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He misconstrued my intention of friendship
Forver sealing our fate to be acquaintances
Married to others with a nagging sense of loss
Keeping our mates at bay away from true intimacy

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Faith is serving the lambs
Righteousness, right in God's eyes
Order and obedience to His commands
Grace and goodness shall lead to salvation

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Smooth Caress

Fingers pause across the ivory
         longing to create melodies

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Metal Cat Whirly Gig

Dizzy cat
Staggers and spins out of reach...
Birdie laughs mocking

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Fall Sunset

The fiery orange glow reminds me
The dusk sky is beautiful tonight
Will light the jack-o-lantern early
Crisp air encourages hugs just right

Your smile in the soft light warms my heart
Like joyous rapture entwined with you
The peace I feel radiates in part
The grand celestial displays in view

As the sun departs it's light in kind
All night creatures appear, bats and such
World within a world, under a vine
Snuggled close our hearts, hands and souls touch

Sunset sky in fall air, crisp and cool
That huggly, snuggly season of ghouls!

For the sonnet contest--revised

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Internet Dating

I find it hard to get on the internet, FB, and  the soup

Everytime I get at the computer

My puppy crawls into my lap

She's trying to find a date....

She has hooked up with a dingo in Australia but

I hated to tell her that it was a hungry crocodile incognito!!

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Charleston Harbor

The brightly colored houses lighten my emotions.
The cobblestone streets encourage by shaking the worries away.
A town on the ocean's edge, aware of the power of nature
yet at peace. Time undulates and ebbs with the tide as life is carefree.
Historic restoration, reminds us that living has not changed really. 
Life, birth, death and taxes continue along with joy and sickness. 
Passion and love are old as time. The river meets the ocean and the ocean never
overflows. Seagulls and pelicans stay by the salty spray; dining each day on fresh
seafood. Seagulls run and play on the sand dunes for fun.
Tourists come and go leaving behind a few dollars to keeps the town thriving.
The tall tales grow each year for pure pleasures sake. It is alright with me,
charming stories make my return more interesting. There is a melody of enjoyments to be had in the city by the sea. 

For Charles Melody

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Turning Point

Will tomorrow be smiles and lovely
Will your smile ever be real to me again
I don't know how to change what is 
Time has creeped upon you and I
Grey is our hair and loose is our skin

Those things don't matter
Just the way you speak unkindly
Hurts me to my soul
Bitter blood boils through my veins
Tension causes stress points in my face

My smile has been away for awhile
I miss that smile 
I miss your laughter
What should we do or say?

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Loose me ASAP

Gardening in a dress
Figured it would be nice and breezy
A red wasp had his way with my back side easy

One little wasp caused alot of mess
Ten stings/bites caused me alot of ouchy
Then itching beyond control of sensitivity

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Tears dry into salt

Did the gods meet at the salt sea and have a severe tragedy?
Where tears flowed from giant eyes and shook the earth in pain.
The puddle of tears is the remains of such a great loss of majesty
Saltly crystals must have dried from god's cheeks like rain

Creation of the world could be simply described poetically
Forget all the scientific reason, let poetic logic gain

**For the Tears contest