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Short Mothers Day Poems

Short Mothers Day Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Mothers Day by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Mothers Day poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Mothers Day poem by Merle Manu| Details |




Short Mothers Day poem by Mark Halliday| Details |


Sterling wires folded
With round-nose-plyers by hand
Mother's Day necklace

Short Mothers Day poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Happy Mothers Day

Here's a special wish
to all you mothers out there:
Happy Mothers Day!

Short Mothers Day poem by Jacqueline R. Mendoza| Details |


You women
Know how to make 
The best of what you've got in you
You do it everyday in your life

Short Mothers Day poem by simone segal| Details |


To all mothers on poetry soup

Have a wonderfull mothers day

And may all your wishes

Fly you way!

Short Mothers Day poem by Xinrae Cardozo | Details |











Just the

Kind of




Short Mothers Day poem by Lawrence Ingle| Details |

Mothers Day Greeting

May your years ahead...

be full of cheer....

May blessings come your way....

You're the best...Mother Dear!

"Happy Mothers Day>"

Short Mothers Day poem by Afroze Ali| Details |

Senryu for mummy

Wrinkled hands shiver, touch me

 were back to playing the old game,

Ill be mummy and you, me.

This poem is for Francine's Mothers day contest.

Short Mothers Day poem by cory long| Details |

My 7 yr old daughters first poem

Violets are red, 

the sky is blue,

mom I will always love you 

Happy mothers day

It was cute could melt your heart have a great mothers day every one!!

Short Mothers Day poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Mother's Love

<center><b>Feelings of love shown
A closeness that cant compare
A tender touch</b></center>

Russell Sivey

Entrant into PD's "Early Mothers Day" contest


Short Mothers Day poem by Emma Pace| Details |


Amanda is my best friend!

We do everything together!

We shop for mothers day  together like always!

watch TV and play games every night!

Because she is my best friend!

Short Mothers Day poem by Tom Wright| Details |

Recycling Thoughts

My majority years have bolted

and this Mothers Day

Has left me to suppress thoughts,

from our past,

left curbside as rubbish;

That God never intended

to be recyclable;

Short Mothers Day poem by Yolanda Jones| Details |

ww11 mothers day wish

i'm somewhere in rome

quite far from home 

though many many miles apart

across the sea and into your heart 

i send my love and wish for cheer

to abide with you from year to year

Short Mothers Day poem by Trish Hubbard| Details |

A Mother's Quote

Mother's are most special

Their Tender Touch

And Loving Care

Is more than a Father

Could even Bare

Their Magical Boo-Boo Kisses

And Bright Sunshine Smiles

Takes every bit of Heartbreak away

Even across the Miles

Short Mothers Day poem by Rodgers Roger Carter| Details |

Mothers Day: I love you Dad

I love you dad,

Not because of the sweet deep voice

Not because of the angelic heart 

Not because of the shelter and food

Not because of bills you clear

Not because of because

I love you dad, 

so much,

Because you love mom 

Short Mothers Day poem by Jim Grecco| Details |

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers Day,

To a very special mother,

Tons of hugs and kisses,

Even though you're just my grandmother,

You're the best mother ever,

And no one can disagree,

And even though you're just my grandmother,

You're still a mother to me.

Short Mothers Day poem by Don Schaeffer| Details |

The Angel

He came

and brought her

life with his

stories. They 

were all the life she had.

She lay

with her eyes

wide, blurred 

with images from elsewhere.

He was earthbound small

and she was large,


It was dark 

when he left the room.

Short Mothers Day poem by Chuma Okonkwo| Details |


  Mother nature's




  The time
  Rules the world.

