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Short Grandfather Poems | Short Grandfather Poetry

Short Grandfather Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Grandfather by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Grandfather short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Grandfather poem by Ramesh Anand| Details |


friendship day
grandfather caresses
the wild flowers

Short Grandfather poem by Kirin Lawrence| Details |


Yesterday my Grandfather died
Today I found a quarter from 65'

Short Grandfather poem by karen croft| Details |


ancient journey's
with grandfather
who's endless songs
touched days twilight

Short Grandfather poem by GOODNESS LANRE| Details |


Mother's  looks, hung head
A golden casket planning
Grandfather is dead…

Short Grandfather poem by Anisoara Iordache| Details |

Tempest again

Tempest again...
everywhere only apricot flowers-
Grandfather with baguette ...

Short Grandfather poem by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen| Details |


  -Dharga Nagar Safa

Great grandfather,

Planting a mango tree,

Smiling the grandchild!

Short Grandfather poem by Chris D. Aechtner| Details |


a wrinkled grin
on grandfather's face -

seeing my future
etched deeply in those lines, 
I grin right back

March 1st, 2012

Short Grandfather poem by Mary Meade Stephenson| Details |


A memory---
Grandfather's leathery
Labor scarred hands
Warmly held mine
A moment time
----------------Never to forget

Short Grandfather poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

The Great Grand Father's Sky

we saddled up
wild bronco clouds
riding them high and
riding them proud
this spiritual journey
through the great
grandfather's sky

Short Grandfather poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

When I Die.

When I die, I want to die like my grandfather who went peacefully in his sleep
and not like the passengers in his car who all died screaming horrific shrieks.

Short Grandfather poem by dakarai cobb| Details |

REUBEN COBB (my grandfather)

Daughter disconnected from her father.
It took years for you two to reconnect.
I had only one chance to talk to you.
The cancer took you, before we could meet.

Short Grandfather poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

When Grandfather Died

My grandfather had died years ago I thought he’d live forever, but alas no I had to learn quickly how to let go It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever know
Russell Sivey

Short Grandfather poem by Nancy Jones| Details |


Mama Mary taught me crochet
Pa Kemp taught me sure to respect her

Grandmother taught me how to cook foods that please
Grandfather, who was her protector

taught me things that.... 

I'm still learning.

Short Grandfather poem by Michael Jordan| Details |

My Truth

I no longer hold or dream of youth
For in my age I have found truth
A truth that has set me free
Being all I can be
For my family
A Grandfather
Father, Son

Written for John Heck's "Nonet"
Poetry Contest.

Short Grandfather poem by G. R.| Details |

A Sunrise Surprise

swift Sunday surprise 7:48 a.m. ~ Pearl Harbor asleep Written by Gwendolen Rix 11-13-11 For Poet Destroyer's Sunrise Haiku Contest~ In honor of my grandfather and many others who gave their lives for our freedom.

Short Grandfather poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

Great Grandfather In The Blue Sky

mother earth your are bright emerald green again you brake bread with us you quench every thirst we have food and shelter we have wind and rain now look up towards the great grandfather in the blue sky and give mighty thanks to Him

Short Grandfather poem by Betim Muco| Details |


I took down the old oak tree
In my backyard 
No more complaints 
About fallen leaves and branches

But sometimes when I sit on the stump 
Smoking my pipe 
I miss the tree 
It had become like an ancient grandfather 
Who allowed me to perform euthanasia.

Short Grandfather poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

Great Grandfather In The Blue Sky

mother earth your are bright emerald green again you brake bread with us you quench every thirst we have food and shelter we have wind and rain now look up towards the great grandfather in the blue sky and give mighty thanks to Him we pray

Short Grandfather poem by Sarah Cassleman| Details |


Here lies the best Grandfather,
One who was very considerate.
Remembering him as a child,
I would sit on his lap.
He was a rare person indeed.
He was a colonel in the Army.
Also superlative of a gentelman.
Here lies the best grandfather,
May he rest in peace.

Short Grandfather poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details |

Mixed Feelings

I’ve always heard of the way
Great Grandfather was moved by force
Because his tribe wasn’t white of course
While other of my kin took the leads
Staking claims for their families needs
He always cursed the day

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights Reserved © MMX

Short Grandfather poem by Brooke Wolfe| Details |

Expressionless Stone

Melting down onto kindly patterned brick 
Shifted from a grandfather hand slow.
A stone stands expressionless
Which makes him look more human
Three others unlike him perch atop one
Less like him
And anything green or living 
Seems to whither thither presence

Short Grandfather poem by Sarah Frieman| Details |

Jeano Violino-resubmitted

There was violinist
He was old and grey
Loved by all but could not stay
He played the violin to the grave
And there the old violinist spends his days
With his love shed in lights of golden rays

For Gean Isenberg, grandfather and friend you will be missed.

