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Short Epic Poems | Short Epic Poetry

Short Epic Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Epic by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Epic short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Epic poem by Brian Strand| Details |



Short Epic poem by Jaylyne Doramus| Details |


Epic  irony.
Epic is irony.
The irony is epic.

Short Epic poem by Typhani Roberson| Details |

Love Unrequited

Love unrequited

Quite the history to tell

Epic of hearts' ails

Short Epic poem by Raul Moreno| Details |

The Storyteller

Rustling epic tales,
Aged limbs whisper to the grains:
Myths of olden days.

Short Epic poem by Sean Cosslett Moore| Details |


i filled my me with lit-ra-ture
epic songs and pretty words
  the most important thing i learned
was all the thoughts i'd never heard

Short Epic poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Slightly Epic

It’s slightly epic, divine When she is near, in power Love is her dynamic strength Aphrodite’s soul
Russell Sivey

Short Epic poem by Yanny Widjanarko| Details |

Down to the First Beauty of Couplet

Seeks some wisdom through early wake of dawn
Obscure vision stole epic dream of mine
Sun rises late shone, sleep head fell in yawn
Couplet soaked me in a dip red of wine

Short Epic poem by Careese Hutchinson| Details |

Best friends are great



Able bodied!
Easy going


Short Epic poem by lextin willis| Details |

my chistmas list

what I want for chirstmas is,
some lego monster fighter sets,
and the skylander pop fiz

I would also like epic micky 2,
and maybe magic tree house books,
and what about a playmobil zoo

Short Epic poem by rachel hart| Details |


there is this
continuous ruckus
surrounding us-
broken balance
faltered- permanently
startled- rattled
chandelier spirit-
the epic unforgettable
lyric that keeps
slipping my mind

Short Epic poem by Gary Jones| Details |

In The Twilight Half-light

In the twilight half-light
our unfading purple dreams 
of lover’s meetings 
are transformed 
to clearly established 
poetically emotional symbols 
of epic serenity.

Short Epic poem by Jasmine Turner| Details |

who i am

Who I am

who I am-singer,poet,reader,sister,friend,daughter,individual
what I look-legs,eyes,color,lips 
what I am- sincere,low-self esteem,funny,loud,creative,strange,epic
who I wanna be-WHO I AM

Short Epic poem by Brian Strand| Details |


of Oisin
a translation or
Jamie Mac's imagination ?

Note:James Macpherson author in 1762 of Fingal(Finn mac cool) epic on the 'White Stranger'
of Irish mythology and Giants Causeway legend.

Short Epic poem by oliver Okoli| Details |

Benign Neglect?

In this life, 
of inevitable recompense, 
of inescapable accountability, 
for collective responsibility, 
indifference to injustice
is not an option;
an epitasis, it is,
in this metaphoric 
epic drama of life

Short Epic poem by Yesha Shah| Details |

Testing Times

The whistling winds from deep dark woods, rattle my door each time; They blow rustling the ruffled leaves, narrating sordid epic tales These charcoal black nights introspect my unwavering faith. 30th Dec 2012

Short Epic poem by romeo naces| Details |

Micro Macro

                                                         epic is macro

                                               compact discipline in art

                                                         haiku is micro

Short Epic poem by vince gullaci| Details |


This elaborate fantasy
built cloud by cloud
into a cumulus
to transport us
in a state of ecstasy
to eternal bliss
the big ship of dreams
mugged by reality
a thunderstorm
of epic proportions
and the deluge
to claim us.

Short Epic poem by Andrew Besag| Details |


A coupling, a pairing, a duo, attracting opposites, the positive and the negative, the 
alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Cosmic attractition repeled by epic 
forces unseen. Electrified walls surround true meaning.

Short Epic poem by Patrick Wakefield| Details |

Corugated Inn of Cents

I'll rip my skin to make a grin
A smiling face to fill your grace

Shining teeth to make you weak
An epic stink that always reeks

Blood lost
Love gained

Make a ruby slipper
Drink off the little dipper

Homegrown Stripper

Short Epic poem by wayland bunch| Details |

Inhaling the Sea

The scent of freedom An epic journey begins The sea to my face My back to the blowing winds Uncertainty breeds new life
penned 12/24/2013 by Wayland Bunch for Andrea's Contest One in Five: For Beauty Strive

Short Epic poem by KAYOD5 Kayode| Details |

M V Fun

She divorced the sea and marries the sun;
She will soon come to the tryst,
Where she dispenses pleasure
To the tourists and local fun seekers.

User's   : Kayod5.
Contest : Impress me with a small poem.
Motif     : Epic
Sponsor : Giorgio V.

Short Epic poem by Chris Patton| Details |

Good Friends

If you reach the gate before I do,
ask if you can bring a friend;
for eternity lasts a lifetime,
until you reach the end.
God himself can't cease the clock that sounds
our beloved chime.
Acute sublime;
an epic rhyme,
perpetual adieu. 
For You.

