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Short Gender Poems

Short Gender Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Gender by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Gender poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Gender poem by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen| Details | |


In Mankind,

Kind Man!

Woman not kind,

What kind?

Short Gender poem by makyia burks| Details | |

boys and girls

boy and girl
ploto and jupiter
diferent gender
but still best friends

Short Gender poem by Smail Poems| Details | |


Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

Short Gender poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


de plume-
gender of his
to put
his claim to
fame upon the

Short Gender poem by Andrew Crisci| Details | |


They dislike their manliness and hide their
gender under women's flashy clothes...  
who are they?

Short Gender poem by Katrina Margell| Details | |


Misery flouts age.
It knows no race, no gender, no status.
It flows silently in depths so deep
One could get lost forever.

Short Gender poem by andy thomson| Details | |

Athletic s

Dumb within
A soldier’s haircut
Woman's skin
Driven children
Swollen tears
Bronze medallion
Wasted years

Short Gender poem by rachel blake| Details | |

The Date

in the dimness of the tea lounge
i stared into the dark depths
that were your pupils
clung to every word that escaped
the curve of your lips

Short Gender poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details | |

P D Ain't Got Any

Tell me PD, 
how does it feel to be gender free?
And by that I mean 
how does it feel to be someone without any balls, be they gonads or ovaries?

Short Gender poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details | |

Equal Opportunist

I don't discriminate against race, life choice, religion or gender.
One might say that I'm a proud equal opportunity offender.
I Don't Like Anybody.

Short Gender poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


sme pretend
to make a friend
only they can win
being this and that
with ideals in a sack
its a fact
with that grim and gender

Short Gender poem by James Marshall Goff| Details | |


There once was an eponym maligned
Whose gender was quietly confined
Now away with your fears!
Turn those tears to cheers!
As nature intends your defined!

© All Rights Reserved

Short Gender poem by FATHIMA DAWOOD| Details | |


With tattered clothes he enters the door
With icy hands he sends shivers and more
Cloaked in bedraggled wear he enters
Many take not a glance to his gender
Ay but Winters near so don warm gear!

Short Gender poem by Leslie Philibert| Details | |


If this poem were in
Finnish, the pronouns
would have no gender;


I love it.
Its hair falls and moves.
Its eyes are
as dust in a glass.

( a poem about love, gender and grammar....)

Short Gender poem by Shadow Hamilton| Details | |

Mistaken Identity

Down around ankles were his trousers
as he caressed her he said wowzers
finding there no lady
it was all so shady
as he always seemed to pick posers

written 05/22/2014

contest Bawdy, Bawdy Bawdy Miss Clawdy

Short Gender poem by Kim van Breda| Details | |



Chloe chastised chauvinism
Hating hypocrites of opposing gender
Liberating her limitless femininity
Obsessively opposing male nuances
Emotively enticing heroism

Copyright© May 2013—Kim van Breda

Short Gender poem by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu| Details | |


There was a born blind boy from Bauchi
Who grew up in the land of Auchi
Seen, taken for a begger
Unknown successful cobbler
King's own, a born blind boy from Bauchi.

Any New Limerick contest 
Sponsored by Black Eyed Susan

Short Gender poem by Asif Andalib| Details | |

The best name

Although God has got many names 
But Allah is His best name
Cause it has no plural, no gender and no apparent meaning!

Allah is not the luckiest person
Prophet Muhammad is
Cause Allah can help everyone but Himself!

Short Gender poem by Angeline Star| Details | |

Steve or Eve

By Angeline Star

Eve came every night from the base
her green hair and pink shoes a disgrace
No one noticed her lack of mammory glands
and instead saw her round end and full lips
they just thought she liked  big man hands.

Short Gender poem by Steven Henderson| Details | |

Others Choose Not

that goes
beyond the 
physical realm
being a connection knowing not gender

Encompassing mind body and spirit
a connection 
beyond words

fire in
souls whose hearts
have unified
a coexistence with the universe

Short Gender poem by Teddy Kimathi| Details | |


Women come from Venus.
Men come from Mars.
Earth has visitors from other worlds;
humans with different emotions and passions.

