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Short Judgement Poems | Short Judgement Poetry

Short Judgement Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Judgement by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Judgement short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Judgement poem by E. N. Igma| Details |


Judgement nails build strong prisons.

Short Judgement poem by Laura Breidenthal| Details |


Knowledge, good judgement 
Judging not
But teaching NEW life

Short Judgement poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Please Let it Go

Are you gay?
Afraid to say!
How will God respond 
On Judgement Day!

Short Judgement poem by Joshua Adam| Details |

Promiscuity's Obscurity

self-indulgence, did you wreak
you, did judgement seek

Short Judgement poem by Joshua Adam| Details |

Why G-d Hates Bribery

blinds words of the wise
truth can no longer advise 
righteous judgement, dies

Short Judgement poem by Josete Vichineski| Details |


W ar is a stupidity

A bdication of a clear judgement

R upture of the sanity

Short Judgement poem by Jacqueline R. Mendoza| Details |


Greek = personal presence
Christ’s second coming at the last judgement


Short Judgement poem by Kim Hilliker| Details |

Positive Perspective

A welcoming smile
An appreciating heart
Ears without judgement
Eyes to radiate the soul
A positive perspective

Short Judgement poem by michelle phillips| Details |


D ont ever do them
really can mess you up
understand their really bad
gives you bad judgement
social life no more

Short Judgement poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Choose It's End

Nightmare turns to being gay
If you're a Christian on Judgement Day
Otherwise I hope you know
Into torment you will go

Short Judgement poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

That Good Ol' Day

Jesus is a coming
Hip, hip, hooray!
Jesus is a coming
Joy on Judgement Day
Jesus is a coming
He loves you by the way!

Short Judgement poem by Hathor AmmutLinRa| Details |


~           JUDGEMENT          ~ 

~~  teeth deep in the ground
~~~ alligator skin like knifes 
~~~~~~ listening to lies

Short Judgement poem by Erica Ledoux| Details |

A Fool I've Been

What a fool I've been
Thought my judgement was keen
I mistook you for false love
But now I can see
That your'e the one for me

Short Judgement poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Towards Perfection

Help me God; model Your clay
Will not be damned on Judgement Day!
That's one reason to give Him praise
Soul will fly like the sun's rays!

Short Judgement poem by Rick Parise| Details |

For The One Who Does Not Follow His Steps

a calm presence falls
swirling clouds part in dismay 
judgement day arrives
a book of my life, revealed.... 
left behind in tears of guilt...

Short Judgement poem by Charles Henderson| Details |

Soul: Essence of Life

Soul: Essence of life Reclaimed by His commandment.... Eternal Judgement © Jul 26 2010 From a Christian point of view

Short Judgement poem by reyhan yucebay| Details |

Peace runs in my blood

Hope  in wish burst chimney
Clear the guilt fit its judgement
In peace of joy  its own  spicies  
May be  found  souls in  others
If such a  episode- live like us

Short Judgement poem by Nick King| Details |

For Those who play judgement, near oak.

no where i go within walking distance will i be safe of the ears of those who play judgement,... sit in silence under an oak, that may just do the trick

Short Judgement poem by Ashley Abel| Details |


Don't judge me,
 for you don't know me
Don't judge them,
 for you couldn't know
How do you have the right,
 the right to pass judgement
When you yourself have faults

Short Judgement poem by Ph.d Volo Von Wolfenstein| Details |


The three are painted men,
1632 spliced with 60's children,
naked as moon flesh,
flat pink seed.

They look like Michelangelo
and weep, holding knowledge
of the secret Judgement.

Short Judgement poem by Cameron Hartley| Details |

Every Soul a Battle Ground

When did every soul 
become a battle ground?

When did every man
Speaking words of imitation divinity
Become God?

When did Judgement Day come,
And how many Gods now stand to judge?