Short Epic poem by Peter Calvanese Jr.| Details |

god in ruins

A great man once stated, 
"A man is god in ruins."
I took this to heart
scribbled it on papyrus.

and put it in the cradling hands of Poseidon.
And thought to myself, 

"If someone reads this and gives it back to Neptune
How epic it would become."

Short Epic poem by Andrew Crisci| Details |


After the ice age, dinosaurs
appeared and roamed the wilderness;    
wasn't it chaos to hear
wild beasts stump and roar?
Weren't they afraid of loud thunders? 


They became exinct...
by the time the stone age came,
Man's epic had started.

Short Epic poem by jeffry cohan| Details |




Short Epic poem by john freeman| Details |


as the case my be,
many in-laws or out-laws,
relatives of flaws…
 at the least, no peace,
cause of marriage mating-pause,
 epic dysfunctions…
erections of rules,
needed fool, not Viagra…
marriage is stagnate!

By John Moses Freeman
For and in Honor of Dr Ram
And Contest

Short Epic poem by J B| Details |


what I was looking for was but a fragment
a very small fragment of what I found
hidden amongst the clutter
of broken dreams and hearts
I found you

epic:  resplendent, splendiferous, 
not enough adjectives to describe
although I read them all
thought of each
rejected them as lacking

Short Epic poem by Michael Benkhen| Details |

Beyond The Veil Of Yesteryear Lies An Epic Blue Path

Orichalcum on the run;
eternal winters.
Laid to rest
beneath the brow
of shining birch trees;
we sing our praise to thee.

Here yonder shining grave
with tears of sapphire
in the dawn
brightly lighting the beyond
for the incoming travel,
we embark upon tomorrow.

Let us seek our way forward at last.

Short Epic poem by Chuck Novotny| Details |

Recovery Poem 4

Who, now seeing her so happy,
can imagine her so lost,
so confined within disquietude?
And as for him?
Why, he goes on, too,
relatively unfettered.
The brute of epic nightmare,
having paid homage
to convention and law
can think himself humanistic
and see, again,
the natural poetry
of every relationship.

Short Epic poem by Satish Verma| Details |


I will accept 
the curse 
of acquisition.

You wear an epic 
on the fingers.
I read a virgin.

My shadow joins 
the moon at night.
How tall were you ?

Hold my arm 
once. In terror 
I had kisses an old flame.

Death will be 
my only landmark.
My journey ends in your arms.

Satish Verma

Short Epic poem by arthur vaso| Details |

Sam Childers

A drop of blood
Onto my soul
I weep
I am unworthy and weak
A drop of whiskey
To make me brave
The pen has power, but not enough
In my tears I no longer sleep
The voice of a child so soft and sweet
In silence he did speak
Save the children

Dedicated to a man far greater than I
( To be continued, the epic will follow )

Short Epic poem by Michael Degenhardt| Details |

Leader (Choka)

She’s on white stallion
Bareback sitting properly
Providing beauty

As she passes by my tent
Leaving me breathless
As she is now the sunlight

That brightens my days
I see her riding, always
To the front of camp

She is the lady gen’ral
I’ll follow her to my death

Choka: epic poem 5/7/5 7/5/7 5/7/5 7/7

Short Epic poem by Michael Degenhardt| Details |

Be Patient (Choka)

Await my return
For I shall ride with the wind
On a ship of dreams

I shall come to you my love
We’ll have paradise
On earth for ever after

I am resolute
In my approach for your love
So fear not today

We shall join hands eternal
From us will spring forth, new life

Choka: epic poem 5/7/5 7/5/7 5/7/5 7/7

Short Epic poem by Satish Verma| Details |


on the celestial pole,
did you come
for a lethal kiss ?

in vacuity,
do you find some depth
in the black hole ?

The wheels
move on stolen track
of an epic. You come back
to a dead sea-

for a swim. What looked pink
was not a flamingo
with a bent bill
held upside down.

Satish Verma

Short Epic poem by john freeman| Details |

Aristotle Poetics

Aristotle's  Poetics

Epic poets quite divine in seriousness of truth's glow,
In the world’s poetic distinctions compared to history,
In “Poetics”, Aristotelian logic did clearly show,
Poetry more divinely scientific than factual glory,
Poet truths outshine history’s particular knack for gory! 

For Brian Strand Contest

Short Epic poem by T.L. Drover| Details |

Elegant Nature

*I was going to enter this into the Sea, Soil, Sky contest, but apparently I was too late :(

Oozing through the murky waters;
amongst the weeds floats the slimy eel.

Writhing slowly through the world beneath;
vital, spineless, the mighty earthworm.

Floating lazily at epic heights...
Sudden dive! Quick splash! Triumphant eagle.

