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Short Granddaughter Poems

Short Granddaughter Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Granddaughter by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Granddaughter poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Granddaughter poem by Jacqueline R. Mendoza| Details | |


Clock Tic-tac
Heard Clock tic-tac

Short Granddaughter poem by Diane Munsinger| Details | |


As he cast his line
through brown pipe smoke and fog,
Again, he sits and waits.

Short Granddaughter poem by Rick Zablocki| Details | |


My granddaughter's name is Mahala
She plays with lots of great stamina
We run here and there
We play everywhere
Pretending to be a tarantula

© 2013 Rick Zablocki

Short Granddaughter poem by Fritz Purdum| Details | |

The Same Smile

The brevity of beauty
Is like an Iris blooming in spring
A grandmother holds the hand
Of her shy little granddaughter
They have the same smile
Love shines forever

Short Granddaughter poem by Nola Perez| Details | |


My granddaughter 
at a young age 
called me Noa, 
a little bit missing 
the mark, but 
she found 
the L in the nick 
of time before 
I had to build
an ark.

       for Elizabeth

Short Granddaughter poem by Suyash Saxena| Details | |

Final Adieu

Final Adieu

Let another sun set,
Let another flower wilt,
Let another autumn cast its gloom,
Let another tear role,
As ye part, and bid
The final adieu.

Suyash Saxena
St. Stephen’s college

Short Granddaughter poem by Rick Zablocki| Details | |

Puddle Jumpers

Puddle Jumpers
let's play
come on Papa
I'm wet
do that again
come on Papa
this is fun
you wet too Papa?
do that again

September 12th, 2013
playing in the rain with my 4 year old granddaughter

Short Granddaughter poem by Nola Perez| Details | |


             for my granddaughter

It's your birthday, and 
It's plain, Fair Elizabeth 
Of the Queenly name, life 
Will never be the same, now
that you are fourteen, and,
counting---your portrait on 
Life's canvas, mounting.

Short Granddaughter poem by S.Jagathsimhan Nair| Details | |

Sweltering in sweater

Sweltering in sweater

On a hot day, a certain granddaughter
Makes her grandpa  don  a  woolen  sweater
To play with her. Her strange whim
One can’t ignore. But, for him,
Than its roasted feel, nothing was sweeter.
15 Jun 12

Short Granddaughter poem by Susan Gwynne-Galfe| Details | |


B eautiful boy 
R ough at play
Y oung and curious
C uddly and loving 
E normous energy


A ngel from heaven
L oving and loyal
I rresistibly  huggable 
A dorably cute
N eat and outgoing
A  pple of our eye

Short Granddaughter poem by chessney ferguson| Details | |

Who I Am

I am many things
I am everything
I am a daughter
I am a sister
I am a niece
I am the baby
I am the friend
I am the fan girl
I am me 
There is nothing I could be better
Nothing the world wants me to be
I am just me
I am me

Short Granddaughter poem by Carrie Richards| Details | |

Swinging On A Star

Oh, lovely stars, you stare down with radiant eyes.... One "Rose" invites me to climb into colbalt skies to pick your loveliest one
Dedicated to my granddaughter For Linda Marie's contest: Swinging On A Star By Carrie Richards 7/29/12

Short Granddaughter poem by David De la Croes| Details | |

First smile - poem for my granddaughter

Your first smile wiped away the dust and mold from the canvas of my soul and your first laughter splashed its bright colours over dark and somber tones and then you framed it with a rainbow created by the refracted light of your transparent being.

Short Granddaughter poem by Rick Zablocki| Details | |


The Pancakes are ready to eat
My Granddaughter's help was so neat
The eggs she did crack 
The smiles did not lack
As eggshells were part of the treat

© 2013 Rick Zablocki 

My 4 year old granddaughter helped me make breakfast this am, pancakes from scratch.  Lots of fun.

Short Granddaughter poem by Debbie Duncan| Details | |


Love to the USA
Sweatshops in Haiti
Twenty machines in row
Sewing T- shirts that say

12:23 noon   7/ 6/ 2013
granddaughter brings home from 4th July parade bobbles, candy & t-shirt made in Haiti 
saying I love USA. That was the Olympics as well as a lot of things .

