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Short Gender Poems

Short Gender Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Gender by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Gender poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Gender poem by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen| Details | |


In Mankind,

Kind Man!

Woman not kind,

What kind?

Short Gender poem by Dalton A. J. Hunkler| Details | |

Blossoming Gentleman

A man who isn't,
Will blossom nicely some day,
A kind gentleman.

Short Gender poem by Smail Poems| Details | |


Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

Short Gender poem by andy thomson| Details | |

Athletic s

Dumb within
A soldier’s haircut
Woman's skin
Driven children
Swollen tears
Bronze medallion
Wasted years

Short Gender poem by Matthew Williams| Details | |

Parlor room

Everybody wants to be 
Some body
Somebody wants to know someone
Someone doesn't know anybody
Every body is some body
Pleasantly I am me

Short Gender poem by rachel blake| Details | |

The Date

in the dimness of the tea lounge
i stared into the dark depths
that were your pupils
clung to every word that escaped
the curve of your lips

Short Gender poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


the day was hot
i sweat a lot 
i hear  a pop
so i hit the  the cot
to hide the shot was wide
i knew frow under the box
it was a 

Short Gender poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


we're all the same
he's not the blame
don't make that mistake
he don'r debate
his mind is wide
he is our guild
we're all one

Short Gender poem by bob johnson| Details | |

will of men

if not for men
and their will 
to open
their fists 
and their hearts
tragic feminine
beasts of burden
the will of men
still in their carts

Short Gender poem by Mya Thein| Details | |

Gay Right Essence Poem


Gay Right                   (Essence poetry) 

While guys fight for gay right
Lesbians should stay tight.

Written by Dr Ko Ko Thein
Salt Lake City.

Short Gender poem by Kenna Johnson| Details | |


Flaws.  And the flush of speckled skin. 
My throat closes off and I break.  
Dead men keep breathing.
Mourners heal quickly. 
Eyes open, reset, and we begin.

Short Gender poem by Chelsea Chords| Details | |

Cosmetic Critique-Part 2

Pinned beauties.
Drilled customs.
Feminist wrote"Complex Formatting"


Inspiration :- My University Reader

Short Gender poem by Michael Ward| Details | |

If history was food part 3

Wg Said the GRACE
And Robbie BURNS the BACON,

And Thomas ask for MORE
Mr KIPLING  baked the cakes
And Jude laid down the law
And Lionel MESSI had to clean up
With Hoover>

Short Gender poem by Chelsea Chords| Details | |

Cosmetic Critique-1


                                 Caked Beauty

                                 Drilled Customs.


Short Gender poem by Shadow Hamilton| Details | |

Mistaken Identity

Down around ankles were his trousers
as he caressed her he said wowzers
finding there no lady
it was all so shady
as he always seemed to pick posers

written 05/22/2014

contest Bawdy, Bawdy Bawdy Miss Clawdy

Short Gender poem by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu| Details | |


There was a born blind boy from Bauchi
Who grew up in the land of Auchi
Seen, taken for a begger
Unknown successful cobbler
King's own, a born blind boy from Bauchi.

Any New Limerick contest 
Sponsored by Black Eyed Susan

Short Gender poem by Angeline Star| Details | |

Steve or Eve

By Angeline Star

Eve came every night from the base
her green hair and pink shoes a disgrace
No one noticed her lack of mammory glands
and instead saw her round end and full lips
they just thought she liked  big man hands.

Short Gender poem by Teddy Kimathi| Details | |


Women come from Venus.
Men come from Mars.
Earth has visitors from other worlds;
humans with different emotions and passions.

Becoming earthlings begins with learning what it's like to be woman,
and what it's like to be a man.

Short Gender poem by Verlena S. Walker | Details | |


A distinguish old gent picked up tricks.
      On Halloween, he went for a treat.
Laughing outlandishly
      He staggered up the street.
Hips swaying g-stringed a drag queen!
Penned on May 05, 2014.

Short Gender poem by Yoni Abai| Details | |


Y is for Youthful, for being spirited.

O is for Outsize, the large heart you own.

N is for Natural, full of wholesomeness.

I is for Inspiring, the motivation you cause to a person.

Your name has its own beautiful hidden shadow.

Short Gender poem by Teddy Kimathi| Details | |

Victim of Misconception

I act courteously around him;
dress lightly to enjoy summer breeze;
he sees my tongue licking my lips in the sun;
I gaze at him lazily, and sigh gently as the ocean breeze
blows my dress;
"she wants to make love", is all I read deep in his eyes......

Short Gender poem by Suburban Lovechild| Details | |


I sit here,
oblivious to worldly obstacles,
surrounded by air, and air alone,
presenting myself to G-d
as only He can see me,
Unashamed, uninhibited,
to partake in endeavors
that others flee for free,
observing subtleties that
can only be seen,
through the eyes of
a naked man.


Short Gender poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details | |

The Superior Gender Of My Specie

Women are most definitely
the more superior gender of my human specie,
at least in the area of a more higher level of spirituality.
Men on the other hand are the more superior gender of my specie
in the areas of self absorption, hate and greed.
That in no way means that women are weaker to men in any degree.
Positive will always be stronger than Negative eternally.

Short Gender poem by Jordam Adams| Details | |


I am from the bird that calls me aside,
the sun shone through my bright bedroom window.
In the home, my heart will always confide,
my head into the soft white pillow.

I am from the tears my sweet mother bore,
when I grew older and walked out the door.
The bright sun- I will always miss,
The soft white pillow is gone, it's dismissed.

I was a child and now I'm more.

Short Gender poem by Cynthia Ferguson| Details | |

becoming of me

Here I go
into a world
Of pastel flowers
Pretty little bows
Petals off a rose
Perfume lingers
Here for hours
bouquets all in pose
beautiful moments
Seem like ours

Every room
Has a little bit of pink
Little bit of flowers
Smell of fresh apples
Springs morning dew
All wrapped up
Into the aroma
Of all my memories
Growing into a woman
Loving you															

Short Poems