*Happy Mother's Day To All Mothers Around The World*

Short Mothers Day poem by Reason A. Poteet| Details |

Mother's Day Hero

series haiku

crooked paper heart
fold is on the wrong side
the right side

gripping the crayon
YOU ARE THE BEST, he labors
tongue between his teeth
can't wait till Sunday
opening his backpack -
his heart is broken

Mom to the rescue
his hero saves the day
Elmer's glue and hugs

Short Mothers Day poem by makyia burks| Details |

moms mothers day

sometimes we seem so far away 

even  though we see each other everyday

as the time passes my heart sinks deeper and deeper

missing the bond we could of had 

but thank goodness I had my dad

even though are bong isn't tat strong

mommy I still love you

and wish you a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

Short Mothers Day poem by Flora Mae Gudez| Details |

A Mother's Cry

"Tap! Tap!" the drop of her tears.
Pouring on the ground from the clouds of fear.

'Roar! Roar!" her thunderous shout.
From the pain she felt, she cried out.

"Woosh! Woosh!" she breathed fast.
"Why my love?" she asked.

How poor Mother Earth was.
Tortured by her children, she send Haiyan to us.

Short Mothers Day poem by TOM GREEN| Details |

Can you see mee,

Someone's mother
 A wife
 Your sister
 My aunt
 Beaten abused..
 Battered an broken
 Blaming themselves
 In the shadows
 Feeling invisible
 Some are lost
 Scars are there
 Wings sprout ..
 They fly
 Can you see me?

 This is my view of growing up around women abused an violated.
 By TG Green

Short Mothers Day poem by Owen Yeates| Details |

On Mothers Day

On this day
No other can say

More than children do
Other things may stress
They may make a mess
How would they cope without you?
Ever in their hearts
Regardless of the false starts
Since they were born its true

Dedicated love you did show
Able thanks to you to grow
You must gather love accrued

Short Mothers Day poem by Jerry Golden| Details |

a day to relive

i've seen alot

and it's too late

for me to play 


you helped me

therefore you

deserve to see

my tears

I wasn't a warrior

or a hero

i was just a 

fallen person

you were worth

so much more 

than the days 


lost and vacant

now i see

grace has

granted me peace

"happy mothers day"

Short Mothers Day poem by Conn Walsh| Details |

Mother's Day

There is no mother, or another, like you.
There is no other who'd do what you do.
Through good and through bad, when I'm feeling blue.
You see me through.

Your warnings and words and wisdom I heed.
I've learned and I've lived and I've loved by your creed.
Don't go, don't leave, stay here I plead.
Your the only mother I need.

Short Mothers Day poem by amber Jordan| Details |

This Mothers Day

this mothers day

i wanted to get you somehting really special

to say thank you for being 

the best mom a girl could ever 

ask for ever andthat a girl could 

ever wantto show you how much you 

really do mean to meand how i would

never trade you for anything in 

this world because nothing can 

or ever will replace you

Short Mothers Day poem by Tom Wright| Details |

Shirlene's Mothers Day

Our lives are meant to be a journey

Consisting of days, both up and down.

While we revel in the happy times

We can't escape those days of frown.

But on this day as you're surrounded

By those who surely love you most.

To a special friend and Mother

In thought, we raise our glass, and toast.

Happy Mothers Day Shirlene

Short Mothers Day poem by PENINNAH NGANGA| Details |


17Teen candles for the years you been gone  
17Teen Roses for every mother's day you been away.  
R.I.P mum.  
I miss you too much  
but i celebrate you more!!!
Happy mothers day mama dear
keep smiling up there.
With my life  
i promise to honour you each day more!
#You'll always be my Black Queen Mama!!!
I love you so much!!!

Short Mothers Day poem by John Joseph P.| Details |

Thinking of Mom

Feel as though you're all I got, such Angel-like
when near your presence
I'm as close to Heaven than I'll ever be
you've always been their for me with open arms
your eyes sympathize
whiten smile enlightened this once child
healing hands, touch of goodness
and heart of pure gold
oh Saint Mary, how 'bout a prayer for my wicked soul

Short Mothers Day poem by LEON WILSON| Details |

Mothers Day

Today is a special day

For mothers everywhere

So why not give them lots of love

And show them that you care.

Shower them with flowers

And with chocolates too

For mothers everywhere today

really do love you.

They are there when you need them

They are never far away

So go and show your love to them

On this Mothers Day.

