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Short Dedication Poems | Short Dedication Poetry

Short Dedication Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Dedication by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Dedication short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Dedication poem by Toquyen Harrell| Details |

Dig hard

I initiate
I give

Short Dedication poem by Marty King| Details |

unknown tombstone dedication kiss senryu

a hidden treasure,
you will always set the tone
of caricature....

Short Dedication poem by bl devnath| Details |


                     Dedication with due diligence leads to perfection means of success

Short Dedication poem by Christian Guild| Details |


Mama said be a free soul.
Wild like a dog fox.

dedication: Mama-dum-day-do

Short Dedication poem by Charles Melody Lightning Ink| Details |


**a special dedication to the Poet Destroyer**

Love, sweet key of joy
The stare into my eyes are...
Forever calling.

Short Dedication poem by Sharon Ruebel| Details |

Land of the Free

"America the Beautiful"

Benefactor of our freedom

Continued strength re-born

Dedication and promise to protect

Equality and "The pursuit of happiness for all"...

Short Dedication poem by Renee Hendricks| Details |

Mad About Bunnies

My bunnies are so vain
They know this poem is about them

(short dedication to my bunnies, Twitch and Firefly - see them here:

Short Dedication poem by James Fraser| Details |

Pink Joy in Dedication to Ezzelle

Many congrats to Royal Trevino
And to Ezzelle, her new born bambino
She'll be so bonnie in pink
One day she'll make the boys wink
I toast with a Chardonnay vino

Short Dedication poem by ashek rahaman| Details |

Love You

It is dedication for you
I will always love you (the way I now)
When I say I love
most don't understand I 
what I mean to Say
I Just need to be with you
I love you &
I need to 
Be with you

Short Dedication poem by ashek rahaman| Details |

Love You

It is dedication for you
I will always love you (the way I now)
When I say I love
most don't understand I 
what I mean to Say
I Just need to be with you
I love you &
I need to 
Be with you

Short Dedication poem by Toquyen Harrell| Details |

Just for you

What do I want for you?
I want long life, happiness, laughter
Right living, dedication, kingdom minded
Devotion, fun, hunger for Me, drive
High is with Me
So is everything
I give you

Short Dedication poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |



Digging for dinosaurs 
Delivers deeper
Giving God more glory.
And adding dimension
To the magnitude of His 
Marvelous creations…
Made preparing for man. 

Short Dedication poem by Courtney Dyer| Details |


always there for me
He's my junior high school sweetheart
He's my soul mate who bestows his forgiveness on me
His dedication and devotion is so beautiful, so true and everlasting

Short Dedication poem by Elizabeth Neal| Details |


Trying not to cry
Inhope for your return
Praying you will make it

In dedication to T.I, 
I hope he makes it and I will dearly miss him and,
I am praying for his return in 1 year and 1 day.

Short Dedication poem by Michael J. Falotico| Details |

"Two Hands,One Pen"

Two hands that can't touch

                    although the fingers hold one

                                                   a pen to create.

Dedication to Wilma & "The Mysterious Lady of Soup"
thanks to you both...

Short Dedication poem by shannon farlouis| Details |

A Celebration

New Orleans Saints Win The Superbowl!!

The Saints struck down the Colts
Like a great big lightning bolt
Miami drowned in black and gold
New Orleans won the Superbowl
I send this dedication, a celebration
To all the Who Dat Nation

Short Dedication poem by cecil hickman| Details |

Valued Friends

Of the ones not known
Dedication starts
Those who ask nothing
Though do very much
Just the small details

So devoted
In general
Just living life

Stepping up
One favor
With no catch

These are


Short Dedication poem by Jeremy henderson| Details |


begone with others giving up
i find it best when giving all
thru everlasting focusing
I pass my enemies who fall
to think that this is all it takes
just dedication to your task
ill never break my piercing gaze
til in the winning glow i bask

Short Dedication poem by Julie Singletary| Details |

His Perfect Love

Absolute bravery,
compassion, dedication,
everlasting forgiving grace.
Healer, indeed justifying Keeper,
lending mercy not oppression.
Providing quiet rest,
shepherding tenderly.
`xactly Yahweh.

Short Dedication poem by Gargi Saha| Details |


Success can only be achieved through
constant endeavour and dedication,
Excellence is the result of determination 
and concentration.
Good, better, best
Never take rest
Until good becomes better
And better becomes best.
Success earned
Is success deserved.

Short Dedication poem by Jared Pickett| Details |


Diamante Puppy small, cuddly yapping, pawing, licking playful, energetic, fun, adolescent clawing, barking, nibbling massive, lap-loving Dog This poem is in dedication to my lap loving, 75lb pit-bull!! His name is SCOOBS... Jared Pickett 4/13/2012

Short Dedication poem by Nancy Jones| Details |

Ode to Carol Brown

Consistently sincere 
rock solid.
Formidably weathering trite storms.
Carol your dedication

Whether shocked or soothed there you are

You know your own mind.

The Cheshire cat's toothy grin
has nothing on you.