Short Grandfather poem by Brooke Wolfe| Details |

Rock Plants

Melting down into 
kindly patterned brick
shifted from a grandfather hand, slow.
A stone stands expressionless.
Which makes him look more human.
3 others like him perch
atop one
less like him
and anything green or living
seems to wither thither presence.

Short Grandfather poem by samantha girod| Details |


funny, loving, nice
Sister of Joseph and Crystal
Lover of Dogs, Summer, and most people
Who feels happiness, love, and fear
Who fears death, spiders, and being heart broken
Would like to see my grandfather, where i die, and who i will marry
Resident of Colonia  

Short Grandfather poem by Leon Stacey| Details |

13 Forks

There was a time
Before I was born
That my great-grandfather
Could count thirteen forks
At the end of a particular road.
But now it's just a four-way,
A mere intersection
Landmarked by an abandoned building 
and carved granite slab-
Reminders that the way things were
Has changed forever.

Short Grandfather poem by ron ryan| Details |

Father Time

Tick-Tock told my Grandfather clock

I was chastised with a chime

Knock-Knock down my door with a rock

I was knocked down in my prime

I was still in shock how He broke my lock

How He stopped my time on a dime

I will always regret, I will never forget

that dreadful day I met Father Time

Short Grandfather poem by nana ayisha yakubu| Details |


Everyday I worry and think
Worrying more than thinking
That they will cast the die
And daddy will die
He will turn to dust
Just as metals rust

And I will mourn
Like the moon
When the sun rises
And brings day

In my dull grey cloak
Crying like grandfather’s clock
When dawn is near
And he isn’t here.

Short Grandfather poem by Julie Leek| Details |

Fiery Spirits

As the eagle glides through the air beautiful and free
the spirits are calling "We are Free, We are free."
The indians are dancing around the hot flaming fires of victory.
By Julie Rene leek
Published In Teen Voices National Magazine.
In memory of my Grandfather Rennie Dittmer
May he soar with the Eagles

Short Grandfather poem by Glenn McCrary| Details |

Evergreen Suite

Petals with textures of full moons
sensations tingle like the hands
of grandfather clocks
apathetic to cobwebs
procreated through decades
marred by dolor
strange repercussions
groove across pebble stones
flames leap from pages
a tale of voodoo incense

By Glenn McCrary

© 2012 Glenn McCrary (All rights reserved)

Short Grandfather poem by John lawless| Details |



He is there,
Grandfather Clock like,
a throwback to another era.

His finely chiseled and polished edges,
the scrapings of life,
the worn, faded, varnish.

His value
should have increased with age,
as with the clock.

Their timeless presence
sweet mementos
of a dusted past.

Short Grandfather poem by Ph.d Volo Von Wolfenstein| Details |

We Old Men

Somewhere down the gravel path
each carriage moves slowly
and my great grandfather
lumbers out, not yet ancient
as I drag my hand across my eyes-

these weary feet will also beg
surprise in passersby, as the man keeps
living, the unexpected soldier
going in and out of Walmart 
while the young close their eyes
to pray.

Short Grandfather poem by Erica Gould| Details |

I Wish

I wish, that you could find some peace.
And the embarrassment you feel, would cease.

I wish the anger, you display was gone.
It's the cancer, you've done nothing wrong.

I wish you could enjoy the time that's left.
Before we all endure, this terrible theft.

But most of all, I wish you knew,
You're my grandfather and I Love You.

Short Grandfather poem by Steve Eng| Details |


The curio shop
Where no one will stop,
Lives in its yesterday-dust;
A grandfather’s clock,
An earthenware crock,
And Time’s faintest aroma of must.

The brass button trays, 
The bright feather sprays,
Languish like lovers ignored.
The years are for sale,
The bargains all fail,
And Time shuffles by, looking bored.

Short Grandfather poem by Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble| Details |


The clock , tick , tock, tick , tock.
The grandfather clock 
Stood so perfectly on the ceramic wall.
Time frozen, silent and still
The time traveler passes by
Thoughts flying, ideas circling,
Fear manifesting, people panicking,
Babies bowling, danger awaiting
Mothers praying, children dying
The monster arising, Heavens crying.   

Short Grandfather poem by Steve Eng| Details |


The curio shop
Where no one will stop,
Lives in its yesterday-dust;
A grandfather’s clock,
An earthenware crock,
And Time’s faintest aroma of must.

The brass button trays, 
The bright feather sprays,
Languish like lovers ignored.
The years are for sale,
The bargains all fail,
And Time shuffles by, looking bored.

Short Grandfather poem by Jennifer Rivers| Details |

I Loss

I Loss my grandfather
not long ago,
I really miss him my 
heart tells me so.
He was a good grandfather 
to his grandkids,
But I am thankful for
wat he did.
I miss my grandfather wit
all my heart,
No matta wat death cant
do us apart.
I grandfather died at the 
age of 64,
I cant stop talkin bout him
my heart beeps more.

