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Short December Poems

Short December Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about December by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short December poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short December poem by nikhileswari swaminathan| Details | |


crystalline water
descending on tree branches
marzipan on cake

Short December poem by Teresa Adkins| Details | |

Winter Haiku

Here I sit at work
watching snow tumbling down
thinking about home

Short December poem by Christian Childs| Details | |

Peace of Nature

Peace of nature shows
how relaxing life can be
and can show you truth 

Short December poem by Arty Rico Jones| Details | |

Chritmas Tree presents

Pretty Christmas tree
Nice presents under the tree
Christmas Day is soon

Short December poem by Raul Moreno| Details | |

Candles of Love

Candle flames. . .dancing,
On a frigid Winter night:
Sleeping wicks still smoke.

Short December poem by Lisa Denney| Details | |


Dancing and sparkling,
Grasping the sun, the hoarfrost
Glimmers like diamonds.

Short December poem by Lisa Denney| Details | |

Frosty Cold

Sharp, crisp, scent-filled air
Inundates the nose, winter
Smells of frosty cold.

Short December poem by Lilith Rodriguez| Details | |


The soft snow falls down. 
The dark, cold evening cries out
A call in winter chill.

Short December poem by Kellee Smith| Details | |


"baby u make me wana spread my wings and fly everytime u look me straight in 
the eyes "

Short December poem by Kiran Bantawa| Details | |

Bare Tree

A bare tree stands with roots on both ends in December days.

Short December poem by JoanMarie Peranteau| Details | |


street lamps spotlighting the
dainty white crystals falling
night is still - streets glisten

Short December poem by Cherie Durbin| Details | |

Happy Christmas:A Greeting Card Poem

Have a Happy Christmas
filled with memories so sweet
and all the peppermint sticks
one little girl can eat!

Short December poem by J. W. M. Earnings| Details | |

Rest in Peace, Dear Friend

Flowers wilt
Dead carcasses are buried
Loved ones mourn

Rest in peace,
Your life on earth is no more…
Farewell, friend

Short December poem by Tonytocaa Camacho| Details | |

Winters Birth

Summers A passing Fall tides a rolling Rolling past summers Seas and Into winters.. Serenity

Short December poem by RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY| Details | |

haiku december 4

frothy wave's end run
naked bodies nestled hourglass
moon-ray on buttocks 

© rajat kanti chakrabarty

Short December poem by Cynthia Jones| Details | |

Chill -Haiku-

A chill in the air Winter's almost upon us can't wait to see snow. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Dec.15/2012

Short December poem by Brooke Hogan | Details | |


Hair gets lighter,
Skin gets darker,
Water gets warmer,
Drinks get colder, 
Music gets louder,
Nights get longer,
Life gets better!

Short December poem by Cynthia Jones| Details | |

As The Snow Blows -Monorhyme-

I gaze out my window as the snow blows, I see a red nose roaming in wet clothes. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Dec.20/2004

Short December poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


its  don't wear a wig
but its big
it in this city thats bright 
it lights up the night
and it exciting
to watch the

Short December poem by Michael Birchmore| Details | |

December Magic

December’s magic.
I don’t get mid winter blues.
Solstice party time
It’s a win win thing. No lose.
Time to croon ‘neath the icy moon.
©Michael Birchmore 2015

Short December poem by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders| Details | |

Winter Tears

Dark, December days
dim brightest holiday lights
and silence sleigh bells.
She grieves for summer's sunlight
as tears fall like bitter snow.

Short December poem by Jeanette Woods| Details | |

Jonquil Bulbs

Over the
Next hill
Quietly resting
Underneath the
Icy ground
Lay the jonquils.

Unscathed by
Long winter days
Bearing the promise of 

Short December poem by Victoria Anderson-Throop| Details | |


    whipping winds
biting ice bound branches
    as they scream

   midnight black
howling thru afternoon
   wolves eat sun

V. Anderson-Throop 2015
Valdez, Alaska

Short December poem by Joseph May| Details | |

December Magic

 She   arrives with a mystic charm
 Gliding in on silver moon
 With a peaceful vibe that oft disarms
 As words of praise in yuletide tunes
 Echo  where the stars are strewn

Short December poem by Alex Roth| Details | |

Her Clear Sky Blue Eyes

i look out the window
at the white winter world

she shows her clear sky 
blue eyes frozen in pain

my mind cries 
as people pass by 

on sidewalks leaving 
tracks in the snow 

Short Poems