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they’re almost gone now
how brown, bare the branches look
some toys in the leaves

when rain turns to snow
how sad those two last roses
brave faces with tears

apples      bruised apples
scattered on the frosted green
and this twiggy frown

music in the wind
late october’s final song
dancing red and gold

talk of winter now
old dog by a crackling fire
shutters rattle      pings!

photo of dear dad
he loved that fulsome willow
fallen leaves      marker

Dave Austin

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2014

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Carving the pumpkin, oh such fun
How they danced when dad was done

Twisted mouth with large, black eyes
To scare the kids, then pumpkin pies

Hear those darlings on the street
Tiny fingers, tiny feet

Soon they’ll ring the bell and shout
“Trick or treat.      Hand outs!”

But see old moon, he’s hanging high
A big gold searchlight in the sky

Just peeping o’er, the sun has set
With rosy, glorious hue, and yet,

A solar quake now rumbles forth
Spewing flame toward the earth

Those fiery rays have stirred the dead
The night is bright, the moon is red

Check the time – it’s nine o five
Jack O Lanterns come alive

Oh, how they cry, each frightened child
Belegged pumpkins running wild

I’ll tell you how kids went to bed
Twas in the ground without a head

Those empty gourds were hearty fed
The night was cursed, the moon was red

Moo haha!    haha!   haha!   hah OH
Haha!     haha!     haha!    HAH!

Dave Austin

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2014

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It bounced off the truck
And then rolled down the highway
Apple turnover


How 'bout them apples
When Jonathan McIntosh
Won the spelling bee


Apple of my eye
Jenny had the sweetest smile
For another guy


Right down to the core
When that apple crossed the plate
An infield dribble


Just one little hole
In that shiny    red apple
Just one little worm


Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2008

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when my time comes round
let my last thought be loving
with soft light abound

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2009

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still life with fruit


In spite of the orchard
A far white moon dominates
Its sick room presence lifts the eye

Still life with fruit –
Crescent dish with bananas, apples, pears -
A wrinkled bed spread falls off the sky

In all an angular canvas, 
A drowsy cubist squint,
Imposed shapes, lines – Picasso pie

This pointed, silver vase pokes through
Its ample gift of flowers,
Destroys the view – Oh, my!

I’ve come to, limp right arm yet hangs over,
Attendant tells, “Breakfast time. You hungry?
Let’s sit up. There! Good guy.”

Dave Austin

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2014

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a late blooming few
rose leaves with mottled silver
autumnal whimsy

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2010

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I wonder why
It's always so strange
                               to say
    and not just strange
        but almost a gulp and a choke
               even at a letter's close?
Just 'love' is not so hard
It's the YOU
"I    (gulp    choke!)   love YOU"
I can say it silently    in my mind
      but!    face to face
          over the phone?
YOU is so personal
Like    inserting your tongue when kissing good night
Like    accidentally brushing
                                     her leg
                                            under the table
"I love YOU" starts all sorts of mild    even WILD ideas forming
Face it
I am demented
With some it drops off the tongue
                        as easily as    saying "Hi"
I wonder though?
What's back of those eyes
When his wife says to me
                                 "Love you"
When this happens
I always screw up - look at her husband
          then answer
"Love you too"

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2009

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Summer’s last rose
After many admiring morning visits
And with nature’s rusty brown and gold 
Surrounding, drawing comparison,
Becomes even more pink and beautiful

Being aware as being – native to all souls –
Nature strives to improve,
The old become new

New, alike the jeweler’s lathe
Polishing      polishing
Refining awareness -

The familiar like a great Schubert string quartet
Suddenly with new revealing.

Leonard Bernstein says about music,
      to the effect,
”An old friend becomes more dear”

Refining one’s awareness
There can be no drudgery,
But there must be effort,
Must be the look-through,
A soul’s effort to find.

Therein lies the beauty, 
The finding.
When the diamond
Set to the jeweler’s lathe
Catches sun

Dave Austin 

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2015

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Drawing to a close
She was not what she seemed
Not the herald    the harbinger

In these final days
She yet retains
All warmth    all beauty
With a slight shivering smile

Her rustling crowds
Yet speak of warm rain    soft breezes
And sparkle in the sun
Alike dusted diamonds

I’ll not sing a sad song of September
She will not harken     or cry
She is summer’s wandering child
With yet more fields to nourish and explore

Here I’ll stay in meditation
With these minutes all bathed in yesterday
Then when quite refreshed
Continue on my way
Dave Austin

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2015

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I’m looking at an old house
Called home    by someone

I will look at any old house    new    or    old    but
Home is ALWAYS an old house

Old people open doors
Walk the floors

Old people light the candles
Decorate the mantles

And    the roof ever slants
So young thoughts may go

Sliding down    to settle on ground
In front of home

Seasons come
Seasons go
Cloudy    bright
Rain    or    snow

Inside    though
Home is    ever    warmed

By timeless ghosts
Of hearth    reborn

I’m climbing the stairs of an old house
Called home by someone

To open a door
Find stairs     and    climb some more

To follow the footsteps of some vague someone
In an old house called home
For Trudy

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2009