Short Dedication poem by james faulkner| Details |

simple circle of life

Hi is to number 

Number is to date 

Date is to kiss

Kiss is to love

Love is to sex

Sex is marriage 

Marriage is to divorce

Divorce is to lonely

Lonely is to another hi

And the process repeat......exceptions may occur

(dedication to my brother.)

Short Dedication poem by S.Jagathsimhan Nair| Details |

Would you be my valentine

Would you be my valentine

Hear me once, dear one, 
This from the long queue I’m in,
“Be my  valentine”.

To PD from SJ
(by way of dedication to PD, the wonderful poet and great human being)
By:  S.Jagathsimhan Nair,
For: PD’s would u be my valentine contest,  13th Feb 12

Short Dedication poem by Jess Johnson| Details |

A Fanatic's Fantasy

I have continually fantasized about this idea. This idea of dedication and devotion 
to one certain person. It was a frenzy of imoderation and infatuation.  It became a 
passionate obsession of mine. Im sorry, it was unreasonable for me to think that 
my fantasy could come true so easily.

Short Dedication poem by Paula Swanson| Details |


My Mother's shining love when she tended to her roses and her children. Nurturing both to grow strong. To look upon the world with beauty, to always give love back.
For Mac McGoverns contest: Description Made Easy In dedication to Joy, my Mother No Placement

Short Dedication poem by Carrie Love-atkins| Details |

The Spice Of Live

A need to love, a need to be fed, a need for a safe place to lay your head.
A need to love, a need to belong, a need to know right form wrong.
A need for educaiton through committment and dedication in order to travel down the road of 

copyright @1992, 2010 by Carrie M. Love-Atkins

Short Dedication poem by Cassandra Compher| Details |


After sleeping with me all night
Long, my precious Kitty wakes me
Up with her lovely singing songs.
Her loyalty and dedication knows
No end. She’s my buddy and companion
My cat is my best friend
She follows me so closely I wanted
Everyone to know. That my
Precious Kitty’s name could only be

Short Dedication poem by Shaz Cheesman| Details |

Bipolar High

Once in a bipolar high he gave me a pen
A key, to unlock the writer within

He said, a world of thoughts, words
Randomly intertwined into poetry

His high, his belief, his world
That lasted just time in minutes

It's his pen - a gift to me
That inks the words to this poem

A dedication to his bipolar high.

Short Dedication poem by James Peranteau| Details |

The love of James

Oh yes,
he did have me see the
but yet,
he did have me see the
brotherly love,
the fun;
I know those kinds of
brotherly hugs,
trust me,
those thuds were really
and the tears,
truly love

A dedication to a man miles away,..Billy,..Mr. James Fraser's brother !
God Bless You Both !!!

Short Dedication poem by David Bull| Details |

Hero's Death

A hero’s bloody wasted death
A lonely cold stony grave
Our hero became the bullets slave

Shown no mercy from faceless gunfire
Just doing his job with honour and dedication
The career he desired without limitation

War is a ritual of certain death
How was he to know that this
War would be his final breath

Short Dedication poem by HGarvey Daniel Esquire| Details |

Hide and Seek

I just thought of a game to play, While waiting to be Tagged : “Hide   And   Seek”
 You Write a POEM  of One of YOUR favorite POETS  and send it to someone besides that 
POET in the Comment box
You than tell the POET YOU wrote they have to read other POETS To find YOUR Dedication
What do You Think?? LOVE ALWAYS…HG

Short Dedication poem by Julie Hosier| Details |


Art, a form mis-understood by men.
Yet a form of expression to last through times end.
It can come in many forms,
Sometimes from the artist's soul to be torn.
Light and airy or dark and mysterious.
To get the work out dedication is serious.
Whether it be verse, painting or model,
Surely your heart you must follow.

Short Dedication poem by William Arthur Tell| Details |

Made Brand New ?

Holy be ?
You desire this of me…
Is this possible am I able ?

Consecration, dedication towards the goal !
Ultimate sanctification for any soul…

Purity, virtue and piety…
Just some names of a few,
Made brand new.

Written by: William Arthur Tell

1Pe 1:16  Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

Short Dedication poem by Diogenes Zuniga| Details |

Real beauty

Beautiful people,

is doesn't have anything to do

with the physical beauty

perhaps we shall search for another kind of beauty-

a greater beauty

really deep in our soul

the love of Christ will shine all over our selves;

that's real beauty

the love and dedication for our Lord

it makes us all beautiful.

Short Dedication poem by MC MC| Details |

Tis a Winsome Aspiration

Tis a grand vocation 
to be an inspiration 

Tis a winsome aspiration
 may be an oblation

May take some time 
along with perspiration

Along with dedication
may come a solved equation

Tis a winsome aspiration
may come with some elation.

Tis a grand vocation
to be an inspiration.

Copyright McCuen 2009

Short Dedication poem by simone segal| Details |


Dear James,

You were my very first comment on poetry soup!

You made me at home, and feel part of the troop!

Thank you my friend, for all your support

There will always be you in a place in my thoughts!

Thank you my friend, I mean this so true

May all that you wish for, and dream will come true!!!!


