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Short Girlfriend Poems | Short Girlfriend Poetry

Short Girlfriend Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Girlfriend by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Girlfriend short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Girlfriend poem by Al Benson| Details |

moonlit evening

moonlit evening
my girlfriend and I
holding hand-helds

Short Girlfriend poem by chris bowen| Details |


etch a sketch girlfriend
move that body,grind me up
feel the rhythem hurt

Short Girlfriend poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details |

Watching A Movie

watching a movie 
in a theater, with girlfriend
my heart’s beating fast

Short Girlfriend poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details |


don’t think me a grump
love for art made me a chump...
my girlfriend’s a stump

Short Girlfriend poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

The Chair Gift

I bought a chair as a gift for my ex girlfriend,
but authorities won't allow me to plug it in.

Short Girlfriend poem by karen croft| Details |


why lie about your girlfriend?

i smell her sweet purfume
and see her cherry lip gloss
around your collar

Short Girlfriend poem by Matthew Anish| Details |


Italians have called me paisan
Blacks have called me Brother
I have a nice girlfriend and 
do not need another

Short Girlfriend poem by jack horne| Details |

I Tried A Sonnet

I tried a sonnet
fully encouraged to write
love poems for her

*For an ex girlfriend

The Right Time: Jack Horne

Short Girlfriend poem by Joyce Johnson| Details |

The Golfer

The Tiger is once again winning
And hopefully no longer sinning.
His wife kicked him out
For sleeping about,
But now his girlfriend has him grinning.

Short Girlfriend poem by jack horne| Details |

My Satanic Phone

I once had a satanic phone,
When anyone called, it would groan.
It made up a lie,
Told my girlfriend Di:
‘He’s out…giving the dog a bone.’ *

*Slang for sex

Short Girlfriend poem by Paul Curtis| Details |


My friend has got a new girlfriend
And he’s sleeping with her and her twin
I asked how he could tell them apart
He said her brother has stubble on his chin

Short Girlfriend poem by Samuel Durant| Details |

Psychic Ulcers

I'm rotating in the sky. 
I saw your girlfriend cry 
when you told her why: 
that you were bi, 
and like to get high, 
and don't comply 
with ancient lies.

Short Girlfriend poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


we was of anuther race
had the same taste
and feeling from within
to love is no sin
we had a blend
that could always win
we were

Short Girlfriend poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

Hands Like A Girl

"You have hands like a girl," said my ex girlfriend with sinister joy.
"I guess we're even," I told her, "because you have boobs like a boy."

.....hey, she started it!

Short Girlfriend poem by cecil hickman| Details |

Fred the Martian

There was a Martian, whose name was Fred.
Who had a Venusian girlfriend, who said?
Fred is a ghastly lover.
He will only hover.
He has no feet or hair on his head.

Short Girlfriend poem by Christopher Thor Britt| Details |

Teen Mother

Young, pregnant
Crying, hiding, contemplating
Student, daughter, girlfriend, woman
Worrying, praying, dreaming
Painful, joyful

~Christopher Thor Britt

Short Girlfriend poem by Vee Bdosa| Details |


Remember me as one who's told
your life as you are growing old,
before your time to be
what only I can see,
alone and empty, bare and cold.
     © ron wilson

Short Girlfriend poem by Margaret Bonnette| Details |

of all boyfriends past

Most guys I meet
think I'm sweet
Yet they never 
want to sweep me off my feet
But that's okay
because being a girlfriend
is such a chore
Yet some guys 
Are such a bore!

Short Girlfriend poem by Mitch White| Details |

"Does my butt look big ?"

I was with my girlfriend at dinner
With each bite she took, she got thinner
Until she was just skin and bone
I blinked twice and I was alone
I then woke up, lying next to her

Short Girlfriend poem by John Loving III| Details |

burnt out

current girlfriend problems
the dead one is far better 
than the live one
if it were'nt for lying lips
i think i could do better
but one of those lies 
just happen to be
i love you

Short Girlfriend poem by Judy Bonin| Details |

The stiff

(the word (moll) means a mobsters wife or girlfriend)

I heard of a wiseguy named Guido
Who suffered a waning libido
His disgruntled moll
Made a quick call
Now Guido is incognito

Short Girlfriend poem by Jimmy Anderson| Details |

Advice Take It or Leave It

I once had a girlfriend to say.
Advice I can give you today.
   Don't linger inside.
   Take me for a ride.
And I'll do the same, let's go play!

