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Short Pets Poems | Short Pets Poetry

Short Pets Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Pets by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Pets short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Pets poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |

For Entertainment Purposes Only!!

Children and pets!!

Short Pets poem by nikhileswari swaminathan| Details |

home sweet home

children parents  pets 
noise in and around the house
lovely  atmosphere

Short Pets poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


i love pets you can bet
its not a rat or cat
mine roll like a log

Short Pets poem by Frances Angela Torrelavega| Details |


Nimbus’ pets unleashed:
listen as pitter patters
alter purrs and barks.

Short Pets poem by Judy Konos| Details |

June 1st Beware

You know the routine
Pack, grab kids, take pets, Get Out!
Hurricane Eye . . .Near

Short Pets poem by Marvin D. Schrebe| Details |


Faithful Companions
Barking, running, chasing
Loving loyal pets/Sentinels

Short Pets poem by M. L. Kiser| Details |

Cats Are So Loving

are such
each one, psychic;
are great, sweet

Short Pets poem by Dawn Drickman| Details |

The Lion

The lion is a ferocious beast
Both proud and very regal
When it comes to choosing pets
I think I'll keep my beagle

Short Pets poem by Emily Rakis| Details |

Secrets of the dark

Sky changes to beauty, Owls hunt for pray, Bats attack, Humans uncloak, Pets twirl, Truth occurs.

Short Pets poem by Johnny Sumler| Details |

Night Overture

night sounds
surreal as dreams
crickets harmonica
owls overture to natures pets

Johnny Sumler
Melody of Cinquain

Short Pets poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Feline Friend

Felines make the best pets. 
I take care of one without regrets. 
He always keeps me company. 
He's the best companion for me.

Short Pets poem by Brandee Augustus| Details |

Afternoon in the Park

barking loudly

Short Pets poem by Namratha H| Details |


Cute little rabbits
so timid and cute
charming pets of home
Enjoys obseving them
playfull and affectionative
Loved companion sweeties

Short Pets poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


they have the right
to bit or fight
if being attack
so step back
be you strike
you might be wack
my there
quick eye sight

Short Pets poem by Francine Roberts| Details |

Seasonal Confusion

Birds, as pets, are easily fooled.

They believe that summer is still here.

Turn up the heat, leave a light on,

They have no idea winter's near.

Short Pets poem by Matthew Anish| Details |

Briefly Noted

There was a young man from China
Who couldn't think of anything finer
Than to smoke cigarettes and play with his pets 
And eat out at an all night diner

Short Pets poem by Matthew Anish| Details |

Brief Note

There was a young 
man from China
Who couldn't think of
anything finer
Then to smoke cigarettes 
And play with his pets
And eat out at an all night diner

Short Pets poem by Danielle Moreno| Details |


Dazzling in person,
Awesome in sports,
Nice in character,
Important in many ways,
Entertaining the crowd,
Loving to people,
Loving to pets,
Expert in cheering.

Short Pets poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


my eyes or wet
when i think of my pets
love them around
there'll my city and town
they  chase the bad rats
some some roll over a log

Short Pets poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


i have them all
picture of water fall
and kids playing ball
 i love to shot
i toots
at pictures takeing
am not fakeing
my pets are shot on alog

Short Pets poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |


Many abandon their pets under the delusion that they.
will comfortably live their lives in their natural wild way,
but unseen they suffer.
Unheard they cry.
In agony they linger.
In lonliness they die.

Short Pets poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


from the time i was a child
i remember happy home cheer and smile
i have nogrets
be moma and daddy pets
no all ineed is love
someone to understand my way
cause life 

Short Pets poem by Leonora Galinta| Details |

Old McDonald

Old McDonald

Old McDonald sold all his farms 
for tending pets had lost his charms 
He found a new job 
He thought it was fab 
But a whole day clown with raised arms

March 21, 2014   5.15 pm

Short Pets poem by Jon A Cavanaugh| Details |


Incorrigible overactive pets
Are very troublesome for Vets
For they aim to scratch the face or eyes
Before the Vet can tranquilize
And they sometimes snag a hand or knee
But the biggest gouge comes with the fee

Short Pets poem by Angela LaVarco| Details |


Sister's are like blisters. 
They hurt those misters.
Brothers are like candy
They choke on brandy
Mothers are like books
They mess with the crooks 
Pets are like eaters
They bite the cheaters
Family is scary
Because their always Wary

Short Pets poem by Anna-Marie Docherty| Details |


Fictional for a prompt:- think outside the box in sixteen words.