Short Dedication poem by Leon Enriquez| Details |


(Dedication: For my son Michael Zachary)

Calm heart
Clear start

Calm soul
One whole

Calm mind
Read signs

Calm poise
Styles voice

Calm face
Greets grace

Calm now
Sure plough

Calm wit
Still fit

Calm flow
Sure glow

Calm here
Fond sphere

Calm cheer
Right here

Calm smile
Health styles

Leon Enriquez
03 Apr 2014

Short Dedication poem by James Turner| Details |


Dishearten was I in foreign land
Unjust Kings enslaved me
Until His Unfailing Nail Pierced Hands
From enslavement saved me
Now strongly praised beyond compare
Rock of my Salvation
Build in me a house to dwell
With unyielding dedication
Hear my new song
The Joyful shall sing
 This Ransomed Nation Thankful for His
Sacrifice, Amazing Reconciliation

Short Dedication poem by Joe Maverick| Details |


shall I post the heart of poetry? (the soul) response and love, and if it be!

could you see? all the truth it shows, despite my needs & frailty's!

my needs may be all never known! yet its truth will ever be!

the life- inspiration -dedication, to exist twixt thrall and freedom,

and swift bridge between you,  and me..!

copyrightjoe maverick 2010

Short Dedication poem by nette onclaud| Details |


Age forty -one this month is a chill For brother who’s not over the hill So he won’t seem unfit Got a total face lift Now he’s looking like a roasted grill --------- Fictional dedication to my older brother The Perfect Limerick Contest of Andrea Dietrich

Short Dedication poem by craig cornish| Details |

Love and Marriage

A flight so high we can’t see
A blind elation
That is no sister of love
Nor brother of commitment
Love is unselfish
Gives without expectations
True dedication
Happiness that is derived
Solely from a giving heart
Marriage is sharing
A kindred selfless bonding
That in its’ pure form
Is commitment wrapped in promise
And love wrapped in forever

Short Dedication poem by Nancy Jones| Details |

Ode to Carol Brown - redux

Consistently sincere 
rock solid.
Formidably weathering trite storms.
Carol your dedication

Whether shocked or soothed there you are

You know your own mind.

The Cheshire cat's toothy grin
has nothing on you.


Inspired to repost by Giorgio's 2/5/14 blog.  Thanks, G!

Short Dedication poem by Leon holloway| Details |

No Stones Unturned

Let my love shine, without
Blinds, emitting its true radiance.
Unwavering a commitment,
Your dedication and honesty,
So defined as truth.
A bond forged in the fires of time,
Basked in strength so revered.
Forever a nemisis of that, which is false.
Against winds uncertain journey, 
Be I devout.  So loyal our friendship.
Unfazed by inevitable doubt.

Short Dedication poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |

Golf Prose

Golf Prose

Golf can own the heart.
From the very start,
Dedication grows.
Golf addiction knows.
Knocking balls in holes…

Can seize the mind.
In rain or shine
And for all time
It is sublime.

Hitting far.
Below par,
Makes a star.

Great games
No shame


© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 24, 2010

Poetic form:  Dimished Hexiverse

Short Dedication poem by chipepo lwele| Details |


Our leader
 walking majestically
down the RED carpet
 with unfulfilled campaign promises- -
milked money from treasury
 for the benefit of the few- -
wondering the authority we gave
 our leader to carry out better policies
  after winning the election
How long shall we wait for a better situation?

chipepo lwele
PS;special dedication to anyone aspiring for 

Short Dedication poem by Sean Matthews| Details |

Thank You All

For those who are a relation,
for those who volunteer in participation,
with giving your love and dedication.

For all, I have a great appreciation.
For blessed am I to have, for all, who taken part,
in my very life, varying at moments, from the start.
Showing me how beautiful you all are, like a work of art.
I thank you all, for the loving shown, from your very heart.

Short Dedication poem by Jay Loveless| Details |

Just a moment

    Hushed whispers of love, 
travel over lines of thick cords,
a waking at five A.m,
for just a moment to hear a sweet voice;

   Hidden cries of love,
travel over lines of thin cords,
a calling at 10 P.m,
for just a moment of musical dedication;

   Open words of love,
travel over lines of soft creases,
a touch as simple as, thoughtless,
for just a moment of connection; 

Short Dedication poem by Larry Belt| Details |


Without any hesitation
I must reach my destination
I don't have an explanation
No time for conversation

I'll need all my concentration
As I plan my evacuation
With just a minor complication
I'm in need of medication

I'll need all my dedication
To ignore this aggravation
But out of desperation
And hours of deprivation 

I come to the realization
That it's only constipation

Short Dedication poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |


Dreamy, depleted, decrepit, determined
Daughter of a Heavenly Father
Lover of: driven desire, delightful dancing, and delicious dishes.
Who feels: dedicated, diverse, and distinct.
Who fears: depression, desolation, and dependency
Who would like to see: domestic delight, dedication, and dependability.
Resident of “Dane Acres”

© January 2, 2012
Dane Smith-Johnsen

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