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Short For children Poems | Short For children Poetry

Short For children Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about For children by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for For children short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short For Children poem by RobertHenry Poulin| Details |


with bamboo rake
piling in a heap
leaves let go
for children
to jump in

Short For Children poem by valerie bellefleur| Details |

Pumpkins in Waiting

Faceless pumpkins in October fields
Wait patiently for children's smiles

Short For Children poem by Francine Roberts| Details |


   The Willow dips down

     providing a hiding spot

       for children at play.

Short For Children poem by James Foulk| Details |

Puddles On Sidewalk

Puddles on sidewalk

for children to have fun with

as rain falls on them.

Written 5-24-11

Short For Children poem by Atour Tamrazov| Details |

For Children!

Some love should turn this life and time
To something more delicious:
They make the sky -blue and dreams - for children!

Short For Children poem by Tim Ryerson| Details |


Nothing out of place
Just playful late summer breeze
A gentle warning...
For children often forget
That Mother has a temper

Short For Children poem by Dina Televitskaya| Details |

Resentment (for children)

Once two bananas

Have baked pies,

Have melded compotes and kissels, (fruit juices)

But they have not invited me!!!

Short For Children poem by Atour Tamrazov| Details |

For Children Too!

If you have so many money -
Stay here and say that they are very good not only for your honey,
But it must ber also true: money are good for children too!

Short For Children poem by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders| Details |


on the shore
for children's hands
pails overflowing with summer treasures

Summertime fades in September's last hour
memories gained
shells in pails
wait for

Short For Children poem by Dina Televitskaya| Details |

The talk (for children)

"Hello!",  I call from the bed, 

" O, my sun!  Fellow  light, 

    I am glad 
You are fine!"

"Hi, slacker!   If you'll not

get up very soon,

instead of me

You'll see the moon!"

Short For Children poem by Dina Televitskaya| Details |

In this small house (for children)

In this small house,

The winter sews pillows

The sisters- the blizzards weave fluffy carpets,

The old man with a white beard

Draws the ice pictures.

He rings with the crystal handbells

And composes the magic dreams

For children.

Short For Children poem by Dina Televitskaya| Details |

Lonely rain (for children)


Rain is going and crying,

so alone in the empty street.

Lonely means friendless –

nobody to walk with.

nobody with whom to laugh and whisper.

Hi, Rain! Don’t cry! 

Let’s make friends

Together we can splash through puddles!

Short For Children poem by Gracelyn Mims| Details |

Each Morning

Fog of the waters,
birds in chirp,
skies of deep blue,
and grass laden with dew,

Buses drive by,
stopping for children,
shops start to open,
children start mopin',

The sun starts to rise,
as we ready the coffee,
making breakfast- well- fast,
today, this morning... 

Short For Children poem by Atour Tamrazov| Details |

Harmless Laugh

For personal time and sight
We always need changes
And harmless laugh,
That is longest than rain
And delicious as love!
And now, please, remember:
Tender fresh rose
In her hand,
Soft wood,
Youth fire
And air,
And our life
Would always smell
Like a room
For children!

Short For Children poem by Wilma Neels| Details |


Stitch by stitch they share their love and spirit by knitting dolls and other toys for children the array of colors used fickle but constantly pretty the elderly’s contribution to charity.. Pretty things for little things
050620111845 Contest: Anything Handmade HM

Short For Children poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |

Sly Snake

Sly snake what a rakish slither
belly walker cunning talker
Persuade the moon to buy the sky
Charging moonbeams by the hour

**I think this is the first one for me...trying my hand at silly poems for children.
Many thanks to all who take the time to read my works!!
**Thanks CL Thornton for the tips!!~~~

Short For Children poem by Veronica Aicher| Details |

Happy Holiday

Happy Holiday to each and everyone of you
May your hopes and your dreams for the new year all come true
It'a magical time for children of all ages
To show how much we care and try to remember the reason we are all here
To love and show compassion
Not just at holiday time
But all through the coming year after year