Frothing at mouth
Distemer shows itself
Taking over body and mind
Mans best friend 
Slowly dies

Please, please, please get your animals/pets vaccinated!

Short Pets poem by cory long| Details |

Top Ten Animals

like dogs,
cats are nice,
rats not house pets.
Lizards, rabbits,snakes make me sweat and shake.
I would rather have turtles or pigs.
No hamster thou,
and no birds,
get a,

Double tetractys
top 10 contest
cory long

Short Pets poem by Charles Henderson| Details |

Martian Cigarettes

This Martian was as mean as it gets He ran out of Martian cigarettes. He landed his spaceship on earth, At a highway rest stop near Perth, and found plenty by trailing the pets. © Mar 13 2010 Placed 3rd in "Out of This World Limerick contest"

Short Pets poem by HOLLY MOORE| Details |

This Place

Of night.
My house creaks.
Speaks with noises.
Tells of memories.
Holidays often shared.
Many pets have come and gone.
The sweet aroma of this home.
One child to leave this lovely address ~
We have been blessed to live in this place.

©Holly P. Moore
   November 2012

Short Pets poem by Gerry Mattia| Details |

Funny Thing About The Yard

It’s always behind or in front

seems it needs a door to get to

never complains when it rains

pleasantly, pets poop & pee

friends & family cross to hug me

my connect out there

in the back and front

it’s what I have now for all the hard

that stretch out there

the yard

Short Pets poem by Jon A Cavanaugh| Details |


Fleas are a nuisance - noisome specks
They hang out in our yards
They lounge on our decks
Pets offer them dinner
And invite them inside
Fleas! - partying parasites
Yet know how to hide
They breed beyond number
These squatters that irk us
Turn our home from a castle 

Into - a circus

Short Pets poem by Shani Fassbender| Details |

Ups and Downs

for fun
cuddly pets
falling in love
small children trying things for the first time

When I see someone treated unfairly
war and hunger
unshed tears
make me

"First Place" win !
Written by:  Shani Fassbender
for the contest:  "Smiles and Frowns"
Form:  Tetractys

Short Pets poem by Mariana pavlich| Details |

Salt Water Cure..

Have you ever noticed how healthy you feel
after a swim in the ocean?
Would salt dissolved in warm water have the
same effect?
Table salt and warm water prevent infections.
Applied to open wounds and gashes on pets
It may sting eg. "Like adding salt to a wound"
Would a gargle prevent a cold?

Short Pets poem by Tahera Mannan| Details |

The Dinosaurs

The big Allosaurus
Loved to bite its neighbour
Guzzle blood by gallons

The Apatosaurus
Laid eggs in sand nest
An ugly herbivore

A few had wings to fly
Giant beaks and piercing eyes
Stole fledgling from nests

But lived long ago
That we may never learn or know
whether could be good pets

Short Pets poem by Nancy Jones| Details |

In it Together

Most of my friends
get into their pets.
Most of my pets
get into me...

but it's a little different.

I strive to love people
and pets and the earth,
the one's that I gave to and
who gave me birth.

And that takes up most of my time.

Pets  clarify
or confuse
depending on how much rain we've gotten lately.

Short Pets poem by Beckley Ebako| Details |

The goddess

She pets,feeds
clothes and protects
A mother human
For i was weak and vulnerable

She cares,comforts and consoles
with a seraphic massage
in sound and touch
though i'm grown and strong

Oh,the better half
that completes every man
always needed for wholeness
either mother or wife,
the woman;a real goddess

Short Pets poem by Patrick Wakefield| Details |


sun, light, murmurs
through slatted edifices
onto restless 4s

they shuffle tireless
ssssn uf fle
those 4s
ever do
on strawlittered floors

in woodly cages

a 2 enters
pets 4 1
whispers to 4 2
soothes their aches

2 astride 4 1
clumsy gallop

through golden portals
into virgin time

Short Pets poem by Johnny Rhinem| Details |

She Likes Sex And Candy

There's this chart as formula in making a movie you see....
Ever being adjusted brought abreast unto her times and here 
We are amid the twenty-first century silver pears cherry squares
Taking notes casting votes statuettes bell tower pets his writers tea ?
Crunching numbers computers quiz shake your glass; green back dreams.