Short Mothers Day poem by Carolyn Sears| Details |

Happy Mothers Day


On this beautiful Sunday morning

To all the mothers and grandmothers

From each and every land

Mothers are all made special

In each and every way

So I'm sending you a teddy bear

And A boutique of roses

On this special mothers day

From Me & My Family

Wishing You A Very Special

Mothers day

On this Sunday Morning


Short Mothers Day poem by Michael Gelb| Details |

Little Dog

Little Dog

This last Mothers day

My wifes little dog passed away

Holly was my wifes little love

Both now are in the heaven above

Holly did not like the cold

Poor Holly only ten years old

I miss my wife so much

I also miss that little dogs touch


I just had to adopt a little dog for me

This little dog named Maggie 

Short Mothers Day poem by Scribbler Of Verses| Details |

One Billion Rising

Today we rise.

No more hiding in the shadows,

of culture,

No more silent complicity,

defensive arguments,
sickening pretences,
shabby excuses,

for the actions of men,

brutal and coarse and vulgar and obscene and murderous and abusive.

Today, we rise,

as one.

Today the change starts,

with me,
within me.

Today we rise.

Short Mothers Day poem by arthur vaso| Details |

I am a Genius

I am who I was born to be

Another voice of sanity
Maybe crazy, but do you know?

Art nouveau, in words I paint

Greatness of the pen, this is me
Eternal thoughts into ink I write
Nothing escapes this brilliant mind
I compose for those who see, and those whom are blind
Universal wisdom's, happiness in verse
Salvation or wine, the poison is free

Short Mothers Day poem by Sujish Mohanan| Details |

A Mother Just Like You

I just want to let you know

You mean the world to me 

Only a heart as dear as yours

Would give so unselfishly

The many things you've done

All the times that you were there

Help me know deep down inside

How much you really care

Even though I might not say

I appreciate all you do

Richly blessed is how I feel

Having a mother just like you..

Short Mothers Day poem by Anthony Slausen| Details |

disjointed memories

happy (dead) mothers day
a fistfull of flowers for your resting place 
didn't have time to know you
you were far swifter than your time,
just a few clips from an ancient reel
my your smile was sweet and wide
don't feel much anymore
time is fond of sweeping 
heart and mind
 under the floorboards

a piggyback ride
a cat named blue
a silver music box
is all there is of us

Short Mothers Day poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details |

As in WE

<b>As in WE</b>

<em>Me, my father and my mother---

Talk of love, think of my brothers

And sisters like father and mother.

We're one happy adult tree.

In pairs we came, together we work.

In pairs we home, together we walk.

For little wonders world,

Further happier our bonds.

We are doves of one feather:

A flock we are together.</em> 

A.O, 6/4/2014

Short Mothers Day poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |

Growing up Abuse

Mothers Day depresses me
because the way Mom sees me

when I came home from service
she rarely gave me notice

and labeled me not normal
never was an animal

she always looked down at me
to her I shouldnt be free

is it some kind abuse?
she was very nice to Deuce

Deuce was her old friend
my life there to end

I feel guilty for having these thoughts
I always knew my life at home rots

Short Mothers Day poem by Erich Goller| Details |

Red Roses


Red Roses

I shall never forget 

what my Mother once said.

 Son you might have many

women in your life 

but remember you  have

only one Mother.

I remember how much

my Mother loved flowers

and red roses were the


I wish I could bring  you

red  roses to heaven,

I shall put them 

on your grave.

I love you  Mom

And I miss you.

Happy Mothers Day!

Short Mothers Day poem by Megha Praveen| Details |

Oh my mother

Oh my mother! you are soft as a feather,

Caring as a bird and bright as the sun,

And for me, so much fun!

Oh my mother! you are the head of the family,

You give us food and treat us good.

You are never so strict, just you scold us a bit!

Oh my mother! you are my first teacher,

You helped me to talk and helped me to walk.

Oh my mother! these are the things I liked about you.

I love you!