Short For Children poem by Jessica Carr| Details |


Sticky hot weather like angry hands choking your breath way..
Fear its cold shivers of panic racing down your back , oh how do you get away?
Death is quick , death is quiet peaceful easy. Death is snow.
Heaven is for children
Hell is for sinners
I fall somewhere in between
where do i go?
just a ghost
just a though

Short For Children poem by Kacey Greenlee| Details |

''Broken Light''

~Why will your love never be true?
Such an absent silence.
Wearing a heart I can see right through.
An emotionless ploy.
Faint face,as eyes that were always dim.
I remember now,the smile that was forever saved for you.
But, no return, left lonely.
I turned away from our broken light.~

This is for children who has felt abandoned by parents~

Short For Children poem by Christy Hardy| Details |

Where Kids Play

The Christmas Wish for children,
has really changed a lot,
once riding through a neighborhood,
one could tell  what kids got.

Big red bicycles,
or a pair of roller skates,
or maybe even a pogo stick,
or an Easy Bake.

The times are really changing,
kids don't know how to play,
now the sofa, and tv,
is where they want to stay.

Short For Children poem by Marty Owens| Details |

Blessings Flow

Carolina Blue Sky so high
With white fluffy clouds in the sky.

I'm thankful that I am alive.
In this day and time to survive.

Great blessings from God up above.
Who sent down His Free Gift of Love.

His marvelous grace is bestowed.
For children He carried their load.

So now let us give Him all praise.
And to Him our hands we will raise.

Short For Children poem by Dina Televitskaya| Details |

Small hippopotamus (for children)

The small hippopotamus

Has taken his grandmother's glasses,

Has taken his father's hat and scarf,

And a portfolio his uncle's briefcase.

He put all of the clothing on himself,

          Picked up the briefcase, 

has looked in a mirror,

Has scratched his own snub-nosed nose 

and said, "Well, now I am grown up!"

("Well, now I am an adult!)

Short For Children poem by bl devnath| Details |


Mother is the treasure
of love and faith
remains for children 
until death

She teaches the first talk
helps to stand on feet
in fever she tears
by feeding her milk

Her wellbeing with blessings
goes up above all
sacrifices everything
when we fall

She cries before
pain touches us
gives us  education
in all spheres

When a day comes
all far away
mother is near by
see all the day

Short For Children poem by Ashley Daly| Details |

Dearest Menelaus

Dearest Menelaus,
It is really that easy
Like a counting game
For children on the street
Not everything has to be so difficult
You’re two parts external
And one part internal
And I read you about as well as binary numbers
Sitting on page twelve in the bottom right corner
This theorem concerns the body, not the mind
So, loosen up the chains on your brain
This isn’t prison

Short For Children poem by Teddy Kimathi| Details |

In Search of Santa

He was told that Santa
lives in north pole, 
with his elves assistants;
making gifts for children
around the world.

He was told that Santa
flies from house to house
with the help of reindeer;
no one told him that Santa
only exists in Christmas cards,
commercials, and movies;
no one told him that the spirit
of Santa is kindled in each soul,
that embraces Christmas mood.

Short For Children poem by linda smith| Details |


A special November day
for children, laughter and play.
To others, a day full of loved ones.
A meal too big for all, plates ladened with love.
Amazing how we relate love to stuffing.
Father and son eye the sport,
belts unbuckled, bare bellies rubbed.
Saving the dishes for later,
joyful colors adorn humble abodes,
sprucing up dreary days.
Day one of the rejoicing era 
is soon to follow.