Short Grandfather poem by Erica Gould| Details |

Forced change

I thought that i could keep you out.
But who am I,
To deny my child a grandfather. 
I know that i cant 
But i want 2. 
And with every passing week,
The deadline draws closer.
My time of peace and reflection,
Rapidly dwindling.
Every event
Every holiday.
Emotionally, I'm not ready.
But its not about me anymore.

Short Grandfather poem by awoh kingsley awoh| Details |

Lotto: Baba Ijebu

Hope built on imaginary gains, 

A resort of d poor, 

We are addicted. 

It is summer, pam 3 with 4, or 4 from 4, 

In fact my late grandfather gave me

A sure banker! Liverpool vs Southampton,

This Saturday with #5000, 

Am sure to b richer than Bill Gate

To b richer faster,

I shall invest heavily on baba ijebu...

Short Grandfather poem by Coreena Lindquist| Details |

Calling on my angel

I call upon my angel tonight,
To help my grandfather,
With his fight,
Angel please hear my plea,
And be his ray of light,
He needs you now,
So much more then I,
Give him your embrace,
It’s hard for him,
In this place,
Angel of mine,
Help him find grace,
Bring him strength,
And take his anguish,
For this tonight,
I call upon my angel.

Short Grandfather poem by brian miller jr| Details |

Girl Across The Room

I know I may not be your type,
But on my grandfather I’d treat you right.
I know I’m probably not what you like,
But I would try my by best not to make you cry.
I know you couldn’t see yourself with me,
But I just wanted say you look beautifully amazing.
Now I’ll leave you be,
Remembering your smile while you already forgot about me.

MAR '12

Short Grandfather poem by sarah roberts| Details |










Short Grandfather poem by Brittany Meikle| Details |

Life Clicks Bye

A clicking
A knock
A chirp from the tall grandfather clock
A whisper
A ding
A scream from the wind unseen
Trees sway
And gates creep
Graves hold the secrets of last months dreams
A girl cries
A boy lies
Their father lay on the mothers dying bed side
A stone
A pebble
Sand of the devils time clock
An hourglass
A blink of the eye
Its all over.

Short Grandfather poem by Austin Tenthani Phiri| Details |


From a place of refuge he trekked
to the peripheral of the throne
rightfully his
"Moses on the verge of Canaan..."

Endowed with a rare talent
potent of perfecting the art 
that built pyramids in days ancient
A mighty man...

Though not enthroned
A KING he was...ruler of our people...

True as it was
He still is....ROYALTY!

Short Grandfather poem by Glen Enloe| Details |

Judgment Day

There will come a cast iron rain
in brown paper sackfuls
carried by frail, dark men
who never share your eye.

And when that day comes,
the skies will tremble,
smiling into hairline cracks
at the seams, awaiting
the drum of an enormous
wooden spoon, old
as Grandfather Mountain
and nimble as time
leaping like a cut-glass trout
in your still, hazel stream.

Short Grandfather poem by amanda vaughn| Details |


To my grandfather with the golden soul
Who sees through all the lies that are told
By my side you have been offering nothing but
Kindness and love
To me you are my gaurdian angel
There to pick me up in case I fall
To my grandfather with the golden soul
You are straight from the heavens above 
Offering me nothing more than kindness and love

amanda vaughn

Short Grandfather poem by DINA SCALIA| Details |

My Wonderwall

Thinking back in my life
I wonder how i met you
I Know in my heart it was my grandfathers beautiful spiritual presents
That made us two
Then their was a wedding
A baby made us three
Later twice more i was blessed
After that,
You can be certain i needed rest
This is my wonder wall 
to good to be true
It all started with my grandfather's wink
which would lead me to you.

Short Grandfather poem by CLAIRE BURKE| Details |

Birth of Sight

Just a boy but now he has turned a man
Only just able to see the things adults can
Feels like he is dangling like a grandfather clock
Awaiting his mother to become once again his rock
His soul as of pieces and thrives for some love
Every night the moon appears as he peers up above
Wishing things would change and be as before
But now he is an adult the child blind eyes no more

Short Grandfather poem by Nancy Jones| Details |

Gluggamous-fluggamous, spitimy-bitimy

Grandfather Thaddeus
went to the grocery store
bought him a lime

Home with tequila and
salt coated shot glass he
lost track of time.

Grandma Penelope
done with her work early
home she did race.

One glance at Grandfather
Grandma retreated to
Clyde's warm embrace


inspired by John Wulf's McWhirtle

Short Grandfather poem by chipepo lwele| Details |











chipepo lwele

PS;The poem about birds, insects,fishes,man,body parts
     seeds,,organic manure,flowers,and firmament.

Short Grandfather poem by Leigh Nickolyn| Details |

Grandfather's record player

Grandfather's record player

I remember grandfather use to have a record player,
Johnny Cash use to sing his lullaby every night.

My fascination of this amazing invention increased,
The record spins as a needle glides across it,
How is this music created?

My imagination rotates around this music,
Grandfather always hums this tune,
Johnny's voice slowly gets softer...
The music stops.

Short Poems