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Attitudes differ

Thanks to Dr.Ram Mehta for introducing this awesome poetic form to me I had to try it
No two people are the same, likewise attitudes differ When attitudes conflict it leads to speculation that maybe Standing down can make you humble not bring humility
AgMoore© 7/28/11

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Serial Killer A Limerick

There once was a serial killer His life was one sickening thriller From the bodies he’d saves And the ones in the graves His life was one bloody chiller Tho his mental state wasn’t quite normal And his social skills never that formal He loved people to pieces Even after life ceases With dead bodies he does like to dabble Now that sounds rather creepy you say That killing is how one spends his day While it’s not quite a profession More like an obsession In the end they’ll come take him away
Authors note: This was done as an exercise, we were given certain words (a wordle ) and it was the writers choice what form to put them in and how to use them.

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Life a Septolet

Moonlight Carves at the ground Casting shadows Sunrise Peels away darkness To expose Life

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I saw it in the Mirror A loop poem

The prompt for our group was "I saw it the mirror, I saw it in my face"
If eyes are windows to the soul I saw mine in the mirror Mirrors don’t lie they are simply a reflection Reflections bear witness to our personal reality Reality is our truth desired or not it is there There is no running from what hides in our soul Souls are seen in the mirror and I saw mine in my face Face what’s harbored in my soul…. this is my journey Journey if you dare it is a centripetal force
This is a loop poem, since there is no info here is a link to show how to do it (it's really easy = ) ))

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Smiles or Frowns A Double Tetractys

Laughs Turn to Child like smiles When you’re with me Smiles filled with joy when we have time alone Sadness reclaims the smiles when you’re away Frowns find their way From my face To my Heart
AgMoore© 07/20/11
for the Smiles and frowns contest (Tetractys ) by Amanda Moore

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The earth speaks to the Moon and Sun

Shine Moon and carve a path illuminate for me my earthly journey’s destiny for when your sister Sun awakes once more she’ll warm my back from sunrise till she sleeps
AgMoore© 07/2011

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Loki In days of Old Norse Tales of the trickster were heard Stories of his deeds The sly one, the shape changer Had wicked tricks up his sleeve Loki had two sides Bringing treasures to the Gods Then he brings chaos The blood brother to Odin The legend that is Loki AgMoore© 07/20/11 Amanda Moore Bag if tricks contest

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The Moon

The wolf finds the moon Howling his thoughts to the sky She never answers
AgMoore© 07/2011

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Just Because an Acrostic

J umbled words of Love
U nderstanding between us two
S aying it comes often
T ime’s on our side 

B eing with each other
E ntertaining thoughts run wild
C aged inside our hearts
A gain come loving words
U sed between us two
S poken just because it’s
E ver dear to us 
AgMoore© 03/03/11
This was written for National Poetry Month's 30 days of poetry

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Paying close attention to Others I forget myself Staying grounded is tough I try remaining positive Telling my self that I’ve the right stuff Vanity goes no where Expression means much more