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Short Flying Poems | Short Flying Poetry

Short Flying Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Flying by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Flying short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Flying poem by kristen bruni| Details |


Astonishing beauty

Unaware of it

Flying blind

Short Flying poem by Rocky Swartzfager| Details |


whizzing  by
fast and spastic

Short Flying poem by Brian Strand| Details |



in the 

azure sky-

swallows flying


Short Flying poem by Anthony Slausen| Details |


between stars and fireflies...
a quiet conversation

Short Flying poem by Brian Strand| Details |

spaces-RED KITE

circles flying high

freedom to live - and - to die

Short Flying poem by Charles Henderson| Details |

blue jay flying

the blue jay flying --

a fat worm dangling

for the babies

Short Flying poem by Melissa Ross| Details |

Higher Baby

Red eyes

Flying high

Wandering in a daze

A daze of glory.

Short Flying poem by CORNEL PUNK| Details |


Yellow butterfly~

flying toward the petal

of morning glory.

Short Flying poem by Joseph May| Details |


ladybugs  flying
butterflies kissing daisies
easter egg parade

Short Flying poem by Jim Tidd| Details |


I interrupted
two mockingbirds a-coupled
grey feathers flying.

Short Flying poem by Sandra Adams| Details |

the flight

above the treetops
gliding in the summer's wind
majestic eagle

Short Flying poem by Jen H.| Details |

Flying Colors

Beautiful Sky High

Talk about flying colors

The forth of July

Short Flying poem by Sallam Yassin| Details |

Honey bird haiku

Singing honey bird
Is flying for nowhere in
My desire of night

Short Flying poem by Joe Murphy| Details |

Seagulls At Sunset

Underbelly pink

Sun teetering on the brink

Seagulls flying home

Short Flying poem by Katherine Stella| Details |

Harvest Festival

aerial viewing

outstretched crows flying frenzy

harvest festival

Short Flying poem by Jim Tidd| Details |


Coiled spring, bouncing
all over mid-morning bed
flying mini-tiger.

Short Flying poem by Chris D. Aechtner| Details |


<center>free spirit

flying down a hill--

wings on wheels</center>

Short Flying poem by juan onate| Details |


Memories in me.

Flying down like leaves in fall.

Eating me alive.

Short Flying poem by Marty Owens| Details |

Box Elder Play

Pinwheels flying high.

Box Elders in Falls array.

Helicopter play!

Short Flying poem by Ashraful Musaddeq| Details |

Haiku on Dream

butterfly flying

chilly air-conditioned room

working peoples' dream

Short Flying poem by Bri Brown| Details |

im right

Pigs are flying now.

Impossible you say, then 

i laugh in you face.

Short Flying poem by Mary Meade Stephenson| Details |

Ethereal Moon

Ravens flying high

O'er the ethereal moon

Night shall fade too soon

Short Flying poem by Frances Angela Torrelavega| Details |

Summer Breeze

In scorching chamber

we remain; 'til humid air

blows a flying kiss.

Short Flying poem by Diana Rosser| Details |

Haiku 16

bright morning sunshine 
starling flying past window
carrying a twig

Short Flying poem by Johnette Loefgren| Details |


   Japanese dragons

flying thru the morning light

yesterday's parade

Short Flying poem by Tatyana Carney| Details |

The Humble Bee

Humble bee so light

flying filled with flower life

Pollenate my view

Short Flying poem by eddee shaz| Details |


Ravens Flying high

Black wings  Gliding on currents

Intelligent bird

Short Flying poem by chris bowen| Details |

the flying bird of oaks

the green leaf of oaks

cusps water in gentle hold

for the flying bird

Short Flying poem by cecil hickman| Details |

Northern Pride

Stout, stern, flying high

Regal stance for all to see

American made

Short Flying poem by Barbara Cotter| Details |

Making Miel

Letting go lightly

like bee flying from flower

with nectar for miel

Short Flying poem by Dianna Wilder| Details |


rain falling down
birds flying by
water splashing up
sun shinning high.

Short Flying poem by Annalise Brigham | Details |


 whipping winds pelting rain and dead leaves flying all foretell a storm

Short Flying poem by Baramee Bhakdibumi| Details |

Happy Life

The trees are dancing 
Birds are flying peacefully 
They make life happy

Short Flying poem by Nola Perez| Details |


Four wild geese flying

   Their raucous calls

        Airy conversation

Short Flying poem by Patricia Sawyer| Details |

Captured Dragons

We're not dragging dragons home!

They're Flying above?

Their fires out?

Short Flying poem by Jeremy henderson| Details |

wing clipped

clipped like a seat belt

im obstructed from flying

when i do have wings

Short Flying poem by Asif Andalib| Details |

The Kites

On a summers day
Some boys are flying their kites
In the vast blue sky.

Short Flying poem by Asif Andalib| Details |

Autumns Clouds

Autumns clouds are like
Flying cottons in the sky
In this fine morning.

Short Flying poem by Kellen Davis| Details |

early bird gets the worm

earthworm flying through

summer's blue morning sky:

a robin's breakfast

Short Flying poem by Carly Lalion| Details |

haiku 101

windy breeze heating

ducks flying by without care---

cozy summer day

Short Flying poem by Ezra cook| Details |

Flying High

So high flying high

My spirit leaves this world to

To find a way home

Short Flying poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |


Tulips crimson lips

Tulips straight erect flying

Share the same war zone

Short Flying poem by Brian Strand| Details |


Speckled starlings sing with delight,

over flying ants in nuptial flight.

Short Flying poem by john loving iii| Details |

Wit and wisdom

winged creatures flying in the night

why did God make them? (for torture)

Short Flying poem by Jane Bowen| Details |

Tickle Me ~haiku

Happy silly boy

Dusty straw hair flying free

Mommy... tickle me


Short Flying poem by Leon Stacey| Details |


Southward bound flying

Snowflakes stretch in hyper-drive

Anakin and Luke

Short Flying poem by CM Verma| Details |



like kites

flying on inner sky

God save it from global warming.

Short Flying poem by Tara Andre| Details |



Bright light

Flying upward, quickly

Utter joy and gratitude


Short Flying poem by Richard Lamoureux| Details |

As the Crow Flys


Trying out new styles

Short Flying poem by steve meadows| Details |

cars go racing by

Birds are flying high

Slimey slugs are moving real slow

Cars go racing by

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