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Short Loneliness Poems | Short Loneliness Poetry

Short Loneliness Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Loneliness by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Loneliness short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Loneliness poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |

Party of One

less turmoil
just loneliness

Short Loneliness poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

The Act of Sharing

Silence shall
Share his
Super with

Short Loneliness poem by Brian Strand| Details |


self doubt
of loneliness-
of creative

Short Loneliness poem by Brian Strand| Details |


the leprosy
of civilization

Short Loneliness poem by amour krezha cordova| Details |


" A week apart, equals to a thousand years of Loneliness"

Short Loneliness poem by Betim Muco| Details |


Tired from loneliness
I sang a song
Without knowing that I know.

Short Loneliness poem by Brian Strand| Details |


state of 
spews forth inner

After Mondrian

Short Loneliness poem by Tyesha Ehigiator| Details |

~Longing For Happiness~

On This Day
Within My Heart
Dwells The Loneliness That Haunts Me

Short Loneliness poem by Jason Braxton| Details |

Life's Breath

Touch me gentle breeze,
ease the loneliness within
as I inhale life.

Short Loneliness poem by Asif Andalib| Details |


No more sleeping pills.
I am sick of loneliness –
Will you marry me?

Short Loneliness poem by Rickie Elpusan| Details |

work work work work work

to camouflage the
deep despair of loneliness
work work work work work

Short Loneliness poem by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu| Details |


Dark, cold, windy night
Loneliness' fingers reaching
Out to strangle me.

Short Loneliness poem by Betim Muco| Details |


Tired from loneliness
I suddenly sang a song
That didn't know I do know.

Short Loneliness poem by Joshua Aguire| Details |

Missing You

Feels like forever
can still feel you with each breath
loneliness sets in

Short Loneliness poem by RobertHenry Poulin| Details |


her words
once with love
with loneliness
same perfume
other woman

Short Loneliness poem by Lorraine Ferns| Details |


the band is playing
thumping bass, packed forum; but

loneliness grips here…

Short Loneliness poem by Laura Mckenzie| Details |

The cloak

Light Leaves, Darkness is
Feeling, loneliness, dwelling
In the eyes of night 

Short Loneliness poem by Samantha HAYNES| Details |

Special Loneliness

That numb loneliness,
that just thumps you and winds you,
Mind racing for love.

Short Loneliness poem by Kurt Kohls| Details |


The painful silence of loneliness
shouts at the heart
but whispers to the soul.

Short Loneliness poem by Sallam Yassin| Details |

Sand clock

Life to consume or to conserve
Don't conserve love
Consume loneliness with love 

Short Loneliness poem by Feride SERIN| Details |


There was a knock on my door
It was you
Never expected guest

Feride SERIN

Short Loneliness poem by Guy-Adler Dorelien| Details |

The Love that Fills

My love for you is so vast,
That it even fills and sooths deaths aching loneliness.

Short Loneliness poem by Michael Jordan| Details |


calm waters be still
reflections of loneliness
remnants of winter 

For Raul's contest

Short Loneliness poem by Dina Televitskaya| Details |

The uninvited guest

There is silence in my home,
There is silence in my phone -
Loneliness came to me again

Short Loneliness poem by khalid raza| Details |


No noise, very silent 
No excitement 
No smile, very sad 
Is the loneliness all about? 

Short Loneliness poem by Michael Smith| Details |

Vagaries of Season

Autumn a loneliness
Winters in regress
Spring forth unto blessings
Summer’s sigh of happiness

Short Loneliness poem by Victoria Anderson-Throop| Details |

LONELINESS for haiku contest


Loneliness haunts me
Brief encounters delight the heart
But death comes solo

Short Loneliness poem by Christy Hardy| Details |


Ribs of a man,
made a beautiful woman,
delivered from loneliness,
one of God's many blessings.

Short Loneliness poem by Daljit Khankhana| Details |

loving fan

I'm getting an old man,
Desireable and loving fan.
Loneliness and momentum posch.

Short Loneliness poem by Brian Strand| Details |


The sounds of loneliness' ejected sigh
Erupt from the ruts of nature's highway.

An American doublet

Short Loneliness poem by julie heckman| Details |

Stale Wine

Stale wine
of loneliness
Spit from the thirsty mouth
Die for love if you must, but now
Stale Wine

Short Loneliness poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Pouring of Loneliness

The pains felt inside The pouring of loneliness Hurts a tender heart
Russell Sivey

Short Loneliness poem by Stephen Petluk gentle fury| Details |

silver light

In a pre-dawn's silver light
A whisper of love crying
Touches me in a restless dream
Loneliness awakes

Short Loneliness poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Your Hatred

Extreme loneliness Brought upon by your hatred Your sadness does reign
Russell Sivey

Short Loneliness poem by Ruben O.| Details |

Lake of Winter


Vale stood still in gray Cold alloy of zinc and steel Polished loneliness

Short Loneliness poem by RUDOLPH RINALDI| Details |

Do people in heaven pray

Do people in heaven 

For us
Out of compassion

Or to return 
Out of boredom

Or of loneliness
Out of body

Short Loneliness poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details |

Solitary Tree

Silhouette against the evening sky Splendor in its loneliness Bathed in the sunset glow

Short Loneliness poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details |


the wind sweeps down from the peaks moaning in its loneliness raging against the corners only the eagle

Short Loneliness poem by Jeffrey Cameron| Details |

Desperatley Seeking

Desperately Seeking
I cry out loud
For any one to hear my plea
This loneliness that nobody notices
Is driving me insane

Short Loneliness poem by Dexter Ferrie| Details |


What if i woke up
before the day had started,
before there was life;
Loneliness is a poison,
Only the dead should endure

Short Loneliness poem by sally laning| Details |

Silky Lonlieness

The silky 




Hidden waves

Of emptiness.

Writhing lifeless,

Without existence.

Short Loneliness poem by M. E. Hathcock| Details |

This Loneliness

This loneliness is killing me
I close my eyes but all that I can see
Is a vision of you getting further and further away from me

Short Loneliness poem by craig cornish| Details |

Too Soon

Lost in my loneliness, tears blur the fickle moon,
Its lonely face foretells, the day will come too soon...

April, 19, 2014

Short Loneliness poem by Grace Watkins| Details |


To the sounding of the
Tick on Tock.

I added to it
Block on block.

My loneliness,
A drawing in.

A turning of anger

Short Loneliness poem by David Kendrick| Details |


The saddest feeling of loneliness
is not being wanted anywhere
The loneliest feeling of sadness
is in knowing theres no one to care

Short Loneliness poem by Francine Roberts| Details |

on the bench

he sits on the bench

      eager pigeons surround him

a bag of breadcrumbs

       is the offering he brings

loneliness is forgotten

Short Loneliness poem by Sarah Jones| Details |


Sometimes I can't tell what is real,
For nothing does darkness reveal,
So 'til my vile veins will heal,
The loneliness is all I feel.

Short Loneliness poem by Feride SERIN| Details |



empty roads which speaks
I've been there
sides of the street
under the leafless trees
waiting for him....

feride cool

Short Loneliness poem by Olga Snitkova| Details |

Tanka 3

Heroes walk among us
Protecting lives with steel swords
Inspiring others 
By fearless power of will
Losing fights with loneliness

Short Loneliness poem by Anne Lise Andresen| Details |

- Haiku X 25 - Whiskey -

       Loneliness weighs

       Whiskey bottle is emptied

       Doomed to go to hell

       A-L Andresen :)

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