Becoming earthlings begins with learning what it's like to be woman,
and what it's like to be a man.

Short Gender poem by Verlena S. Walker | Details | |


A distinguish old gent picked up tricks.
      On Halloween, he went for a treat.
Laughing outlandishly
      He staggered up the street.
Hips swaying g-stringed a drag queen!
Penned on May 05, 2014.

Short Gender poem by Teddy Kimathi| Details | |

Victim of Misconception

I act courteously around him;
dress lightly to enjoy summer breeze;
he sees my tongue licking my lips in the sun;
I gaze at him lazily, and sigh gently as the ocean breeze
blows my dress;
"she wants to make love", is all I read deep in his eyes......

Short Gender poem by Satish Verma| Details | |


Meet a gender bender.
There was a precocious 

A cryptogamic kinship.
Someone writhes 

A god writes a hymn 
on the chest of
a new born baby.

Beyond the origins
lies a marbled tale.
You have reached nowhere.

Inflammable was
the blue birthmark.
There was an arrival.

Satish Verma

Short Gender poem by Satish Verma| Details | |


Jinxed out
was the sex panel
on the honour’s integrity.
Deep water a fish
was found dead.

The destination
of your rival was
feminism. I was talking
of the moon
without gender.

Your fingers were probing
the dancing words,
in this strange event.
Darkness was falling
on my lips in morning. 

Satish Verma

Short Gender poem by Satish Verma| Details | |


A drone kills a dove.
An aphrodisiac ?

Bashing the ground,
cajoling the sky.
Trapped in bed,

coupling in amber.
You want to rein in
moon, for a shout ?

And weather had the
wasness of a glory.
You wanted to change the gender ?

Would not go near the dais.
was burning the doors

Satish Verma   

Short Gender poem by Dean Walker| Details | |

Windy Winter's Night

Lips burnt with translation,
searing into words.

Perfect little white flowers
dripping from the nectarine

tree. Roots looking out,
calling to the Goddess.

Praying to end gender bias,
soiled by religion.

I can hear the women sing
on a windy Winter's night.

I can hear the branches 
plead for an early Spring. 

Short Gender poem by James Ph. Kotsybar| Details | |

Standing Unspecified

My gender’s not the fairer one,
my student status ... past,
mine is not the voice of region
nor a specific caste.

No network calls me “one of us”
nor seeks to mollify,
I'm not considered ethnic, thus
I do not qualify.

The journals, competitions and
calls for anthology
don’t explicitly ask for bland,
old, white-guy poetry.

Short Gender poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details | |

The Superior Gender Of My Specie

Women are most definitely
the more superior gender of my human specie,
at least in the area of a more higher level of spirituality.
Men on the other hand are the more superior gender of my specie
in the areas of self absorption, hate and greed.
That in no way means that women are weaker to men in any degree.
Positive will always be stronger than Negative eternally.

Short Gender poem by Cynthia Ferguson| Details | |

becoming of me

Here I go
into a world
Of pastel flowers
Pretty little bows
Petals off a rose
Perfume lingers
Here for hours
bouquets all in pose
beautiful moments
Seem like ours

Every room
Has a little bit of pink
Little bit of flowers
Smell of fresh apples
Springs morning dew
All wrapped up
Into the aroma
Of all my memories
Growing into a woman
Loving you															

Short Gender poem by Satish Verma| Details | |


In your domain
walking with men of straw
to immolate myself.

If power was sacred
why you did not stop
the reversing of gender role ?

Oh, there was water on Mars
streaking like the tears
on your face.

The apes were coming.
There was elation and suspicion.
The vortex of existence needs surgery.

Unlikeness calls for
introspection. I am asking
god to pray for me.

Satish Verma

Short Gender poem by Randolph Byrd| Details | |

Simply Flawed

The woman
 has always combined mystery, magic, and allure, we can only hunger for when together,
and remember fondly when apart.
Your power to enchant makes a man want to be better for you.
But a daunting task to maintain over time.
We are simply flawed, and attempts at showing love sometimes awkward.
Your capacity for love, needs to overcome the shortcomings of our gender.