Short Pets poem by Renee Hendricks| Details |

Grimy Rocks

Beautiful days filled with work, love, kids and pets
Stuffed to the brim and living without regrets
   Life's little, stubborn and grimy rocks
   Are neatly placed in a teeny, tiny box
Better to treasure our sweet and golden nuggets!

(Poem dedicated to those insignificant flea-like people who are, quite frankly, like grimy little 

Short Pets poem by Kim Bond| Details |

Kim Bond

Mother of Rachel, Trey, and a few pets;
Lover of Jesus Christ our Lord, darling husband Hank, and faith-based writing;
Who feels hopeful, joyful, and whimsical; 
Who fears tight spaces, long races, and crowded places;
Who would like to see her Savior’s face, gifts of grace, things fall in place;  
Resident of Saint Louis, Missouri;

Short Pets poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Dog Wearing a Lampshade

Because of all the trouble he has made, the dog is forced to wear a lampshade. He has to break out of his habit to bite. When in public, the dog’s actions are not right. The pet may bring his owner a fine. We always have to keep our pets in line. I believe that canine is smart enough to know. If he stops biting, then that restraint will go.

Short Pets poem by shreyas susan| Details |

when i am no more

An empty space in the dining table 
A vacant space in the car for four
My room vacant without an owner
My pets masterless
But still my dreams and a handful of aspirations
remains trapped in the gap
between the living and the eternal
If only i was lent a patient ear
If they hadn't forced me to push further in the world of competition
Maybe i would have been spared

Short Pets poem by GOODNESS LANRE| Details |


Castle in the air
In esteemed royalty
Treasures and treasured
Table embroided delicacy
For all and sundry
And a life of a thousand years
Wilds as pets, lions of course
A queen, a rare beauty..
Magic and power
All at my beck and call.
A different castle out of this 
A community of change.

My thought returned
Here am I on my bed. 


Short Pets poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |

Higher Power Guide

My Poetry Book contains poems about love, family, pets, faith, humor, children, grandsons, 
and analogy..My favorite poem in my Poetry Book is in Senryu Form and reads as follows:

                                         My love for mankind
                                     Is burning fire when alone
                                       Then I leave my home

Short Pets poem by Cynthia Alvez| Details |

To Our Departed Pet Friends

Our lives are touched
In gentle ways by those
With voices void of words.
They linger in our hearts and
Thoughts, and we know we
Were loved unconditionally
Until the very end...

Our pets are in the sunset and sunrise
Of our lives.
They are our treasured friends,
Devoted companions and missed
More than poetic verse can say.
They remain in the circle of our love.


Short Pets poem by Shahana Jackson| Details |


Bless my restless soul. 
Im not even 30 yet but im in a suffering from mid life crisis mode. Its not that I am overanaylitical it just that this world is too beautiful to admire all alone. So I pick and I pull and let the manic in me set in. Im too young to simply be okay with inserting a couple of pets in. I want to ride this crazy rollercoaster an never let the jet set in. Bless my restless soul.

Short Pets poem by Andrew Gallagher| Details |

Cost Crucified

Garish showcase 
in your front display;
jitter impatiently
for next payday.

Martyrs pay debts,
not collect them;
you swipe crosses
with your plastic pets.

Pennies for pupils
advertise the cost:
far steeper
than you thought.

Go steal a wish
from some pauper fountain.
Faith immovable?
"Just buy the mountain!"

The deals you’re making are unjust.
All that glitters turns to dust.

Short Pets poem by ROHINI GUPTA| Details |


                       We had a jolly neighbor fondly called Ms Lindsey    
                       Who often explained what her pets couldn't say

                       Defending her dog who barked on someone new

                       "Oh! its asking-Who...who who....who..are"

                 ( For Catie Lindsey's --"You who...Yo" clerihew contest)

Short Pets poem by Carrie Richards| Details |

Shiloh ...

Her leash and frisbee
Sit high on a shelf, waiting
But no one is coming...
The park down on the corner
Looks abandoned and lonely

    Yet,  there is a place
    Where the sweetest golden girl
    (Shiloh was her name)
    Tail wagging,...... happily plays
    Unleashed....while chasing rainbows! 

For Constance's Pets in Heaven contest

Short Pets poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Mummies Candy

Mummified body Scouring on Halloween Lurks into the night The bandages falling off Creepy skin is rotting There are many treats Within the old mummies heart Candy corn inside The living sweets Keep the mummy alive Gives kids their snack The black cats keep watch To guard these candy sweets People avoid the cats For fear that bad luck will hit Mummies love their pets
Russell Sivey

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