Short Granddaughter poem by mike dailey| Details | |

My Irish Granddaughter

My Irish Granddaughter

Me pancakes be green this morning
Me bread at me lunch be too
Me beer may be green this evening
But that’s where the green is through
For me granddaughter nay be with me
The lass is so far away
Though green be the color I’m wearing
Tis blue I be feeling today


Short Granddaughter poem by Al Parry| Details | |


Teenage Girls clad in the latest fashions,
Do it whenever they meet,
Grown men aren't afraid to show some passion,
When their team's comeback is complete,
They can say hello, they can say goodbye,
And anything inbetween,
If you open your arms and crack a smile,
There is nothing that a hug cannot mean.

Short Granddaughter poem by Tim Ryerson| Details | |

Simply Dixie

My sweet Creole Pixie
(My granddaughter Dixie)
Still loves her Paw-Paw
In spite of his flaws

'So you do or you don't'
'So you will or you won't'
Accepts with no strings...
'It's simple' she sings

No matter what I say
('It's all right...You're okay!')
No matter what I do
('So what?' 'I love you!')

Short Granddaughter poem by Shanity Rain| Details | |

Tiny Dancer


                         soft pink
                dancing, acting, performing
            Artist, musician, poetess, magician
              entrancing, captivating, giving
                       tiny dancer


Short Granddaughter poem by Rick Zablocki| Details | |

The Zoo

Taking granddaughter to the local zoo
Monkeys her delight to see
Laughing at her antics

Kangaroos hopping
Baby Joey in mom's pouch 
Snug against the world
Others lying on the grass
Lazy lunchtime. "Where's my grub?"

Mighty King of Beasts
Granddaughter stares at lions
Sleeping not roaring

June 8th, 2013
For Constance's Contest

Short Granddaughter poem by Ray Dillard| Details | |

My Perfect Granddaughter NR

My perfect Granddaughter,
She did what she outta,
And asked before going to play.

But we didn't know,
The babe needed to go,
So, she did it outside that day.

Her Mom, full of laughter,
Was quick to chase after,
And told her that she shouldn't do it.

The babe said,"It's OK!"
"Whenever I play,
I'll be sure not to run through it!"

Short Granddaughter poem by Matthew Anish| Details | |


Last night in shul
    I saw a young lady 
completely out of my age range
She could be my daughter 
   maybe even my granddaughter
        But nevertheless 
I couldn't keep my 
     eyes off her
Enslaved by her beauty and youth 
     I march to the tune 
which the celestial powers 
     have laid out for me 
Peace is hard to find!

Short Granddaughter poem by Cona Adams| Details | |

Raw Appraisal

Grandpa is a peanut buff.

He buys them raw, roasts them
at 300 degrees, 
a heat sufficient to kill germs 
and purge unworthy thoughts.

Granddaughter samples them,
still warm from the oven,
a new taste experience.

She chews slowly,
as her eyes reflect an inner light.
"These are good," she says.
"I'm making peanut butter,
 in my mouth." 

Short Granddaughter poem by Michelle Edwards| Details | |

Summer Time

Summer Time
and in the spring
the children sprout
growing up until they old
reminiscing on the past
(Summer Time)...
 So innocent and young
growing old and wise
telling true stories
to the children eyes
some young become old fools
just make sure its not you
Summer Time
and in the spring
the children sprout
growing up until they old
reminiscing on the past
(Summer Time)...

Short Granddaughter poem by Cona Adams| Details | |

Five-Year-Old Logic

She’s excited, an entire weekend
with Grandma and Grandpa.

She chatters about friends,
answers questions about school,
then blurts, “I don’t like Katy,
she’s stupid.”

I’m primed to lecture
on name-calling, when she adds,
“She pushed me down,
and hurt my head.”

“That wasn’t very nice,” I say.

“Oh, she’s nice,” she says.
“I don’t know why she’s stupid."

Short Granddaughter poem by Cona Adams| Details | |

Amateur Haircut

Sometimes just a trim; others, a drastic clip;
around-the-world trip with one mighty snip.
Children and scissors together, tempt fate;
by the time you check, it's already too late.

Like closing hen-house doors after the chicks are out;
no need to whimper, get angry or shout.

She's taken the scissors, achieved a slam dunk;
whacked her dog-ears off, leaving two stubby chunks.

Short Granddaughter poem by Betty Jo Baca| Details | |

My Most Precious

Of all the gifts God has given me
The most precious is my granddaughter
From the tiny baby so delicate
To the toddler with tangled long hair
To the chatty 4 year old with golden locks
To the inquisitive child in school
I can’t wait to see her in her next stage
I am enjoying being an aging grandparent
Of such a wonderfully full of herself child
Thank you God for Lauren, My Most Precious.

