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Short Holocaust Poems | Short Holocaust Poetry

Short Holocaust Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Holocaust by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Holocaust short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Holocaust poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |

Not a Lie

not a Jewish lie
the Holocaust is for real
you can still hear screams

Short Holocaust poem by Justin Debrosse| Details |

The Habit Mind

The habit mind
Is the holocaust
Of technology automating
Rational enlightenment
For the slavery of time
And poverty of creation

Short Holocaust poem by Raul Moreno| Details |

Leather Summit

A mountain of shoes,
Tower the valley of clothes:
Holocaust landscape.

Inspired by the Auschwitz Shoes

Short Holocaust poem by Jesse Jones| Details |

Untitled #31 / Stop staring

Stop staring! Holocaust survivors!
Oprah! Ann & Nancy Wilson!
Mother! Brother! Father! Friends!
Can’t you see I’m no longer a man?

Short Holocaust poem by Christopher Ferguson| Details |


Whether Armageddon or Ragnarok
World War Three or the Holocaust
All good things must come to pass
It all burns down, it ends with wrath

Short Holocaust poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |


Whenever I'm feeling depressed 
in my world so very dark,
I think about the holocaust victims and survivors
and realize that my life is a walk in the park.

Short Holocaust poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

All My Loss

I have absolutely no right feeling so depressed because of all my loss,
at least not when you compare my losses with the victims and survivors of the holocaust.

Short Holocaust poem by Raul Moreno| Details |

Leather Mountains

Mountains of leather,
Summit holocaust landscapes:
Valley of dead soles.

Inspired by the piles of shoes
in the Auschwitz concentration camps

Short Holocaust poem by Glenn McCrary| Details |

Makita VI: The Focus

Focusing upon a lantern of thirst
she ate of catastrophes
and quaffed of black karma
cast by fiction in sleaze
camaraderie non existent
though through the holocaust
erect she stood

Short Holocaust poem by Glenn McCrary| Details |

Makita VIII: Red Holocaust

‘Tis often the flesh upon each cheek
is chased dour, yet sultry memories
As the years aged much of nothing
Had haunted these bones
unknown, unsuspected
Hollow screams were published
By the bedsteads of the red holocaust
Clouds laced with fear
Foreseen ‘twas a fiasco

Short Holocaust poem by Natalie Jones| Details |

The Holocaust

So I visited the Holocaust museum and then wrote this poem about it....

As I stepped through the door,
Tears filled my eyes.
Looking at the horror.
Seeing Hitler's lies.
He convinced so many people,
that this genocide was right.
He even killed the cripple.
So they'd go down without a fight.

Short Holocaust poem by Lou Schreiberg| Details |

Father's Day

Dear Father, long gone,
quietly aching a wrong,
an air of melancholy
a memory now free,
a refrain you taught me
upon a saddened knee,
for that was HaShoah,
the age of Holocaust,
a dirge of family loss

It's time anew, another start,
and I wish that you may
find peace within your heart, 
Happy Father's Day

Short Holocaust poem by Joe Flach| Details |

Never Again

Two million soles collected
One million souls lost
Can humanity recover,
From the holocaust?

This stockpile of shoes
Is a reminder and clue
That what happened to them
Could happen to you.

Auschwitz reminds us
Of man’s inhumanity to man
If we can forget
It can happen again.

Entry in the Leather Voices contest

Short Holocaust poem by nette onclaud| Details |


~ emptiness chokes lungs of night coughing from rib caged fever, a tight-rope walker lies still... amidst full moon’s howl pain, wrapped in black holocaust as her bridal dress withers, staining a torn, cancelled love… pre-nuptial songs crack ~ _________ Rick Parise's CONTEST: One Of Your Favz - 1 - 8 LINES!!! OLD POEM

Short Holocaust poem by Shannon Van Law| Details |

Angel in Hell

An Angel in Hell
is a light in the dark
who mourns for those who fell
those still with a mark

An Angel in Hell
is the sun in the rain
who releases us from this spell
who frees us from this pain

An Angel in Hell
is love amidst hate
who comes to where we dwell
and saves us from this fate

*Dedicated to those who fell in the Holocaust and those who survived*

Short Holocaust poem by ahellas Alixopulos| Details |

History 101

All that you need to know
about history
is that when the last survivor
of the holocaust
and there are no more
tattooed arms,
the reality of the event
will cease.
Questions and speculations
have already begun
whether it even occurred
at all.
Who controls the present,
controls the very existence
of the past.
That alone is enough
to make honest men

Short Holocaust poem by Jessica Johnson| Details |


Shadows shift to accomodate
Fire burning in my eyes
Fallen angels anoint  my feet
As I cross the gates of Dante's Dream

The holocaust licks my body
Crimson tears bead down my neck
Swollen lips part to sing
The accompanyment to misery

An upturned snear at the scorching heavens
Savage Power stretch my veins
Side by side, my familiar Sin
The world is ripe to be ravaged

Short Holocaust poem by Cody Cross| Details |

Why ( a holocaust poem)

I wake up in the morning
and the pain begins,
Starvation, beatings, disease
when will it ever end...

