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Epipoeticplectic - An awesome spoken word martial artist : AKRONEMS W BLOCK

Awesome is what I heard.
a Kung fu master poet spoken word martial artist nunchuckering his words.
kaRate kicking, chopping, spit splitting nouns, adjectives and verbs.
yo vOice defines its comfort zone, spitting dictionary through the microphone.
a traNsformation of mr dictionary to a vivid pictionary.
a voicEprint crobratically erected ventriloquilizing from the ink.
causes Me to feel and think
the mans Salivary glands spit spoken word poetically totally in super sync.    
they have sWollen and begun to secrete
epileptic By like products foaming spoken word with a poetic convulsing beat.
this is realLy forming a mouthful of hot poetic word heat.
wisdom bluetOoth biting, fighting, writing through his pen
presses and kiCkstarts his tongue to send
spoken word the Kinsman of poetry makes an epipoeticplectic wireless connection blend.

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Maximus Parthas The Word Wizard

Man you a wizard warlocking written to spellbinding spoken word.
Jargoning prolific prophetic like the bible real truth.
I'm xeroxing you so x-ray this diagonally
Awe inspired me like Edgar Allan Poetically
Your magic wand sleight of hand transform to a mic.
Hand quicker than the eye trick.
You the spoken word godfather -  whose
Hawking pen spit out
A magical abracadabra mouthpiece
Poetic secretions flowing from heaven
From page to the stage
A hocus pocus Houdini spoken word escape
Unlocked the handcuffs of the page
True illusionist of poetic illusions brought me to this conclusion.

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Tattoetry - The Poetical Tattoo

The indelible, inspirational 
lAid out hidden written inkling
wiThin a poem.
rooTs fertilized with the miracle grow, of the infrared info, view the verses of a valentine.
the cOpycatting of the method of the copyrighted piece.
the awEsome revelation one begins to see.
one musT read with acrostic eyeballs popping out your eye sockets.
and enteR into the darkroom of the skull which once held the
masterY tattoeterizing mind of Edgar Allan Poe - the developer who mused me into 
 Tattoetry - The Poetical Tattoo.

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A Puzzling Poetic Tattoo Thanking You Nyla Alisia Ward

Nurturing poets to produce.
My motivational, poetical writing, spoken wordress muse.
In leading me to the speak easy cafe site.
To cause me initiating rites to write.
I am tattooing you.
These lines of poetry view.
Her medicine- just write- she administers like a poetic prescription
A writers treatment for bloc- no pre, nor post, just non existing that's her description
For tempting and hooking me back to my addiction.
Surprise! tattooeterized your name in this rendition.
U indelible watch within the ink.
A grateful gratitude laid you in this piece.
Cocked a pen - sprayed you like i shot a glock.
Your names bleeding- piercing lines-so i unlock this puzzling poetic tattoo thanking you.

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Jesus Christ

Justifying us all
bEcause adam and eve were enticed into a great fall
diSobediece got them uprooted from paradise
oh bUt his blessed birth got us planted back so precise
holy Savior you did preach
clear Concise you did teach
became Human on this earth
perfect Rigteous immaculate birth
the benefIts we are reaping
at the crosS the nails into your flesh were deepening-BUT-
true perfecT completion causes my thankful. joyous weeping!

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Sunni Patterson

Sounding astounding
lUxurious vigorous volcanic erupting voice
laNguage of lava flowing, hot melting me poetry
a liNguist lyricizing spoken wordress 
is alIgned dormant in each line
speak, Preach sermonizing poetry
your stAge material is a worthy pulitzer prize for poetry pulpit winner.
holy poeTic ghost fulfillment
loud shouT outing her-Wow!
this is a poEtic minister
poetry congRegation be seated as an audience
you shall feaSt
her words are fOod like manna
a reading feediNg falling from heaven

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Luxurious lady on a heavenly hike
sHe was so christ like
go Tend to the sick and shut in  as a leisure labor 
epiTomizing a godly behavior
a livIng likeness of christ
was on Earth

bowing Presence- she was of god
her soul Annointed
true righTeousness embedded 
throughouT her heart
an earthly cOmmander on earth  for god the father,the son, and the holy ghost
thank you ! ameN.

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Quest to
qUill my brains orgasmic quiver
poE inspired laid out
gamE is my
tokeN way to say

to the Spoken word artist increasing
higher Heart rates
it's my forEver endeavor
crown the Best
with an edgAr allan acrostic valentine apple of the eye test.

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Zealous Zeal For Liza Garza

Lyricist phenomenally prophetically poeticizing
rIghteous writing sung into my spirit
so Zealous zeal again connected the acrostic dots and filled
my rAising praising pen toward her 

she's Gorgeous and gifted 
real tAlented too
she's buRst a boombastic bloombloosoming acrostic poetic blood vessel in my brain
poeticiZing prophetically phenomenally shooting the shout of poetry
the vibrAting vice versus visions, collaspsing, reviving revelation spoke in word tongues 
  flowing singing shouting verses in my veins.

Details | Wanda Ridley Poem

Tsunami Tonguestress Tasha Jones

Tsunami word waves rise off her tongue
wAter word sprouting spit is sprung
da Soft palate is piercing an earlobe seismic sweet song
the Hearing of waterfalling words being framed and hung
she hAmmers and nails a frame pumping words through the walls of my heart
sweet Jesus called a tsunami tonguestress to spit wit smart
words rOlling waterfalling through my heart
go fishing oN word bytes and be caught
in a sea swElling surfing word wave and be taught
of messageS from a tsunami tonguestresses thoughts