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The darkest moment

The world is bleak the world is dark There is no spark left in my life A worthless journey with worthless goals Made up with years of empty holes There is no future there is no gain Just a life so filled with pain Treasured things so out of reach Were never meant for me to keep I had so wished to find a love That moulded just like hand and glove I always gave an inch or two To keep a love that felt so true So much to give, so much to share With one that cared enough to care I have no wish to struggle on The war is over the world has won ©Elisabeth Dubois – 2012

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The Final Sleep

A petal falls as morning dawns flutters and sways gently aground a light breeze may carry it away before nature finalizes decay the golden rose from whence it came stands bare, its grace dismayed a bud, a bloom, a scent to please offers memories of what has been a cycle of life, or so it seems a moment in time or merely a dream did we note its wonderful bloom or did it live in solitude too short a life to go unseen beauty bounds within our realms reflect on all of nature’s being before we near our final sleep © Elisabeth Dubois – March – 2011

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Moments of Time

There is an endless sea that engulfs all dreams There is a land of sand that has no time There is a sun that glows and a moon that shines But what does all this, have to do with time? A world and life that reflects beauty A day is all we have, to embrace it fully Moments of time is what we have No past to regret no tomorrow to follow. Today you’ll live a moment in time As today, like any other day… is always today! ©Elisabeth Dubois 2011

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What is reality

With open hands I touch my mirror A moment of darkness becomes much clearer As my body transcends into its realm I am entranced and totally overwhelmed Darkness subsides and a dream-like effect Takes over my being, in every aspect. So light, so free and yet so confused As to where I am although slightly enthused Have I fallen, am I dreaming, What is this space where I am standing Am I standing or maybe lying Nothing around to get my bearing A sudden rush of warmth surrounds me A gentle heart-beat resonates within me My need for breath becomes reality My mind is pure and free from memory A push, a shove, breaks up my world As things around begin to swirl A painful slap to make me cry Re-birthed to give it another try ©Elisabeth Dubois Dec – 2011

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Love - a human emotion

To find true love is such a thrill Your heart pounds hard against your will Glowing eyes and loving smile Make you believe it’s all worthwhile Apart for long you cannot be I need to have you close to me To hug, to hold, or merely kiss Just thoughts of you are simply bliss As time goes by our love unites And no more dark and lonely nights You are my sunshine and my desire There’s nothing else that I require ©Elisabeth Dubois – 2012

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Whatever I am, I just accept

Amongst the countless grains of sand I sit and gather some in hand A moonless sky is up tonight Glittering stars with all their might The grains of sands I dare compare To the stars above to which I stare The mind assumes it comprehends Although it only makes amend Am I a figment or just a dream? Or maybe just a being supreme Do I exist and does it matter As time passes and things get darker And what is time and how do we measure A second, a minute or something bigger Can we equate our life to be? Something as simple as energy I have no answers to all there is Nor do I wish to even perceive Whatever I am, I just accept As answers remain quite inept ©Elisabeth Dubois – Dec, 2011

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So vast expanding and diverse Is what we call our universe And who are we, in this strange realm And what is guiding at the helm Engulfed by fear of being alone Souls of origins still unknown Alienated by vacuumed space So cold, so brutal, with no escape. How wonderful it all appears On planet Earth, our eyes deceived When distant cries cannot be heard Nor sounds translated to mortal words A breath in time is our existence Although we need significance Guidance we seek through dying eyes Short of answers and lots of lies

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The birds are chirping, the sun is beaming Why is today so very frightening It is a day like any other, No reason to feel this ugly quiver Am I alone, can no one feel? This nasty pain that feels so real Am I able to carry on? Or do I wait but nothing comes. It makes no sense to trap ourselves No sense to care for someone else Love is a trap for one and all, All of our creatures great or small The sun will shine, the birds will sing Again tomorrow, or so it seems A lonely moment by a lonely soul Really makes no…no difference at all. ©Elisabeth Dubois

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What's in your heart

What gently beats inside your chest Just like a tiny cozy nest What pounds against your very breath And silences when nearing death A gentle breeze will make you smile A loving kiss will make you high A broken heart will make you weep With crazy nights where there’s no sleep What is a heart, what does it hold A treasured secret that’s never told What causes such a precious beat? We’ll never know, but it’s so sweet!