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* on the horizon

Out on the horizon dances the animals,
free from their bondage that held them once.
They are hidden well you must look hard to see
them through the brush, grass, and the trees.
Enemies, prey for others to eat they were once but,
but now they all are dancing free out on the horizon.

Dedicated to: Dane Ann Smith-Johnson
with Love from: The Keeper (as I said this is what
Heaven must be like.)

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smells of spring


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* clean slates


We are given clean slates. What mark we leave on them are for others to learn from.

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* Foot prints on the heart

A day comes when you know
the many people that have come
and gone have left you with
many foot prints on your heart.

The foot print treads imprinted
deep on the heart of one looking
at life differently through eyes,
open now wide taking everything in.

Eyes, once dark, lost, empty seeing
nothing but the ugliness life once held.
Escaping through the boarded up,
windows sealed with black paint.

Seeing the beauty all around embracing,
all that is seen, soaking it in like a sponge,
when wet holds all that it has soaked in.
releasing only when squeezed out.

The foot prints of the many people who,
have come and gone are the sponges
within her heart, squeezing out only the,
ones which held her captive for so long.

Others, she keeps tucked away within,
remembering all of them who have passed.
Their foot prints impacted on the heart of,
the one now with eyes wide open.

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the castaways

the castaways  walk alone.
down the many allies, roads.
looking for someone to take,
them in, for a meal, for rest.

for a kind hand to hold them.
to heal their wounds,their
scared,broken,straved bodies.
to be loved,cared for,a home.

thrown out by irresponsible humans.
who thought they were cute once.
kicked to the curb to fend alone.
their cries go unnoticed by so many.

such devastation, they endure because
of the ignorance of mankind.
the castaways walk alone.
down the many roads and allies.

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birds singing

singing birds
eating bird seed
signs of spring

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Some Day

Someday, you will know that
  I loved you even through,
I had to leave so fast I never
  wanted it this way.

Someday, you will know that
  my heart broke in to
un repairable pieces that day
  no super glue can mend it.

Someday, you will know that
  the rain drops that fall
down from the sky above are
  my tears of losing you.

Someday, you will know that
  I never stopped thinking of
you both, I went to Parks
  looking for you all the time.

Someday, you will know that
  I fought so hard to find you
guys and tried to get you back,
  but I could not find you anywhere.

Someday, you will know that
  I never forgot you ever.
Every Holiday, every Birthday
  my heart crumbled even more.

Someday, you will know that
  the things said about me
were untrue by the people who
  were suppose to protect you.

Someday you will know that
   I missed your growing up
and I miss you now seeing you
   as grown adults with family.

Some day, you will know that
   the ocean holds the many
tears I cried over losing the two
   of you I thought I would drown.

Someday, you will know that
  God never wanted it to this way.
He wanted us to be a family but it
   wasn't possible.

Someday, you will know that
   I told everyone I had 2 
handsome Sons who got in the
   middle of a battle that wasn't theirs.

Someday, you will know that
   I am and always will be 
your Mother and we are bonded
   together by blood.

Someday, you will know that
   I had to let you go because it
was in your best interest at the time.
   It had been taken out of hands.

Someday, You will know that
   things happen and we are not
to question why but just to accept
   and never stop looking and loving.

Someday, you will know that
    no matter what they said to
you about me I always Loved you.

Someday, you will know that
    I have never been the seem 
with out in my life but never for get
    you are and forever my Sons.

Someday, you will know that
   I kept your baby books and the
cards you made for me so long ago.
   That I am so Proud of you both.

Someday, you will know that
   you know, you were, you are
and always be loved, missed and 
    welcome in  my someday.

***This Holiday Season I wrote this Poem for my 2 Sons as
      a Dedication to what they mean to me! This is for my 
      Sons and their Families on this Thanksgiving 2010.
I love you always,
  your Mom forever more,

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I am not stupid

I did something this 
time without 
asking you or telling you
until now.

This is my very own 
" Accomplishment".
I want to soak it up
like a sponge soaks
up water.

I want to Relish in this.
I did something that
everyone thought I could
could never do!

They said I was not smart
enough to  write anything.
Now I wish I could see their
surprised faces.

You can't take this from
me like all the times before.
Because I won't allow you to
ever do that again.

I feel good for once in my life
I have earned this right.
It's all kind a of scary because
it's all so knew to me.

I won't run I will embrace
every moment of this.
I have so much to learn
and to write about.

The word 'Stupid' is now
replaced with the new title
of 'I am an Author'.
I did it with out asking any
of you it feels grand.

Now all of you who tried but
failed to take my will this 
'Poem' is just for you. 
I am not Stupid I am a 'Person'
but most of all I am an 'AUTHOR'.

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After Life

When living for what's after life
We put the horse behind the cart.
We should bet on the here and now
And not what's after we depart.

What's after life I do not know.
Had I the facts, I'd tell of course.
If there is one who has been there
I want these answers from that source.

Where do we go? What do we do?
Do we look on those left behind?
Please let me see the evidence.
I do not want a faith that's blind.

There is none; thus until we're there
The afterlife remains a myth.
But still I've had some idle thoughts
About it, I've been toying with.

Suppose the agents are part right;
But afterlife just mirrors life,
So when we fly to Paradise
Our baggage is our current strife.

If 'after' is linked to 'before'
That fact another message sends.
While blowing life on 'earth' to hell
The life in 'heaven' also ends.

So just in case, it would be wise
On earth a heaven to create.
Then if there is an afterlife
We'll find it in a peaceful state.


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He had a job


                                        Walking the many city streets and allies
                                        day in, day out he never complains.
                                        The streets are his home now and he is
                                        okay with that, people who see him just
                                        walk on by never uttering a 'good morning'
                                        or even a 'hi' they see him as invisible.
                                        His bed is a big dirty card board box that
                                        is behind a old broken down dumpster.
                                        News papers are used for his blankets
                                        each night he lays down to sleep he prays
                                        and thanks God for a good day.

                                        The clothes he wears are smelly, dirty, old
                                        and worn but he never ever complains.
                                        He can't buy anything now because he lost
                                        his job of 50 years he holds a small tin cup.
                                        The cup some times has a dollar or two but
                                        usually it is empty like he is inside.

                                        This man once was hard working, had a
                                        wife, kids nice house and a warm bed to
                                        lay down on at night time, his clothes were
                                        always clean, but when the factory closed
                                        he lost his wife, kids and the house he had.

                                        He never complains  because he knows
                                        When he walks those streets, allies that
                                        someday, someone will see him and know
                                        that it could be them walking the streets and
                                        alley's and people pass them by.