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Short Goodbye Poems | Short Goodbye Poetry

Short Goodbye Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Goodbye by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Goodbye short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Goodbye poem by Marie Harrison| Details |


Sail by
Leaving me
Waving goodbye

Short Goodbye poem by David William Breidenthal| Details |

Hello to Hello

Exchanging hellos
I'm never waving goodbye
To hellos - HELLO?

Short Goodbye poem by J B| Details |


you kiss me goodbye
only for a little while
to be continued

Short Goodbye poem by Brian Strand| Details |

March nymphs

ephemeral beauty
of a  mayfly goodbye-
spring's end is nigh

Short Goodbye poem by Joseph Silva| Details |


universe, waiting
surrounded, yet so alone.
I will wave goodbye

Short Goodbye poem by Autumn Page| Details |


  Bid goodbye tonight
Leaving society to 
 pure yourself with life

Short Goodbye poem by Megan Childress| Details |


Just pull the trigger
Just let the end be the end

Short Goodbye poem by jordan lonewolf| Details |

blue lizard

Looking dead to me 
With its feet up in the air
Goodbye dead lizard

Short Goodbye poem by Raul Moreno| Details |

Mr. Cloud

Daddy, what is that?
Why’s he floating all alone?
Goodbye Mr. Cloud.

Short Goodbye poem by Chris Goombi| Details |

Sailing Away

On the clear water,
A boat is floating away;
Its' sails wave goodbye.

Short Goodbye poem by sandy jamison| Details |

season's caress

young spring breezes sing
      goodbye lullaby
    to old man winter

Short Goodbye poem by Nemy Presbitero| Details |

A Haiku for MNLGSCOPS:

Are hands made to wave?
Before we turn our back on?
This is not goodbye.

Short Goodbye poem by Elektra Real| Details |

morning dew

having drank its fill
it bade goodbye to the leaf
then fell to its grave

Short Goodbye poem by Erica Gould| Details |

Goodbye Jess

With a broken heart,
I say goodbye to you Jess,
May you rest in peace.

Short Goodbye poem by Samantha HAYNES| Details |

That 'Goodbye' Was Hard

That 'goodbye' was hard
The rope of togetherness
was torn, ripped apart

Short Goodbye poem by Monique Glover| Details |

Goodbye to Autumn

Fall has come and gone
Leaving us with leaves to rake
Goodbye to Autumn

Short Goodbye poem by Brian Strand| Details |

Morning high light

looking westwards,to clear blue sky,
yesterday's moon,whispers goodbye

Short Goodbye poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details |

I’m Not Expecting

i’m not expecting…
fish bids summer goodbye, with 
spectacular leaps

Short Goodbye poem by DeAlaundria Gardner| Details |

Lifeless Love

Desert plains, love dies.
Lust remains we say goodbye,
Pain is crucial now.

Short Goodbye poem by Skyler Swan| Details |

Suicide Season

Emptiness whispers..
Scream, cut, cry no one replied
Time to say goodbye

Short Goodbye poem by Wilfredo Derequito| Details |


   she truly loves tea,
   but he prefers Nescafe,
   goodbye, wedding day!

Short Goodbye poem by lana sarah| Details |

Last Goodbye

Suitcase in her hands.
This scene has gotten too dull.
Goodbye, New Jersey.

Short Goodbye poem by Adeleke Adeite| Details |

Haiku's Haste

Sweet star storms the skies
the wake of sunrays' goodbye
in tender twilight

Short Goodbye poem by BRIAN EATHERTON| Details |

She Said

She said "Hi ya"
I replied "Lower"

She hailed "Hello"
I sighed "Goodbye"

Short Goodbye poem by Jessica Arteaga| Details |

No Age

Welcome to the world
Too heavy; your heart can't take
Goodbye untouched flesh

Short Goodbye poem by Mark Russell| Details |

The Wind

The wind whispers sounds
Of a day that has gone by.
Tears kiss clouds goodbye.

Short Goodbye poem by Tatyana Carney| Details |

Shattered Moon Beams

Pop the silver orb
Moon drops splashed upon your wrist
Goodbye on your lips...

Short Goodbye poem by Jessica Arteaga| Details |


Skies whisper: till then
Hands and trees begin to sigh
Summer love; goodbye...

Short Goodbye poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details |

Trial run

Trial run

He said
I said
We tried
He couldn’t
I didn’t

Short Goodbye poem by Rachel W| Details |


Glistening tear falls.
In the silence, a heart breaks.
The sound goodbye makes.

Short Goodbye poem by Sean Kelly| Details |

Haiku # 29 .

Crocus  takes  a  peek

Youletide  Holly  says  goodbye

Daffodils  hold  sway  .

Short Goodbye poem by Larry Belt| Details |

Kiss of Death

the leaves wave goodbye
as they're kissed by Autumn's breath
floating to their death

Short Goodbye poem by Jen H.| Details |


Say goodbye
I shall never have a voice
Because I'd rather die
Then make this choice

Short Goodbye poem by Charmaine Chircop| Details |

Mr Moon and Sunshine Mistress

Into the Sunset,
the Moon brushed Soft Sunrise
with a "Goodbye Kiss".


Short Goodbye poem by Rebecca Larkin| Details |

Without a Goobye

Chatting together Like friends, and then you are gone Without a goodbye

Short Goodbye poem by harry horsman| Details |

Senryu 001

Now is the hour
when we must say goodbye...
dagger drives deep.

© Harry J Horsman 2012  

Short Goodbye poem by Monique Glover| Details |


And take care.
You all be good.
It's now time to go, see you all later.

Short Goodbye poem by Thoubert Larus| Details |



Goodbye great singer 
Who has left life without help
Sad day to us all!

Short Goodbye poem by Jaime Ferreyros| Details |


Silence kills
Weeping heart dies
Eyes spin away
Sigh says goodbye.

Short Goodbye poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details |

Just Let Me Go

Let love means freedom
Hand in hand waves goodbye
Eyes see not tears 
Rolling as blood…ours

Short Goodbye poem by Satin Doll Diva| Details |


burning bodies cry

         whisper words of goodbye ,,,

              spirit shoes to fly.

Short Goodbye poem by Jason Cunningham| Details |


I love you im sorry,
Do not blame yourself.
I may not say goodbye today,
but one day I just might.

Short Goodbye poem by Tim Ryerson| Details |

Last Time I Saw You Alive...

We exchanged harsh words...
I let you walk out that door
without a goodbye

***For Paula's contest

Short Goodbye poem by Darim Khouja| Details |


And now we say goodbye
to the scorching heat of eternal summer.
Falling leaves and cloudy skies.

Short Goodbye poem by J B| Details |

lost fantasy

I told the thoughts goodbye
and I put them all away
I won't go back and visit
that long lost fantasy

Short Goodbye poem by Sharon Ruebel| Details |



Without feelings

Leaving her completely

Heart broken forever goodbye 


Short Goodbye poem by Carol Sunshine Brown| Details |

Eyes Weeping

eyes weeping
laughter ringing in ears
the last goodbye

Short Goodbye poem by Jason Crump| Details |


Lost and left behind
Is this what you want
Lies and shame make my world of you
Im still waiting

Short Goodbye poem by Dana Smith| Details |

Goodbye Harrison

you said you loved me but now I see you didn't 'cause love doesn't end Goodbye Harrison

Short Goodbye poem by David William Breidenthal| Details |

Yank Away

Midnight is waving a keen goodbye
It's time to yank away the galling music box 
Let the dawn echo your lullaby

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