There is blood on my elbows
and blood on my knees,
my clothes are torn
I just want to be free...

I am what I am
I guess thats why I'm here,
I've been here three months
And I'm numb with fear...

I pray to God
and ask him why,
what did I do
to deserve to die...

Cody Lee

Short Holocaust poem by Brady Perkins| Details |

Pictures of Holocaust Victims

They are always grainy.
Slightly out of focus due to age.
Their subjects stand sadly stoic.
Their faces all the same but different.
Eyes dark with hopelessness and pain
sprinkled with some sense of disbelief.

These pictures, some seventy years after they were snapped, 
still scream  impossibly loud with their silence. 
Countless faces, forgotten to the fog of time,
stare back blankly begging for compassion
that will never come.

Short Holocaust poem by shane solomon| Details |


Fake!! Fakers, are
the real of the nameless
with many id's,paper dolls
and rumored boy toys,
white-collard polo's
straddling Marlboro horses,
or maybe ushered in
like dream team Barbie
and holocaust Ken
Golden wheat field,
trade; for black water
God handed "here you go
Mother nature," 
into velvet rooms,
with tantric lust,
behold tight tits
and parched tips,
for fame of child
green changeling,
not of a summers dream

Short Holocaust poem by Brian Strand| Details |


Here because of an accident of blood
The multitudes entered in a flood

He saw her silhouette in the blue light
She blew him a final kiss that night

She held his child for him to see
Neither,would ever be set free

On his arm they numbered his tattoo
In this camp for the Holocaust Jew

He came back in forty-five
To keep the Auschwitz story alive.

Tribute to Leon Greenman (1910-2008) the only Englishmen to be sent to 

Short Holocaust poem by Sue Mason| Details |

Sitting at the V.A. Clinic

in wheelchair
with a number tatooed
across the back of his hand.

Three rows of numbers.
Were you there?
His head is bowed into
hand/arm resting on the chair.

Bowed head
sparse white of hair
were you there?
Holocaust man reading.
In boots now he is
the lumber man,
or cowboy man ...
were you there?

Old velcro tennis
shoe men
in the optometry clinic
waiting for glasses
while they

Short Holocaust poem by Robert A. Dufresne| Details |

Preborn in The USA

.                             You
                          and your
                        brothers and
                      sisters are now
  missed most dearly, one million strong yearly.
        'tis more than a loss, t'is a holocaust.
                     Wisdom dictates
                         love is life.
                           We miss

for Brian Strand's "Rondel"

Short Holocaust poem by Robert Ludden| Details |


Of a holocaust, the last redemption;
like a spirit
rising from its body at the end,
the earth ascends to heaven
and for a moment steals infinity
and artfully inserts it
into everyday.
Beyond that vain acridity,
it is the dying
that unites the earth and sky.
This transitory brotherhood 
with fog and mist and cloud
now tints the air
as one amorphous curtain drifts 
to make the known surreal.
And out of chaos
comes another harbinger
of paradise.

Short Holocaust poem by Satish Verma| Details |

The Finale

Sometimes horizon roams with moon
I pluck the stars
night drizzles from the dark clouds.

A shadow falls on the door
without struggle or rumor
I know he has come, my guest
the survivor of genocide.

He has come a long way
a message on his parched lips
he rubs hands.

Inferno he says. Holocaust he
murmurs. It is here again, 
whole world is under siege.

He tells me, do something for the grass.
Ask your god to come back from domes.


Short Holocaust poem by Danesh Morgan| Details |

Death Armies

Woe to thee Liberty cries her 
children dies,
A time of Omen fortold not 
once or twice,
Fools,look Death has brought 
forth its vast armies,
Bewarned the gifts of Hell 
been presented,

Within the sight of the eerie 
Will cast the worst holocaust 
The choking Darkness of the 
Thy Serpents on a midnight 

In the days of Miracles,
Siege on earth from mighty 
The time is now,
To save your soul!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Short Holocaust poem by Justin Debrosse| Details |

Conversion of Sacred Life into Money

A depersonalized holocaust slowly proceeds
Under convertible assuaged currency
Separate disparate lives, anonymous dredging
Tear against the land, air, and crawling

Human hands finalized the creed
Scourging banks to let the biosphere bleed
Recognizing no natural dignity
Expect that converted into commodified property

Distraction allows us to peel away
Taking the mind narrower still
And filling the void with caramelized exchanges
Simply  look away
The slave servitude continues

Short Holocaust poem by Zelda Cane| Details |

Keep Hope

These days are full of sacrifice 
To be forever gone,
But they'll go on, the days,
Just like always.

The memories are scarce,
But the thoughts are harsh,
What did we do?
If only we knew.

The sadness is horrible,
The children are dead,
My parents will die,
Please just tell me why.

I need to keep hope,
I just need to keep it.
Just keep my strength,
No matter the captivities length.

Dedicated to all those who survived and to all those who were lost during the Holocaust.

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