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I dance

7 may 2012 4:50 PM

I dance in the sunlight 
I dance in the rain

I dance when I'm happy
I dance when there's pain

Because it frees my soul
And it lets me go
to a higher place
to a higher praise
With You ohhhh with You
that's right

I dance to remember
I dance to forget

I dance in a dream land
I dance in reality 

Because I dance for You 
And You take me there 
to that higher place 
to that higher praise.....with You

Life on Purpose Live it before you lose it! ©2009

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11:07 AM 8 May 2012
Mothers love 
Mothers have patience
 Mothers remember when and understand
 Mothers protect and nurture
 Mothers listen and impathize
 Mothers correct and explain
 Mothers play and teach
 Mothers hold and be quiet
 Mothers laugh and smile
 Mothers cry and pray
 Mothers smile 
Is this you or someone you should be.
 Mothers are like dads they make mystakes too 
But they always love you no matter what you do
Happy Mothers day Aunt Virgie and thank you for all you are

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We danced in that moment

8:10 AM  06 oct 2014

Lean on me such a beautiful song
Holding her in my arms so long

So long was the moment, only and minute or two
Hearts embraced and souls entwined as lovers tend to do

We were lost and together nothing else really mattered
Our lives all at once in that place was gathered

Singing softly in her ear 
Holding her heart so dear

I feel emotion overpowering reality as we drift away
So precious a moment just a speck in one day

A diamond with a heart of gold rare and precious one of a kind
Would be bliss to live just in that moment and to the rest of the world be blind

We held each other and cried as we danced in that moment.

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My dreams

9:41 AM  19 Oct 2014

My dreams so vivid in color and strange
Lifes memories recounted scrambled rearranged

Some are sad and make me cry
Some have no reason and I question why

Some are frightening and some are silly
Some are sensual and make me wonder really?

But then there are the mysterious dreams
That come true and become reality

Why was I allowed to know and see 
Things that would happen to others and me

The first one I remember was silly and fun
A friend at church put a ring in my pocket then turned to run

It happened exactly the way I had dreamed
Every detail was true to the scene

Others were not so exact
But contained some form of fact

That would come true not the next day
But some time later in some major way

How do we process these prophetic scenes
To help others from the warnings in our dreams

People have become so crazy these days
So full of lies that no attention is paid

And warnings all fall on deaf ears
Because of deceit from so many years

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Kiss me deeply

5:18 PM  29 sept 2014

Kiss me deeply through my body to soul
Bond with me and make me whole

In life I've wandered lost and alone
I feel now that I've found my home

Gazing through your windows into your home
I see you so kind so beautiful, your heart all aglow

I see my name written deep within
I hear your longing cry " oh where have you been"

Our bodies hold tight our hearts catch fire
Soul to soul we are one desire

To live and grow to die and be free
I with you and you with me

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When words flow freely
Emotions released in air
Love and peace prevail

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Autumn leaves

4:50 PM 4 oct 2014

Watching children play in the autumn leaves
Takes me back in time to fond memories

Autumn colors dark and bright
Raking leaves from noon till night

Giant piles of colorful fun
Leaping in then out for a run

Around the the yard can't catch me
Then back into the pile of leaves

Tunneling through to the other side
OUCH a  stick poke in the eye 

Popping up to rub it well
Hoping its not to red for mom to tell

Then looking around at the mess I made
I grab the rake and clean it up just so I can make it another day

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Dirty bird

A little bird 
Dropped a little turd

Upon my clean windshield
I pushed the button but no fluid did it yield

My wipers swiped and smeared a stripe
And now I'm mad enough to fight

I grabbed a bottle to sprinkle the stain 
But the wind took it from me to my disdain 

Cursing the bird
With a dirty word

I hear a dreadful sound
I then pull over and receive a fine for throwing litter on the ground

So if a bird drops you a turd and the fluid is all dry
Don't fret don't curse don't even cry

Just pull over and clean the spot
And save yourself alot

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My uncle my dad

This is for my Uncle Steve 

17 june 2012 10:13 am
Happy fathers day Uncle Steve
 I was not yours but you raised me
It was a very confusing time
 and most of the time my heart was blind
As I grow older with children of my own
 I understand more of you and our home
It was a great responciblity and charity from you
 As you took me in, it was the right thing to do
Children of your own and a son passed on
 You worked day by day and made me your son
It was hard and I threw my fits
 but still you kept me and never called quits
I am sorry for the bad things I did and said
 I am sorry for the times I caused you to bow your head
The grouchys and the tired times the stress lines on your face
 I understand now very clearly as I run my own race
As dad we do the best we can 
to provide and protect with a steady hand
But things go wrong and we make mistakes
 but such is life those are just the breaks
We fall we fail 
We get back up and prevail
But good time are priceless and preciouse in heart
 They give us incentive to make a fresh start
Just as you did time and time again
 I push on as dad husband and freind
Thank you so much for being my dad
 The best Uncle to have and could have ever had
I hope that you are resting in peace and I hope to see you with our Lord in the east

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In memory of Mathew Herman Vain killed 1970

23 may 2013 8:36 am

Mathew Herman Vain
A child who had no name

Was killed before he was born
His cell from his kidneys was torn

Cloned and named HEK293
Those cells they use to satisfy you and me

They use it in processes to make vaccines
And process for artificial flavors obscene

He had no name as from his mother he was torn
And until now has not been officially mourned

I gave him his name so all will remember
This was a real child that science dismembered

So people can be vain
And glutony can rein