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Steel Horse Wings of Feather

It took me a steel horse with wings of feather
To ride me through heavy thunder clouds

Through troubles and struggles it led me..
Knowing there would be sunshine behind those heavy clouds

Riding on top of black and darkened storm clouds
Knowing at some point I needed to dive into it

The steel horses`armored exterior withstood it all..
Hail,lightning,furious turbolence combined with unhuman forces

Sunlight drying me face as my steel horse leads me out of it
Now wings of feather takes over,and smoothly we drift towards the sun..

September 9th 2012

Copyright © Arild Andresen Ertsland | Year Posted 2012

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From The Ashes of Auschwitz

Telepathic messages dancing in front of me
Energies left by thousands of freed souls
Their train stopped at Birkenau,Auschwitz
Sickening stench of burnt human flesh..
..lays heavy over the consentration camp
recognized even when the wind blew away from it

Like some new mountain range
They rise themself up from the ashes
Shaking the dust off..
The once deadly gaz has gone out
Cremation ashes has turned to cold leftovers
Nevertheless their spirits lives on
They`ll find their own way out
Out of the relentless Nazi camp

Into a world with pure freedom
No greed,hunger or merciless regimes
Nor any blasphemous,persecuting religions 
All humans raised above hate and inequality
2 million humans met their fates in Birkenau,Auschwitz
6 000 per day..some days twice as many
From the ashes of Auschwitz..
..comes a cry for us to learn from history

November 30th 2012

In memory of those arrested and sent to the Nazi consentration camps 70 years ago.
November 26th 1942, 530 Men,Women and Children were chased onboard the German 
ship "Donau",to meet their fate in Auschwitz,Birkenau.By the end of WWII a total of 759
Jews had been deported from Norway to Nazi concentration camps.Only 25 survived...

Copyright © Arild Andresen Ertsland | Year Posted 2012

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The Best Is Yet To Come

I keep writing everyday
Because the best poem is yet unwritten
I keep looking everyday
Because the best is yet unseen
I keep talking everyday
Because the best sentences are still unsaid
I keep on living everyday
Because the best part is yet unlived
I could make this list long
But never the less,point is written
With this little write I promise
The best in life is yet to come

About the poem:

I belive that whatever we say or do,we can always do it better:)

Copyright © Arild Andresen Ertsland | Year Posted 2011

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Blowing A Kiss To You

B een awhile..haven`t seen you much lately
L ovely should`ve been your name..
O nly you can write words making me speechless
W ith your unique writes,you make me feel your soul
I n deep as well as light poetry..
N o one can make such impact on me..
G ood would be a simple word,magnificent suits you better

A rild is my name,and am so glad to know you

K ind as a gentle Goddess you are
I ncluding must be your middle name
S hining brighter than the sun could ever match
S miling with so much life in your eyes

T ango with me this evening
O ver and over you deliver jaw dropping writes

Y ou are such a gift to this poetry site
O we you one for always being so kind
U nity in poetry,I wonder if you invented those words?

*Dedicated to Wilma Neels,hope the wind will blow southbound this evening:-)
  Miss Ya`!

Copyright © Arild Andresen Ertsland | Year Posted 2012

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My Fantasy Journey

My name,written in the sand
Washed away..brought to the sea
Carried with the stream to unfamilier waters
Timeless where my imagination takes me

********************* a distant place
Another fantasy ride,lounches out to the univers
The stars along the little gems,untouched emeralds
Here`s one..oh,and another one there..I`ll just pick them all


If the sun had a dark side
I would land my space ship there
Seeking..just might find a new paradise out there
Million lightyears closer to the creater of our existence

I`m back on my beach now
Again I write my name in the sand
This time it remains..guarded by my dream
Coz...when I open my hasn`t changed after all


Copyright © Arild Andresen Ertsland | Year Posted 2013

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Roses For PD

A journey southbound
There lives a Queen,not yet crowned
Knock on the door to her poetry Kingdom
Her servant leads me into this paradise of wisdom

This is where she rules
A warm and cozy place with dim lights
I ask with a voice of a fool`s:
"Will You except these roses,me dear Queen..?!?"
"..coz you are the nicest,wisest and best looking Queen I`ve ever seen! "

So here they are,my bouquet of red roses
She is pounded these days,red rose overdoses
My intuition tells me she likes it though
She is ready to be taken over to the Castle of Bordoux

February 12th 2012

* repost of the poem "Roses For PD" Hope you enjoy it:)

Copyright © Arild Andresen Ertsland | Year Posted 2012

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Brand New Day

Brand new day climbs up in east
Paint the sky blue..earthly feast

Yesterday`s promises being fulfilled
And those who failed,yet again rebuild

Sun yawns and stretches her sunbeams
Blessing us with life..endless she gleams

Eternal shining diamond in the sky
Worth more than money could ever buy

As the day closes..from the bottom of my heart
My dream is that we will always have a new start

April 18th 2012

I belive that Mother Nature..and mankind deserves a new tomorrow.
Fresh and charged to tackle lifes` many challenges.

Copyright © Arild Andresen Ertsland | Year Posted 2012

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Leaving All I Know

                                                   This empty feeling
                                          So many places I have seen..

                                                   All I ever knew
                                                Leaving it all behind..

                                                 Thank you for the light
                                     The one that gave birth to my soul..

                                            Now my soul is in captivity
                                Darkness embraces its last bit of freedom..

                                                Leaving all I know
                            Awaiting my death in a cold and wet prison cell..

                                  My feet,shackled to the slippery floor
                 Fear of death written on the wall with invisible characters..

                                             The last spark of hope
         Licks my thoughts as a sunbeam squeezes itself through the tiny window..

                   "Oh,Heavenly Father..are you there to collect my tired bones
                                           ..or to set my soul free?"

                                           I await the bell to chime
                      Knowing they will come and take me to the executioner..


                                           September 2nd 2012

* Inspired by a song called "Hallowed Be Thy Name"

Copyright © Arild Andresen Ertsland | Year Posted 2012

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Learning To Fly Again

Voice of Scandinavia
(learning to fly again)

In the twilight hour
Blue mountain range
Changing to dark giants

Mysterious figures springs 
.. out of the steep hill sides
Hour of mysteries and fantasies

You`ve been runnin`for too long
Now you`ll be hiding in the dark
Protected behind Mother Nature`s shield

At the break of dawn
Mother Nature, relieve my pain
This time it may very well be my last
Take this injured bird up to the mountain range 
Let it spread its wings, and learn to fly again

Soar above high mountain peaks
Colorful valleys - all from a birds eye
Its all I know.. All I ever wanted to know
Great Spirit of Nature.. keep me under your protective wings
Lift my soul and let it fly, let me learn to fly again

A. Ertsland
June 29th 2012

* Inspired by finding a little bird who had fallen out of its nest earlier this year.See ya:-)

Copyright © Arild Andresen Ertsland | Year Posted 2012

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Love and Live

                       I went for a walk on life`s mysterious path
                                     and that`s where I found it

                  Something alive,something trembling with pure joy
             a transparent gel in my hands

                    I keep you there for a fragile yet so eager
                     a desire to love and let live,comfort comes from a good heart

          It is your soul I`ve found,a treasure beyond any perception I have ever known
                  stir my emotions,to know that you are a part of my life now

                            To know that you are not enough
                             need all of you,my precious little twinsoul


 13th January 2012

 Dedication To Anne Lise Andresen

Copyright © Arild Andresen Ertsland | Year Posted 2012