Short Judgement poem by Shishir Gupta| Details |

fear(dedicated to those who await judgement &Investigation)

is of the known,
I know it and recognize it,
I know its power,
and its impact,
and my fate,
however, I live with it each second,
because no reaction can be given or had,
as I am too late.

Short Judgement poem by DON JOHNSON| Details |


great poetry and truths revealed, the cards you dealt will be revealed, when judgement comes to ride, no laughter for the snide, bad cards reveal, bad truth... thanks Kim M Don

Short Judgement poem by DON JOHNSON| Details |


Sometimes users do enthrall, and take advantage, its their call, but judgement waits, on another date, their persecution, is their fate, thats all... Don Johnson
Carol's poem :)

Short Judgement poem by Christopher Coke| Details |

Cries by the Eyes

Can not see the view
till you step in the shoe
A lot of bloodshed
Not a word said
Judgement a gesture,
Pain and the pressure,
Cries by the eyes,
need not visible,
the heart sneezes,
a part pleases.

Short Judgement poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

The Choice

Only you can choose heaven or hell
On Judgement Day Jesus will tell

So please choose Jesus - and then life
Hell's a lot worse than a nagging wife!

Don't know when you will die
Please give the Savoir a try!

Short Judgement poem by Tim Ryerson| Details |

Memorial (Veteran's) Day

Ignoring the cruel cries of the ignorant throng
It's their calling, their duty (It's where they belong)
Don't DARE pass your judgement if they're right of dead wrong
(A scarred old 'Vet' sings a proud soldiers' song)

Short Judgement poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |


Hurtful tease,
Encouraging or
Slander from evil fame seekers!
Make a name for yourself and get known for a season.
Step on  and over other saints, judgement will come to the dogs and eternal torture!

Short Judgement poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Jesus or Nothing

Still have convictions - though often astray
Jesus prepared me come Judgement Day

Bust the wall of sin
Binding you within

For Him I'll sing
Let joy ring!

Devil's devices in heaven lost
Because Jesus paid the cost

Short Judgement poem by Brian Strand| Details |

By by by

the first judgement rained
the last will be set in train
His mercy does shine
when with us
He comes to dine

Push op'd the door
for life eternal..
Kingdom living and more

see rev 3.20

Short Judgement poem by Sabrina Niday Hansel| Details |

It's My Life

I live my life this way 
Because I can 
It's my life to live 
One day I will stand in judgement 
For my past and present sins. 
I and I alone will carry my Demons 
Until that day comes to pass 
As for now 
I am in control of my life

Short Judgement poem by POET. UNDERTAKER| Details |

Hammer, the Don

Once there was a man called Hammer, the Don
the power of legislation to execute judgement he owns
his fort is full of "inhibitions" = "grudge"
his policy "no flattery only boasting" judge!
bloody this hammer should come to light.Done!

Short Judgement poem by Christopher Ferguson| Details |

Shock Therapy

Electric chair convulsions
Spasmodic ataxia
Electric eels slide up my spine

A light show of flesh
Fun for the whole family
Charged with imperfect judgement

A crime of lesser good
Like a gentleman never should
A broken maidenhood

Short Judgement poem by E. N. Igma| Details |

Crux immissa

Rainbows sluice fool’s gold from the shadow of immortality impaled on a cross while the vibrant palette of illusion yokes gods together pulling sighs of iniquity immovable Unaware, these judgement nails build strong prisons

Short Judgement poem by Carma Reed| Details |

A Pure Heart

        Pro~vail power, and it's ability abandoment.
       Trust Faith in judgement appointed A full
An absolute purity, against all odds:
Is A humbled heart, who takes pride
to restore..... It's beauty!