For "A Fly on the Wall Contest"

Short Girlfriend poem by chamonique knowles| Details |

just one of those days

when you find your girlfriend
listening to Taylor swift 
and eating Ben and Jerry's 
go to her
and hold her
and don't leave her
because right now
what she needs the most
is a hug

Short Girlfriend poem by RAINER LOVEIAM| Details |

A lusty male any time

I was on Skype last night
And my girlfriend far away
Spit into my face
I cannot explain what happened to her
And she cannot fool me
With her spit
As I am wiping it off my screen
And swallow it

Short Girlfriend poem by DON JOHNSON| Details |

poor sod

i have been called a sod, by a sometimes girlfriend, she knew how to make 4 purple throb, the vacumn was transcending, subtle sweet explosive rite, me little knees did tremble, orright.... Don

Short Girlfriend poem by Josette Key| Details |



A man found himself in a pickle
When his girlfriend found he was fickle
He said "won't you stay"
She said "there's no way"
As she took his head off with a sickle.

Josette Key    2010

Short Girlfriend poem by Thomas Merritt| Details |

Some one Special

We all need someone special, to help us cope with life. A girlfriend or a boyfriend, a husband or a wife. someone very special who will always be right there, for all the times we need to here someone say I care.

Short Girlfriend poem by Deb Wilson| Details |

Loose Louise

There was a young man in a pickle
His girlfriend Louise was quite fickle
When the test came out blue
She told him it's not you
With others I played slap and tickle

* for Deborah Guzzi's  Limerick contest

Short Girlfriend poem by John Smith| Details |

Enjamb Me

My girlfriend climbs on one knee and en- 
jambs me; ecstasy.  Her elation 
is so, so delicious; 
so very capricious; 
poetic female domination.  

*Enjambement is French: straddle, bestride.  It's also a poetry term.

Short Girlfriend poem by Quentin Ehlinger| Details |

Manhattan Dream

While gazing down from the Rockefeller Tower
My girlfriend and I soon began to glower
While surveying Central Park we then thought
How much could we get for it if we bought
Trying to figure that out took over an hour

Short Girlfriend poem by John Monteblanco| Details |

If only you knew

If you only knew that I loved you more than my girlfriend.
If only you knew you looked like a beautiful blooming flower.
If only you knew that it was your smile that kept my in a trance.
If only you knew, if only you knew...

Short Girlfriend poem by Emmanuel Balele| Details |


i wish we could go back 
to when we played as kids
when you used to be my girlfriend
i hate the way things are
i see you everyday in lectures
but we can hardly speak to each other
we all got new best friends


Short Girlfriend poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Queen of the House

There is no more powerful chess piece than the queen.
She can travel any number of squares up, down, or across. 
If you have a wife or girlfriend, you will know what I mean. 
Just like any woman of the household, she is the boss.

Short Girlfriend poem by william kamen| Details |

Awkward Silence

After a night
of partying
I accompanied
my girlfriend 
to her flat.

As we
she quickly took
her black dress off.
I followed her 
to the bedroom,
and removed my pants.

The room
became silent
and the awkward 
turtle appeared.

Short Girlfriend poem by Tim Ryerson| Details |

Heaven Sent

My girlfriend’s love never ceases
My girlfriend loves me to pieces
My girlfriend takes away my breath
My girlfriend just loves me to death

Too young to be passing so soon
(Services will be held at noon)

For: Poetess Darkly's contest

Short Girlfriend poem by john freeman| Details |

Apology Unaccepted

I’m sorry, “He cried!” But everyone knows,
how horribly comical ego goes.
    No less in a public place,
    driving car in girlfriend chase,
Seinfeld picked that nose in one of his shows!! 

For and in honor of Barbara Gorelick and contest
Apology Accepted

Short Girlfriend poem by kevin leake| Details |

Little Things Mean So Much

I want to be a pilot
That fly’s across the sky
Give my girlfriend everything
My Mr Kipling’s apple pie
We’re soar together into space
Flying all around
And when we get there
We’re touch the sun
Never to be found

Hands off Mr Kipling!