Short Granddaughter poem by Nami-Ann Corpuz| Details | |

No Ice Allowed In My Family

What’s the awful noise I hear?
Worse than a mosquito by my ear.
Like nails screeching across a board.
Want to pull my ears off, help me Lord.
What’s got me so upset you say?
My sister chewing ice, crunching away.
Any ice I see around
Dump it out, on the ground.
Sigh of relief, assuming all is well.
THEN, that sound is heard again.
Now, her granddaughter’s crunching ice
Someone, someone please make it end.

Short Granddaughter poem by Cona Adams| Details | |

Eight-Year-Old Logic

(Learning prudence at a young age.)

Granddaughter is back 
for another weekend visit. 
She's a voracious talker.

"Mom and Kenny,"
she says. "argue about
who gets to do the dishes.
Mom says, I will do them.
Then Kenny says, No,
 It's my turn."

"That will soon be resolved,”
I say. “Your mom will decide 
Kenny gets the job." 

"I said that in my mind,”
she quips. 
“But not out loud.” 

Short Granddaughter poem by Andrea Dietrich| Details | |

Lydia on Her Blessing Day

infant girl,
dressed in a long
white gown as satin
as her skin, tranquilly
lies resting in my arms. With
blue eyes softly shut, she seems to
blissfully slumber, unaware of 
how innocently beautiful she is.

*The picture, of course, was Lydia on her blessing day
just a few months old. She is my youngest granddaughter
and just turned five years old after Xmas! 

For the Gerber Baby Contest of PD

Short Granddaughter poem by harry horsman| Details | |


In the distance men at arms
looking to conflict only harm,
What is to be the plight of man?
With the intellect of a woolly ram,
life becoming a complete sham.
Energy etched within the P.C Rom
loving one’s self, blowing one’s horn
this becoming decisively the norm,
so utterly concerned I am
for one’s granddaughter our Sam!

The Title may be slightly ambiguous
but it means,Horsman families concern
for the future.

Short Granddaughter poem by Carrie Richards| Details | |

The Dream Wish

                               I introduce them...

                    "Mom, this is your granddaughter"
                      "Here, your grandsons"
                         We sit under jaded trees
                      and she tells me she is proud

Inspired by Michael’s “Tanka Me A Dream Contest”
By Carrie Richards

Short Granddaughter poem by Ammy Avocet| Details | |

These Little Eyes

I watched her
dropping the phone,
in nano movements

My heart stomped
out, the harshness
of a dial tone

And from endless 
holes, these little eyes
scrunched with sadness

I suppose, I didn't know
what it meant to die
or why the tears
stuck to me

Sickle celled with
every memory,
around the lobes
of my being

Where I could
still hear you laugh,
the breaths of air

Grew arms 

-- and comforted me.

Short Granddaughter poem by Cona Adams| Details | |

Cupcake Craving

Our granddaughter loves cupcakes.
Someday, she wants to run a cupcake business.
Someday, she wants to be a beautician.
Someday, she wants to specialize in makeup.
Someday, she wants to be a singer.
Someday, she wants to be a songwriter.
Someday, she wants to go to college.

I’m voting for number one 
and number seven.
I love cupcakes.
If she goes to college, 
her cupcake business might succeed.

You go, girl!

Short Granddaughter poem by Elizabeth Cobb| Details | |

Loose (To my grandmother)

You loose your heart,
Memories erased,
Where you stand or awake,
Not sure anymore.

This disease,
Makes me forget,
It makes me not remember.
I'm sad, it's br\urning my brain like embers.

It's all so vauge,
All so gone,
I can't even remember my granddaughter.
I can't remember yesterday, much less my childhood.

It must be a dream,
Because it's so unreal.
I can't believe the hurt it's causing,
I'm loosing myself.

Short Granddaughter poem by Larry Belt| Details | |

I Love You Mam and Pap

i love you mam
i love you pap
love love love
you you you
oh oh oh
i love you so
i think i will miss my mam and pap kiss
i think i should stay with my mam and pap today
i only love you my mam and my pap
so you should say when you see me wow that is the girl who wrote that poem
the end

This is the first poem written by 6 yr old granddaughter.....And we are very proud of her...enjoy 
and she looks forward to your comments

Short Granddaughter poem by kathryn collins| Details | |

I am your grandmaw

I'll finally count those toes,
those fingers, hear you
call out to us for reassurance
that the world can be safe

and also warm, your present
place too confined,
too dark for your dreams
too small for growing limbs

too small for dawning dreams.
I know you already and will say
“Hello sweet song
I am your grandmaw; I’ve always loved you.” 