Short For Children poem by thelast don| Details |

Diabolus Amare

It has no rain,

for there is no sun,

there be no reasons for children to run,

there is no light at the end of the road,

there is no kiss for the prince of toads,

there is no love as strong as this,

as the eyes of a snake and its powerful hiss,

only those days in which i miss,

could love so sweet not come with a kiss,

my hope is gone,

an i sing this song,

for all things we dreamed is only but done

Short For Children poem by Fritz Purdum| Details |

Children of the Unnamed

Giant Dragons surround me
The Eagle and the Bear divide me
Above I hardly survive
Below I robustly thrive

Ancient and reclusive
Modern and gregarious
Ancestors my spirit proclaims
My soul weeps for children of the unnamed

Harvest of bitterness of shame

History was unkind
The future can be mine
Rejoin my body whole
Reunite my soul

Before submissive, Now forever bold

No North, No South
One Korea

Short For Children poem by Dina Televitskaya| Details |

Let me have a dog, please! (for children)

I yearn for a dog.
Can you understand me?
I want to hear its barking
And to see its tail and ears.
I seem to become older
With every passing day,
And my dog
Is walking somewhere without me.
How we could play together!
I would teach her different things,
And we could win some prize
In some competition.
:In the evening I make
A beautiful little rug for her.
I yearn for a dog,
Please, let me have one!

Short For Children poem by Michael Gelb| Details |

What Some Men Can't See

What Some Men Can’t See

For years it’s been said that love is blind
Probably meant with men in mind

Women are different in many ways
With some men their in a daze 
All women have inner beauty of their own
And most of the time that beauty is shown  

Women are filled with loving care
Especially for children they love so dear 

Some men can’t see beyond their nose
The love in the family that grows and grows

Short For Children poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |


There was a Boy Scout who had an idea
Swing set for children who he though dear

They could not swing the ordinary way
Needed more stability so that they could play

This Boy Scout worked on his invisible dream
Now this swing set can be visibily seen

Children in wheel chairs flying through air
Delighted and excited  with wind in their hair

With giggles aloud and smiles  on their face
This Boy Scout brought pride to human race

Short For Children poem by John Bullick| Details |


The dog lies between us,
bridging the gulf
that's grown between us
over the years.

She whimpers, you groan
in your sleep.
I sigh awake,
longing to recapture
the dreams of our youth.

When we longed for children,
longed for someone to love
besides ourselves.

Longed with an abandon,
because we couldn't imagine
life outside ourselves.

Longed and loved
and hoped for something
beyond this bliss.

To keep us together.

Short For Children poem by thelast don| Details |

niotavlas ym

Now is time ,I live my dreams,

on the open and withered to beautiful the streams,

for war and for roses is all that it means,

my hands are so dead,

these songs in my head,

so a shame as I sleep alone in my bed,

my pain is gone away,

so it be peace where I lay,

For children that be singing,

for sin that be ringing

where the fireflies hath play,

be there in a day,

said,I love you okay,

for as dead as my body, is buried in the hay.

Short For Children poem by Christopher Flaherty| Details |


England at night
Is not like South Africa
In England you don't watch Thunder storms
As grey skies and rain are more the norm
And the Sun over here
Does rarely appear
Even in summer
Its a real bummer
But what England has
Is a piece of my heart
That with which
My birthright bough
I dare not part
And even though
South Africa at night
Is not like England
Its a playground for children
With awe to see
And wall to wall sunshine
It will never be mine

Short For Children poem by daver austin| Details |



wild as man himself
those fantasy images
puzzling nature sings –
cross the moon that heav’n born sleigh,
his hearty voice, “ho, ho, hey!”

winter’s swirling wind
with chimney feet sent moaning,
how it sparks the flame,
how yuletide dreams join the dance,
fancy reindeer’s rooftop prance

christmas for children?
nay! one is never too old
to catch the spirit,
vision elves upon the stairs
blowing stardust everywhere

Short For Children poem by Maria Cecilia San Juan| Details |

A Wish

A Wish

For children sired from out of wedlock
Roaming the streets, begging for alms
With weary eyes from a day’s plight
To get their crumbs  and spare  the night

For girls robbed and sanctity trampled
Buried in rut,  and scared to move
Spurned and cast away from home
With queuing lads to buy her form

For souls scorned and gloomed
Who live a  life of doom and misfortunes 
May find their life at the end of the fork
Espousing all strength, and daring to move.

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