© Copyright 26th November 2010 K.C.Leake

Short Girlfriend poem by Mindy Craig| Details |


We're friends now
but what will happen
when something goes

will we still be friends
do you think we will still be

I hope so
friends are closer than
boyfriend and girlfriend

friends usually last forever
relationships usually don't
friends for life.

Short Girlfriend poem by Summer Uchacz| Details |

The Friend Type

That's all I am
To all those guys
I'm just the friend type
Never the girlfriend type

I hate it
I hate being nothing
I hate having to be so caring
So understanding

I'll never be more
I'll rot
Just being friends with all of them
All those guys
But nothing more
The friend type is all I am

Short Girlfriend poem by Ruben O.| Details |

To my Farrah



First girlfriend in dreams waking my lost innocence Pearly smile shining beyond this reality Because Angels never die

Short Girlfriend poem by todd borstad| Details |

I walked fifty miles

I walked fifty miles

I went to the radio station
To get equal time
They said what do you have to offer
I broke up with my girlfriend
My soul needs to fly
And can you help?

I walked fifty miles
To tell you this
Dreams are for flying
And love is for loving
You believe in gravity so
We can’t help you

Short Girlfriend poem by Caleah Buil| Details |

Broken Heart

I cannot describe my broken heart
I feel so utterly distraught
      We started out as friends
But now I find out you have a girlfriend
This horrible pain
I'll never see sunshine again
    But rain
My stomach is in knots I feel weak
     I can barely stand up to speak
Oh, when?
    I'll never love again

Short Girlfriend poem by Zak Blixrud| Details |

nothing to say

i love my girlfriend
i cannot overstate how much i appreciate those who care about me

you all, and many others, have saved me

i have nothing to say, and i am but words

wipe my tears away
and smile when i laugh

regardless of who you are
or what you are

let us find the truth.


Short Girlfriend poem by Rashida Bryan| Details |

Letting You Go

I know,
I must let go,
Letting go of you.

You have your girlfriend,
And this I know, 
I must let go.

You are half-crack or me,
And I should let go,
I must let go.

Where is the love?
I do not know,
I should let go,
Letting you go.

No more crying,
Thinking of you,
This I know,
For I will let go.

Short Girlfriend poem by randy johnson| Details |

That pounding

(This is a fictiional poem)

When I was sleeping with my girlfriend, I got caught.
Her dad was so furious that he tied my wiener in a knot.
A violent beating was what I got.
Believe me when I say that it hurt a lot.
That pounding is something I haven't forgot.
If you're wondering if I'll see her again, I will not.

Short Girlfriend poem by Tara Thompson Chapman| Details |

When We First Met

Do you remember the first time we met?

On Common Grounds.

I saw you across the room.

Introduced by a friend.

And you being you, introduced yourself instead.

We chatted.

We flirted.

I think Farley was picking on me and you said,

"She's my girlfriend, leave her alone."

So in reality, 

I guess we dated for five minutes.

Short Girlfriend poem by mike williams| Details |


She strikes my heart like a finger on a gutair string
She makes me feel like a million bucks 
She is fantastic

She brightens up my world
I don't know what i would do without her
She is amazing

Her lips soft to the touch
She grabs my hand and makes me tingle
She is the best

She is my best friend
She is my girlfriend 

Short Girlfriend poem by randy johnson| Details |

I slept with Daffy Duck

(This is a fictional poem)

I slept with Daffy Duck and I'm so ashamed.
Instead of making love to a woman, I made love to game.
I was drunk when we got in the sack.
He was so sexy because he was black.
When my girlfriend found out, she forgave me even though I'm a sinner.
She then shot Daffy Duck and served him for dinner.

Short Girlfriend poem by sadaf syed| Details |

A Guy's Excuse For Missing A Date

A guy to his girlfriend on phone-

"I love you,you do too,
But now I also love someone else.
She doesn't fritter my money,shout,cry like you,
She's dark,beautiful,an enchantress.

She invigorated my spirits,mesmerized me,
I didn't even realize when the sun sunk.
We'll postpone our date of tonight,I can't drive now,
'Cause baby,I'm drunk!"

Short Girlfriend poem by Jimmy Anderson| Details |

A Cowboy Is


A Cowboy Is





There once was a cowboy name Joe.
Who took his girlfriend to a show.
The lights were turned low.
Her lips he did blow.
It just goes to show Joe did go!!!!

*For Tirzah Conway's "A Cowboy Is" contest

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