Short Gender poem by valeria iliadou| Details | |


The nights..The nights from so on:
I lay down to sleep and my mind flies.
I watch dreams-movies leading
your hug and your laughter.
Our love too is now in plural.
They are the defenceless loves.
How could you let our one
die left and betrayed?
I am a person
gender female.
I own a heart
gender not female nor male.
Gender empty.
My empty heart.
Loved you.

valeria iliadou

Short Gender poem by kaotik kandee| Details | |

sibling Love

don't let me see you on my street 
or creepin through my window 
I immensely want your head hanging 
on my living room wall 

I plan to hunt you down very  soon 
So don't go making my chase easy 
I wish you were not a sibling of mine
I wish you weren't in my mind 

But your spying and childish games 
are grounds for me to go insane 
You must learn the hard way 
I really wish you would escape.

Short Gender poem by Apolo Amai| Details | |

Frozen Petal

There you go
Making me fear the person I am
Trying to put me down
My bond to you is stronger than I thought
I love and hate you
Not for the unforgivable things you’ve done
But for putting me in that position
Where believing in myself
Is so far out of context
That I hate who I am so completely
For me to get better I need you more than ever
To just be who your supposed to be to the person who I am

Short Gender poem by Rosann Fode| Details | |

Opening Doors

Opening Doors

Last night my husband was with another man.
They were locked in an embrace behind the closed door.
I pounded until my fists hurt while a man stood over me laughing,
Laughing that everyone knows, everyone knew.
Before I broke upon the truth that he loved another
Behind the door that was closed on him, 
But that I opened wide for the world to see.
And he forgot to thank me.

Short Gender poem by Verlena S. Walker | Details | |


Such pleasant musing echoes out. She sits and creates her waxed dolls. Dreamlike are images sculptured. In her tiny waxed doll shop, her mind configures masterpieces…work of art. ________________________________________|

Short Gender poem by Thomas McFerran| Details | |


Into the depths, the heavens high, 
the floating spinning worlds,
upturned a thousand fallen leaves 
to find another woman’s love,
all I could see,

                           your lovely beauteous face.

.   .   .   .   and then I looked, 
and then I searched inside my self
and there I found in wonder and in splendour

                            a love which has no gender.

Tom McFerran.

Short Gender poem by Johnny Rhinem| Details | |

Beyound The Stars

I Have A Dream....
Fanfare or freshly printed pages
Never, should a heart seek their chains ?
Dreams and there are no specific colours
Less these hues the spectrums of her rainbow..
No race language religion gender
Divisions lines yours mine ? Mirrors
A life this world where All can find joy love; be loved
War, no time for that nor tears what for ? Yes....
I too have His dream; maybe not in this place but, one day.

Short Gender poem by Moses Samandar| Details | |

The Third Gender

The crazy befouling animalistic urges
Life beyond character
Carton of sulphuric acid
A calm third gender walks out
A person called Chex
Female, Male and Chex
Chex are vemonous
A creature or (person) of infinite ability
Not manly
Not feminine
Just the perfect being
Not god of course
But the third gender
Not a confusion or a mix of both
But the Perfect Gender 
Who makes this third gender?
Human kind

Short Gender poem by Clay More| Details | |


Till lovers get nude by looks and kisses,
Cloths drop loose to desires that seek food;
Feeding the soul and the body,
Through dances on stages of love;
Giving fluid the score to take charges:
Then the waiting of formation by Destiny get ruled.
A chance to record a nine months progress;
By Divinity's will on what gender it could be.
Here Fate waits by Nature's office to propel the 
wheels of the availing time.

Short Gender poem by Mickerlange Charles| Details | |

They are

I walk, I run
I'm awake, I'm asleep
Everyday in my life I see new things
New inventions but also newborn
The newborns are the future of the world
They are gifts sent from heaven
They can be the joy of your life
Your reason of living
They are innocent, beautiful with 
Soft skin and amazing smile
No matter the color, they are pretty
No matter the gender, they are awesome
They are Small, New, Young 
And they are Babies.

