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Short Mother Daughter Poems

Short Mother Daughter Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Mother Daughter by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Mother Daughter poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Mother Daughter poem by Abdullah Alhemaidy| Details | |

mother kissing

clear sky
shadow in a desert
mother kissing

Short Mother Daughter poem by Suzette Richards| Details | |


relentlessly marking 
my mother taught me
to keep my hands busy

Short Mother Daughter poem by Nosheen Abdul Aziz| Details | |


I love my parents,
They are always with me,
In every problem, 
And i will always love them.

Short Mother Daughter poem by Jacqueline R. Mendoza| Details | |


You women
Know how to make 
The best of what you've got in you
You do it everyday in your life

Short Mother Daughter poem by pamela vardy| Details | |


 I love my daughter 
 I really do 
 But why does she turn into a monster 
 when it just me and you

Short Mother Daughter poem by Kate Ginsberg| Details | |

Tears of a child

I hear
Each night she cries
Tears like crystalline rain;
They pierce my heart like frozen knives,
Sink deep

Short Mother Daughter poem by Bhavna khemlani| Details | |


Every heartbeat is bestowed upon,
Compassion embraces a child eternally
That uplifts a child’s soul in isolation in every way. 

Short Mother Daughter poem by Yesha Shah| Details | |



helping mother take
baby step


Short Mother Daughter poem by steven coleman| Details | |

my mother

my mother dont understand everythig aboutme but she has nothing but love for me!i love her so shes presious you know!and on that day in heaven in the sky shewill see how truthful i be!

Short Mother Daughter poem by ANN COPLAND| Details | |

Sweetest Sound

I'm very young, mother reads
her voice leads my imagination
romantic, fantastic
sweet, like cake
I'm twenty-eight,
hold my son and read
familiar poems, tales
from an orange book

Short Mother Daughter poem by Trish Hubbard| Details | |

A Mother's Quote

Mother's are most special
Their Tender Touch
And Loving Care
Is more than a Father
Could even Bare
Their Magical Boo-Boo Kisses
And Bright Sunshine Smiles
Takes every bit of Heartbreak away
Even across the Miles

Short Mother Daughter poem by Brandi Elizabeth Brown| Details | |


In a sunny moment of the morning
We were driving down the road
Mom looked at me in the rearview mirror
"You know, you're a pretty girl," she said
And I smiled and turned my head
Out the window
"Sometimes I think so."

Short Mother Daughter poem by Donna McEleny| Details | |


On one hand,
I'm dismayed
by the reflection
the mirror has made !

Yet, wait...
on the other,
it looks a lot
like my Mother !

Could God be saying,
"please don't despair...
this face was well used...
now you two can share" ?

Short Mother Daughter poem by Nyonglema Pisoh| Details | |

New Life

Hiding in mummy's tummy, kicking happily away
 I'm kissing you warmly, clapping and singing in play
 They say in a few weeks
 I'll be able to kiss  your new cheeks
 I can't wait for the morning I'll lift you in a sway

(c) Nyonglema

Short Mother Daughter poem by Christina Williams| Details | |


Priceless pearl
my hidden diamond
love's sweet jewel

Heaven sent
Angelic countenance
Beauty so pure

Lovely daughter
your character delights
my devotion forever

Heartbeat on screen
My unbelief ceased
the moment
first squeezed my finger

Short Mother Daughter poem by Scribbler Of Verses| Details | |

For Aung San Suu Kyi

For Aung San Suu Kyi

you remained unyielding
bruised by their bayonets of power
you remained unyielding
gagged by their coarse brutality
you remained unyielding
today you return
and we salute
your spirit
that remained
and remains

Short Mother Daughter poem by Eileen R. Kelly| Details | |


She birthed me a star...
Her inner galaxy well travelled.

Seized by womb impact...
Silence - Rattled

Tone tormented yet blissful sigh...

Return to the source - yield rescue the cry...

Triumph this claim as we draw near...
Partake in this memory...

We both share.

Short Mother Daughter poem by Liza Salmon| Details | |


It means Loving Mother Wife , 
It is the number 5270, 
It is like up high and early in the spring, 
It is of her hair, 
It is the memory of my heart, 
Who taught me to never give up, 
When she achieves her goal , 
My name is Liza, 
It means I love you mom . You’re my shying star. 

Short Mother Daughter poem by April Mitchell| Details | |

Where were You

Where were you
When i started to grow
Where were you
When my puberty started to show

Where were you
When my mind was confused
Where were you
When i was being misused

Where were you 
To teach me what i should know
Where were you
When i needed strength to grow

Where were you

Short Mother Daughter poem by liam mcdaid| Details | |


to cherish
one moment
is to hold 
so dear

in your heart
a golden treasure
like in life
it lives with you

the angel
 whom i cherish
is my mother
who in every day 
she believes 
in me

no matter,
what wrongs i do
this angel 
lives with me
all of my life
in the heart
my mother

Short Mother Daughter poem by Andrea Dietrich| Details | |


she used to have skills at a telephone switchboard today she is scared of cell phones and computers my mom is one sweet antique writing poems by hand and reading hard cover books I know little of the functions of a smart phone I’m becoming my mother

Short Mother Daughter poem by Lyric Man| Details | |


I need a Mom who's always there
Someone to care,
Who loves to play
Will always stay.

A Mom to mend my broken heart
Give a fresh start,
Who holds my hand
Gives strength to stand.

I need a Mom to find me here
To make it clear,
I'm not alone
Please take me Home!

A Minute Poem

Short Mother Daughter poem by Holly Wagner| Details | |

Dear Mother

Dear Mother,
Thank you for the love you share,
The advice you give,
The way you care.
Thank you for the strict rules,
The constant no’s 
Pointing out the surrounding fools.
I know I don’t always show it,
So you may not think it’s true,
But no matter what happens,
I will always love you.

Short Mother Daughter poem by Ninette Carey| Details | |

Sand Storm

We will finish this task 
Come what may 
Wasting away the beauty of our day 
A dark cloud of contempt 
Winds of lies in air
Lightning beating our souls bare
Where is the sorrow
Is their any empathy at all
To author this storm 
Is beyond comprehension 
Yes.....Dust can only Fall

Short Mother Daughter poem by Debbie Duncan| Details | |


He hurts me mommie 
Can you help me 
Set me free 
From this pain

Where I don't wanna be
Let me fly with the angels 
Drift on clouds past the moon

I love you mommie 
But I don't want to stay 
And live in this pain everyday 

He hurts me mommie
Can you help me
Help me, pass away

6pm  Jan 4, 2013  Friday

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