Short Epic poem by Gregory Cox| Details |

My hope

My hope is that you read my entire epic tale
Cause if you don’t I’ll call the cops…have you put in jail
It tells of hopes and schemes with endless dreams 
And mankind’s eternal rocky trail
Don’t be afraid it’s simply me pursuing something I’m quite sure of
My optimistic hope we can agree on a world built on love
“Mankind and flowers” 1,2,3,4

Short Epic poem by Doreen Wright| Details |


Many may have forgotten to notice the beauty of
Infinite existences except for, in poetry.
Rewind time and recall the emotions behind words.
An epic event, turned dummies to nerds or
Child at heart, allowed to become a child again,
Lackluster - less, shining from within.
Ever stop and say,'oh what a beautiful sight ',
So many miracles go without light.

Short Epic poem by olive eloisa guillermo| Details |



         Deadly scoundrels
     Waiting with argus-eye

       Breed of the dreads
   Bull, tiger and great white

             Sea dogs
       Of threat displays
   Meat eater they all say
          Sharp shark!

APRIL 16, 2014
12:59 PM

Short Epic poem by Nancy Jones| Details |


Sons and daughters
Mothers and fathers
Even if it bothers ya
to think about it..

The only person
you're guaranteed to live with
twenty-four seven
is your own self.


This addendum is only for the form wonks out there.. if you're not a form wonk, please disregard... k, here goes...

Yep, EPIC!!...

(narcissism runs in my family), so sue me ;)

Short Epic poem by Jaylyne Doramus| Details |


                                                        Lives  Epiphanic;
                                                      Lives are epiphanic;
                                                    Our lives are epiphanic;

Short Epic poem by Dr.Ram Mehta| Details |

Art and Ownership

People buy pictures
They have a notion
That they are owners
But actually
The pictures own them. 
They will outlive
Or outlast them
They are only
They purchase
Art will live.
And they...

Date 2-28-14
Motif : Epic
Dr. Ram Mehta
First Place win
Contest: Impress Me with short poems II by Giorgio

Short Epic poem by Josh Adams| Details |

The Battle

Here we go men! Into the valiant fight!
Where men become men and cowards flee our sight!

Iron will clang and feet will race;
As bullets are thrown at a frightening pace!

Men will be thrown and cries will be heard –
As we fly our way through the smoke like a bird.

But in the end we shall acquire our victory;
And together we’ll go down in the great epic of history!

Short Epic poem by Stephen James| Details |


Trickle down through the Carolinas
A star so far, it's never that hard to find it
Exhilarated, you call I'll say it
integrated us all through the lines
The Jesus here will catch your tears
But why wont he just let us cry?
epic solo quasi modo
Bent backwards to see you guys
And it all falls down
We'll see you around
Not sure where I left my hat
After all I'm an acrobat

Short Epic poem by Veronica Joseph| Details |


Its hot today
sky is so blue
July hot
tomorrow we go north
to the music festival
scene of epic lovemaking
and music
live music
by the sea
in an old whaling town
dear to my heart
I always walk the boatyard
by the lines of masts and rope
boat colors 
greet friends
with clean salt air in my nose
and sit in the heat
by music

Short Epic poem by Vincent Procopio| Details |


Filthy, grimy, yellowed
Strange buttons
The stuff of legends
Nor epic tales

Why did we come
With these so-called toes?
Perhaps to remind us
That the meek and seemingly
Parts of us

Lead silently
Worthy of our love
If not
Our recognition

Filthy toes
Never quitting
Dainty entities
Loving us
Granting peace

Please kiss them
If possible

Short Epic poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |


Deep gray cluds like doorsteps supported
Between two large gray clouds
Or like fanstrokes by the artist
Who paints  blank canvas proud

Such a blue sky behind suspended
Clouds like cotton balls hang
From imaginary silk string
Or mother's epic meringue

Now there is a tiny T-Rex
Running up those dark steps
I still wonder as a child how
How those clouds hanging kept? 

Short Epic poem by Luann Pfost| Details |

Brutus Iulius Trois Part 10

*readers  think of this epic as classic Latin badly translated into English.

Brutus Iulius Trois Part 10

Venus hastened to answer Aurora.
You still weep for Memnon but where is Memnon's grave?
The squalling Memnonides yearly honor an empty tomb.
Imortal Memnon dwells in the hall of slain heros.
Disporting himself among the Hesperides.
The new guardian of the golden apples.

Short Epic poem by Greg Easley| Details |

Mother's Boy

Scale the back fence, weary child
and run along
   to your hidden place

Scabs upon skinny elbows
and school clothes ruined
   deep green with grass stains

Comb through your hair, mother's boy
as she'd have it
   handsome and tidy

English ivy spiraling
the iron gates
   outside the garden

Make believe now, only son
the made up things
   of an epic dream

Short Epic poem by Camille Rose Castillo| Details |

A Poet's Pen

Skilled at the craft of
Enchanting expression
A poet's fine pen
Touches every dimension

The beauty of life
Or displeasing woes
Talent for language
A poet's pen shows

Entrancing a reader
Through epic tales
Sharing a wondrous
Imagination unveiled

Artistically wise
Endowed with perception
A true poet's pen
Is not mere invention

Copyright © 2010 Camille Rose Castillo

Short Poems