©Kathryn McL. Collins
October 7, 2004

written on the day before my granddaughter Grace was born.

Short Granddaughter poem by colleen laforme| Details | |


You have a way that pulls on gram-as heart strings
Bringing me so much joy and pleasure
For it is you that makes gram-as heart sing
Your gram-as little treasure
You bring a smile in little things you say 
Or a laugh in little things you do
Your the sunshine that lights my day
Your the rainbow in it to 
You have away of melting my heart so sweet and fragile
Veronica my sweet granddaughter your the reason gram-as smiles

Short Granddaughter poem by JANICE HERZOG| Details | |

Hurtful Things You Say

Hurtful things you say,
Tear me apart in every way
Think before you speak to me,
Because I will not let it be
I treat you nice, and show some slack,
But there are times I will strike back
Even though you are my relative,
If you want love, be sure to give
For I am sensitive just like you,
I have feelings and can hurt too!

Written after my mom said something really mean to me about my Granddaughter 
Genevieve on Easter Sunday.

Short Granddaughter poem by Cona Adams| Details | |

Of Princesses and Frogs

Still young enough to be
belted in, on a child’s seat
in the back of the car -
she’s chattering, as usual.

“Grandpa, when I grow up,
I’m gonna be your little Princess.”

“What about the frogs?”

“Frogs?” she asked.

“All the frogs you have to kiss.”





“I’ll just be your little Angel.”

Short Granddaughter poem by mike dailey| Details | |

Dogs in the Room

I’m Charlotte – I’m two
And I don’t know about you
But I locked the dogs in my room
I’m eating my lunch
And I’ve got a hunch
They’re probably starting to fume
But they sit at my chair
And they stare and they stare
Making it so hard to dine
So I tricked them in there
And I don’t really care
This lunch for a change is all mine

Had to post this about my granddaughter.  She has learned how to lock doors and trick dogs into going where she wants them.

Short Granddaughter poem by Joyce Johnson| Details | |


We have waited so long for you, Darling,

Our precious, beloved, newly born daughter.

We have given you the name of Hannah.

Do you like your given name, sweet Hannah? 

Your great-grandma wears it with pride, Darling.

She is longing to meet her granddaughter.

It is time now for sleep for our daughter.

We will sing a sweet lullaby, Hannah,

As welcome to our world for our darling.

Darling daughter, Hannah, we love you so.

7/21/14  For Tritina contest

Short Granddaughter poem by Tim Ryerson| Details | |

Life Is What You Make It

Birth: March 8th 2014

Who would assume
she could never bloom
Who would assume
she could leave so soon
Who would assume
such doom could loom
that a life giving womb
would turn to a tomb...

March 6th 2014: Death

Dedicated to Kloe Faith Reno and my precious granddaughter in law Veronica and grandson Jacob who have lost 2 babies in less than 2 years. The first was a ‘simple’ miscarriage, but the second baby Veronica carried for almost 7 months.

For Dave Wood’s contest

Short Granddaughter poem by David De la Croes| Details | |

I wish - poem for my granddaughter

I wish I could look at a flower through your eyes
and discover why you are so fascinated by it.

I wonder why your eyes glisten
when you look at the stars,
and why you smile at the moon.

I wish I could find out what triggers you
to jump and skip, or giggle with glee
and I strain my ears to hear the silent melody
which causes you to break out in song.

I wish I could embrace someone so firmly
as you do when you jump up to greet me.

I wish I were like you when I was a child.

Short Granddaughter poem by T.A. Skyles-Theoklapoet| Details | |


This poem waswrote with my granddaughter in mind.
          CRAZY HATS

I wore a crazy hat to school today.
Everyone starred at me with nothing to say.

Then they asked where did you get that hat.
Surprised I said I got it from a red,white cat.

I wore the crazy hat so everyone would see.
What a special friend I could be.

So I wore a crazy hat one day to school.
All the kids said that crazy hat is really cool.
                 Teresa Skyles

Short Granddaughter poem by Joe Flach| Details | |

A Christmas Gift

A Christmas gift was given me
By my granddaughter on my knee;
Thinking that I knew Santa Claus,
Before she spoke she took a pause
Then continued excitedly:

“Grandpapa”, she said pleasantly
“Can I ask for gifts not for me?”
Can I ask to give all Grandpas
A Christmas gift?”

All I could say was, “Certainly”
Then I asked her, “What would that be?”
She smiled a smile that has no flaws,
“To all be like you are because,
To all the grandkids you would be
A Christmas gift.”

Short Poems