yes ,did it deliciously
Mind blown
Petals chopped
Goodness stamped
Fantasies striped
Freshly plucked dreams
Buried alive .

Years flew along water
With oncoming seasons
Virility of cool showers
Narrowing to drizzles
In faded memories .
Nun bird nested in heart
Transfigures to a shadow 
In white thread monsoon rain .

Rain prevails
Nothing but rain
Lashing rain ,her hair unleashed .

I sat at the doorstep waiting patiently
Dreams sprouting to life ,
Swallowing mouthful of air
Shadow of my soul
Bow to gnawing flame
In this coconut shell

Lying in state .

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                LEAVING NO MARKS

Water leeches squirm in blood
Next door boy snatching
A grilled chic drum stick
A game of chess
Sitting late hours.

Vultures, predators and hyenas
Deadly pandemonium.

Burning torches, crude swords,
Iron rods, explosions in hand
Wiping a commune off.
Cries choked, screams of chastity
Gang rape-
Girl petrified eyes
A blooming bud squashed.

Hunter and the hunted 
Orphans and widows
Flames licking the last hope
Doleful moments
Relief camps, a farce.

Striping pant zip
To make cock sure.
Well set, predetermined
Your fear, your desire
Flared up.

Discussions, hand shakes
Cashew nut crushed over
Bisleri water
Cease fire.
Odour of burnt flesh and dreams
Lingering in air.

Gone are the lives
Gone are the hopes
Leave no space
No marks in history
Mass migrations, rapes and death
Same old story.

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Your heart is the size
Of your fist
Is it a hearsay?
A tell tale
A belief-
He is booked
Tentacles arrested him
With vacuum locks.
Lying pale in blue open coat
Chest, right and left
Ankles, wrists and abdomen.
Lines on screen dances
With eerie steps
Primitive dance of aborigines.
Is he sleeping
A dreamless sleep,
Lustreless, but final
Dripping capsules locked.
Succession of births
Immanent sense of sin
Of births previous
Last step to transmigration

A drop of blood
Libation and flood.
Graphic lines weary
Ending up
Straight line to infinity.
A muffled cough
Bladders pumping, shocks
A tornado, frightened silence
Tentacles withdrawn,
Mummified in sleeping bag
Alarms, sirens
Traveller to Zion
A long ride, the last.
With icy hands laid
On prey
LCD is switched off.

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In a mood of confession

    In A Mood of Confession

Of the throbbing rainy clouds.
But , they were mine too.The red-hot arrow
Pierced tenderness beneath ribs
Fell near my window.

In a full moon, midnight
A withering Franciscan priest,
Bent forward, with salt-pepper beard
Frightened to the core.
It was you,your pale smile fading.

Your stamped, ditched adolescence
Stars disappearing beyond the sky
We entwined them like noodles
White cranes flying across cumulus clouds.
I had been keeping you in my chest
All these years,
You wept shamelessly,
Baptized in a pool of tears
Stepped out as an ascetic.
We drove slowly on the deserted road
We passed a hospital, then a cemetery
Leaving behind rainy clouds
Nocturnal birds flapping wings
light and shade of life
Like one possessed
You levitated,in a missed beat.

Smiling over fear, distrust and love
I get the taste of you.
You broke the abode of peace
Balance of thought
Hunter and the hunted
'Time heals, memories fade,
An ultimate transfiguration,'you said
Tears on brim, you looked, furtive
The same old',Death Wish'
Burnt tin-foils,blackened spoons
Syringe thrown to the corner
Oh ! ,Lord, the thud I hear
Was my pulsating fear
You kept mum.
Your mom sees all
A photograph on wall.

Oh ! my boy,
My blood.

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Hunter and the hunted-
Itís a breach of contract
Finger, pointed at me, accusing, my dad.
Muse forefather, ancestors of Time
Sandal, flowers, consecrated water,
An agreement on half burnt chest,
Primitive scribes chiselled-
Dad, you shake me in sleep
Lifeless curses on me
Zenith of fear, I agonists
Tend a bye-pass
My love offerings to you dad.
My son breaks glass
Leap beyond circles
I weep in remorse
How I imposed solitude on you !
Burnt out ashes
Broken words- Dad.

Details | J.Koladi Samson Poem


                   BETROTHAL was sure you'd come
Waiting on the steps
Saw a hawk circling
Across blue sky.
My hair glittered in twilight
Slippery steps , algae invading
Eyelashes flickered in kajal.
My face glowed in the bronze mirror.

Weave yet another cool breeze
On my unveiled cheeks, my love.
Humming raga, MEGHA MALHAR1
I visualized rain murmuring
White threads of rain caressing
Welcome clouds of invoking rain
Like a diver-bird
Diving to get taste of our love.
Rain subsided, silence conceived love
Rain wept...........silky threads
Rain slept.
Twilight gives way to darkness
Confidence fading off.
Can't he feel my anguish ?
Smell of clotting blood pierced nostrils,
Petrified, I saw white ants eating love up-

In delirium squashing head on wall,
I fainted.
Darkness shrouded
Your fragrance estranged
I couldn't live with you
Nor can I live a life without you.
Shedding smiles, weeping dreams, hopes
Even myself to darkness,
Clad in brocade silk saree
Hands stretching out
To maids, sitting around
MEHANTHY2 decorating entwined fears,
Roots of brutal death.
I could't die with you.
Outside writhing in pain,
Tender blood oozing,
Sacrificial prey,
Becoming ritual mark on forehead
Fumes of camphor, clot of life
Blessing for long marital status.

Frozen tears spreading
Into a surrealistic painting,
Life dead in the hour of death
Leaving my dead soul, bride
Clad in blue silk.

1 Hindustani Raga.Tanen sang this raga invoking rain.