Short Mothers Day poem by Kim Merryman| Details |


                                                            my mother
                                                           now also my

Kim Merryman 
Entered into PD's Early  Mother's Day contest

Short Mothers Day poem by daniel bogogolela| Details |

you have been a naughty mom

you have been a naughty mom

you put a child on a time-out

no mothers day gift for you

it never wanted to come out of it

it smacked you back

you are a naughty mom

you put a kid on a time-out

no mothers day gift for you

handle it

you started it

you put it there



opposite a wall

it could do no wrong

just kidding

this is yours

a good mom

deserves a good gift

happy mothers day

Short Mothers Day poem by daver austin| Details |



im remembering 

how she smiled and did without

her good night stories

how she sent my ship of dreams

sailing puff skies      clear waters

and remembering

that loving smile each morning

her outright courage

courage in face of despair

making do      the making do

we never wanted

hard times never spoken of

but her worry shown

i was such a happy kid

after all these years      thanks mom


Short Mothers Day poem by Earl Schumacker| Details |



In running through natures fields of green
Gina takes the light of day with pleasure
The sun in all its glory dazzled by her sight
Over all the other flowers
It shines for her alone
Sweeter in innocence above all nature
She keeps the warmth with wondrous inner glow
Deserving every happiness she can bestow
We know that love and grace is hers forever
And Gina, our Gina, we love you so

Short Mothers Day poem by Robyn Blauw| Details |


Its been so long since she has gone

And still

I miss her

My heart fills with the grief of my loss

The tears fall

And I remember

She was so like my best friend now gone

And now

I miss them both

Mothers Day with flowers and presents

And memories

To make us cry

The façade of happy mothers faces, 

Some in truth

Some lies

Go forward - enjoy your Mothers Day

And remember

Things past

And try. 


Not to cry. 

Short Mothers Day poem by Lena Townsend| Details |


I did not stop to tell you

I didnt even try

I did not think about it

Im not real sure why

You are always there for me

And yet this remains

I dont tell you near enough

That I am just the same

All the things I wanted 

In everything I do

I see that Im a mirror

Reflecting what is you

I should have told you sooner

I could have let you know

I will always love you

Thanks for helping me grow.

Happy Mother's Day Mama

Short Mothers Day poem by Jacqueline R. Mendoza| Details |

May we worship mother Mary

Only Eternal God
We can admire Mother Mary
Pray to her

Best intercessor to Eternal God the Son
Eternal God the Son is Father Christ
Eternal God the Father is in Father Christ
Hes sending Eternal Holy Spirit

Worship mean humble
Unconditional acknowledgement 
Absolute superiority of Eternal God
Over all creatures

Mother Mary is a creature like us
In faith she is our mother
We should call her Mother Mary
We should honor our parents


Short Mothers Day poem by Denise Hopkins| Details |


written 11th may 2001

what is mothers day
it has become no meaning to me
to have none of my children on this day
what more do i need to say
how heartless and cruel
do they really know what they do
to hurt me so bad
it makes me even more mad
to use my children
just to get there revenge
is there any other way
i hope and i pray
but its done nothing to this day
when will i have my say
with my words of trueth
i will have my babies back, watch my proof

Short Mothers Day poem by Juanita Thorn| Details |

Mother's Day

Youre unlike any other
By far THE best Mother
My love for you will not end
Im proud to say youre my best friend

I laugh and cry with you
But together we get through
You hold my hand when Im in need
And patch me up when I bleed

I follow in your footsteps
And honestly have no regrets
I hope I can be a great Mum like you
So my daughter loves me the way I love you.
©copyright Juanita Torr

Short Mothers Day poem by Naji Almurisi| Details |

All the feasts will sing

All the feasts will sing

Let us dance

Let us sing

Let us celebrate

The whole world will dance

The whole world will sing

The whole world will celebrate

Even the feasts will sing
Will dance
Will celebrate

The Prophet's Birthday
Mother's Day
Labor Day
Valentine's Day

All the feasts will sing

All the feasts will dance

All the feasts will celebrate

All the feasts will say

Life is beautiful

Life is a short dream

Let us enjoy it.

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