Short Gender poem by M Nudelman| Details | |



Unexpected excitement consumes,
Overjoyed, overwhelmed, terrified.
From love comes life,
A miracle.

Raw emotions, dumbfounded,
Tight-lipped preserving uncertainty.
Outside sources causing strain,
Nauseated with nonsense.

Camera shy, gender concealed,
Gestation ceases abruptly.
A  heart with no beat,
Wails of mourning.

Inconsolable emptiness, 
Souls take flight.
They held my hand,
Not meant to be.

Short Gender poem by mazhar butt| Details | |

Gender Discrimination

Who are you
Your father's son or daughter
Or your mothers?
If you are your father's
You gotta have his surname
But if you are your mother's
Her name you don't take
But once you get married
Oh, boy! Your surname won't change
Hey girls, What makes you change your surname?
This is anomalous
Seemingly unfair
An assault on women rights
A blow to the fair sex
Whoever hath made this rule
He must be a damn big fool!!

Short Gender poem by Don Schaeffer| Details | |

The Scouts

I cry at Chain Bridge.
It's the same thing,
when father takes his time
showing up and the earth
gapes all the way to chaos.
It's when the money runs out
and the business fails.
The scouts all laugh
as they stand near their
neat packs with all their
plans stacked beside them.
I wonder what the crying does.
When I cry
someone warm
strokes me,
kneeling in front
with curled face,
warm breath,
return to Eden,
at 13 in the dangerous
age of sissies.

Short Gender poem by marcell porter| Details | |


I myself, thought it was given to all.
First to admit , " I must be wrong ".
Each and every second, it is proven to me.
Not all are as fortunate, as they claim to be.
To impress, try and make one like, is the definition for what they do.
In the eyes of on lookers, all we see is fool.
This fact is proven, regardless of gender.
Male or female, ignorance wont discriminate, it doesnt matter.
Senseless to the world, just as mad as the hatter.


Short Gender poem by Tonya Maria| Details | |


Her approach was elegant but unpretentious
Her soul was weaved in moons and stars
Her gardens enchantedly flourished
Her brooks danced to wind guitars.
Her fingertips stirred the rivers 
Her whispers spoke peace upon the earth
Her smile illuminated the darkness 
Her hands fought death and welcomed birth.
Her eyes held and calmed the anxious
Her heart was filled with twelve bright suns
Her language was universal
Her name was given... Woman.

Short Gender poem by charles hice| Details | |

DID ewe love

 DID ewe love 
DID ewe love 
Did ewe love mee more 
than the day before? 
Love grows inside of sorrow 
at the past come back to haunt us. 
But even so 
eye am manly also 
not confused of this my gender 
 ewe aer love fashioned out of time 
  to make me love 
creative people suffer more 
Don't you think? 
they are more sensitive 
sadness and hidden sorrow 
mixes with the love. 
TO make us love the more 
to make us love the love. 

Short Gender poem by Michelle Edwards| Details | |

TeLL Me what you want from me

Tell me ,What -Do -You -Want From Me
I Want To Know
Why You Run Up In My Face So Fast
Boy Take It Slow
Now Slow Down...
Slow Down...

(Tell Me What You Want)....

And I Tell You What I Want Right Back
here my number
Call Up- Lets Chat
I Know Whats On Your Mind
But You Gotta Earn That
Between My Legs
You Have A Thirst For That
Then My Mind
You wanna Mind Fuck That
here my number, call me up lets chat
Just Remember, you Gotta Earn that

Short Gender poem by Dwayne Bailey| Details | |

The Mirror

Take a look into the mirror, 
and tell me what you see; 
Do you like the person, 
that is looking back at thee? 

Do you see true tenderness, 
in this persons eyes? 
Or do you dread the things you see, 
under cover of disguise? 

For mirrors they will not lie, 
or cover up the truth; 
Regaurdless of your race, 
your gender or your youth. 

So take a look into the mirror, 
and tell me what you see. 
Is the person in the mirror, 
all you wish to be?

Short Poems