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Short Stars Poems

Short Stars Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Stars by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Stars poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Stars poem by Teddy Kimathi| Details | |

Probable Options In Life

choosing between two;
only destiny has answers

Short Stars poem by Anthony Slausen| Details | |


between stars and fireflies...
a quiet conversation

Short Stars poem by Marty King| Details | |

stars on the ceiling haiku

stars on the ceiling
mesmerizes the baby
until sleep arrives

Short Stars poem by Mark J. Halliday| Details | |


Centrifugal force
Would spin us away from Earth
But for gravity

Short Stars poem by Willow Lawrence| Details | |


Morning stars so bright
A gift from so far away
That moment is gone

Short Stars poem by gregory ramos| Details | |

nights lamp

starry lights shine bright
illuminating our souls deep
a lamp to our feet

Short Stars poem by Lainy Kaye| Details | |


We have trained our hearts
To see a million things
Shine out from the stars

Short Stars poem by Shadow Hamilton| Details | |


stars dance in darkness
light up the sky with sparkles
bringing hope and joy

Short Stars poem by Shadow Hamilton| Details | |

sky diamonds

stars shining brightly
diamonds in the dark night sky
small pinpricks of life

Short Stars poem by Jean OMalley Polatnick| Details | |


Delightful twinkling
Nestled in the midnight sky
Lift our conscious thoughts

Short Stars poem by Heather Admire| Details | |


Stars shining in the sky
Storms on the horizon
Wind blowing through the trees

Short Stars poem by Adam Hapworth| Details | |

Prior Wish

Cloud bank rolling in
Eve's shooting stars been obscured
Wish came true with you

Short Stars poem by gregory ramos| Details | |

stargazing for contest 17 words

full moons night sky dance
orions belt warms our chilled eyes
stargazing with you

Short Stars poem by John Michaels| Details | |

Solar System - A

Celestial spheres... marvels of the cosmos but marbles for the Gods.

Short Stars poem by M. L. Kiser| Details | |


Eyes up in the sky, glowing, watching eyes of light; Such are Heaven’s stars.

Short Stars poem by david mohn| Details | |

Upon a Star

twilight’s serenade
finding ears on heaven’s face…
blazoned by wishes

non traditional haiku

Short Stars poem by sakshi Mittal| Details | |

Broken dreams

 If only broken stars could fulfill any dreams,
They wouldn't have got broken
In the first place!

Short Stars poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


 he came  in the dark hours
it was a  love shower
as the boat
every would say

Short Stars poem by Ryan McNabb| Details | |

A cold white blanket

             A cold white blanket
    Underneath a sparkling black sky,
              As moonlight shines.

Short Stars poem by Matthew Horstkotter| Details | |

Night Sky of Stares Prayer

Stares in the sky shine so bright
Bring before us our futures
May we receive your powers?
To guide us through life

Short Stars poem by Lainy Kaye| Details | |


We have trained our hearts
To see a million things
Shine out from the stars
Anything you can dream of
You just have to imagine

Short Stars poem by Milan Georges Burovac| Details | |

Without noise

we are here as elsewhere 
in the subjunctive of souls 
in the verb to love 
in the déjà vu 
in the art nude 
without silent 
without noise

Short Stars poem by cory long| Details | |


Stars light up the sky,
as the stars twinkle and shine.
The pain invades her,
look up and say a prayer,
feeling the stars in her heart.

Short Stars poem by Smail Poems| Details | |


There once was a whole bunch of clouds
Clouds are not very loud
If you fly through them in a plane
They feel no pain
That’s why they’re clouds

Short Stars poem by Just That Archaic Poet| Details | |

The Cartographer

Located where, is Heaven, on these maps?
Cleverly hidden in Epitaphs?
Perchance in Stars seen from afar-
Or buried with Captain Cook, perhaps?

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