Short Judgement poem by Joshua Cooper| Details |

a optimist's reason

a optimist lives by certain responsibilities
that are ones gestures of a chronic
judgement through a light that only
if one shall alter a choice of life in seeking
after something as real as a journey
unveiled upon a reason to follow love

Short Judgement poem by Gert W. Knop| Details |

Five Aphorisms

If we could read the minds of others, we would end up deaf

Future is unforeseen and inescapable

Old age  expels  the judgement

Intelligence and stupidity are often closely associated

Flashes of thought are expressed without thunder

Short Judgement poem by M Nudelman| Details |

Spoken Words

Spoken Words

Hurtful words relayed,

Inopportune timing,

Poor judgement displayed,

Opinions expressed,

Choices made,

The Unspoken word ...
"I'm sorry"

Short Judgement poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Goofy Golf

I'm so happy to miss the hole
Taking real long is the goal

Whacking, whacking, and whacking away
I can take until Judgement Day!

People can just sit and wait
Bet that they want to sedate!

If I get over hundred and ten
Then I can say I win!

Short Judgement poem by Joyce Johnson| Details |


I will be ready
When His wake-up call I hear,
And last judgement day is near.
I wait Your calling
Lord, without a doubt or fear,
When the judgement time is here.

By: Joyce Johnson 
For Russell Sivey's contest  "Sedoka me any subject."  Won a 3rd

Short Judgement poem by Twelve Noon| Details |

Play on Words

Thoughts of death.
Life roulette.

Play with fire.
With ones desire.

Beyond the norm.
Not to conform.

Quiet, Talk.
Quick-witted, jabberwock.

Past, present.
future judgement.

Chained domain.
Free reign.

Love to hate.
Soul checkmate.

Short Judgement poem by DON JOHNSON| Details |

Francine, of contests,

Francine, of contests,

the sullen cause the bitey claws,
as the proud poet seeks a place,
jerking open mental doors,
encompassing mental flaws,
blind true judgement, deftly insures,
who gets the honored place?

Don Johnson 24-july-11

Short Judgement poem by Angelika Kaluska| Details |


Beware of the Judgement Day
All the sinners of the world

You’ll be thrown into eternal fire
There’s no place where you could hide

There’s no shelter on the earth
You’ll be found everywhere

The Eye sees every step you take
There’s no hope of being saved

Short Judgement poem by Tanya Harrington| Details |

Trapped Souls

The Judgement came, with a ghastly boom.
The righteous awaited glory.
The iniquitous felt shame.
They had fallen from grace.
Darkness engulfed them.
Their punishment
was to stay
as trapped

Tanya Harrington
©  06-11-2012
Imagination Contest

Short Judgement poem by E. N. Igma| Details |


Recusant little feet rustlers decking cords of evidence against allowing engines of encounter, chosen halls of justice, no-judgement sanctuary rubbing wounds together dismantling defenses may you never be, really who you never were, really

Short Judgement poem by ashlew wright| Details |

ya no

And this body ink has stained my skin
I coulda been
Im beautiful 
All these ideas 
Scarred in detail
Its getting dull there starting to fade
All the bright colours effecting my brain
So much judgement
I feel peace
This art makes me at ease
Im beautiful

Short Judgement poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

No Death Sentence After All

To have life crumble to my dismay
But not afraid of Judgement Day!

God obviously has a plan 
For me to be a better man

Reach out to others; heal their pain
Or else life could be but vain

Satan tries to control with fear
Hope the voice of God you hear!

Short Judgement poem by lauren zuponeck| Details |

The Knife

Today I sit and think about my life
Today is my judgement day
For today once again I will pick up the knife
I will trace the blade once more on my skin
And let all the pain bleed out from my flesh
Let my open wound do all my talking
And release all my doubts 

Short Judgement poem by Ashley Abel| Details |


After all this is over
It's said there is a final judgement day

So if that day is not here
And your not the one to pass this said judgement

Why do you open your mouth and judge
And look at people that way

When you have no right
And have no clue of their ways

Short Judgement poem by Lord Addo-Yobo| Details |

My Pain

It is okay to scared,
When I live in  the tears I was reared,
For my feelings, no one cared,
As at transparency I stared,

Judgement are so unfair,
Sinking,they drown me in despair,
As I fail to pay discrimination's fare ,
The happiness that I seek is truly rare,

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