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Short Blue Poems

Short Blue Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Blue by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Blue poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Blue poem by stephanie harter| Details | |



Short Blue poem by Charmaine Chircop | Details | |

Wafting Winds

erased for publishing

Short Blue poem by Cindy Cayton| Details | |

Wedge repost


Short Blue poem by Jaydee Isaac| Details | |

Waassuup Bros

Heelo my bros suck the deck with a passion

Short Blue poem by Uwe Stroh| Details | |


Dark Forrest trees
Guard like Thor
As night falls

Short Blue poem by Smail Poems| Details | |

Pink Kitty Cats

Cats all around
Playing with the yarn
So cute and pink

Short Blue poem by Uwe Stroh| Details | |

Soul Longing

my soul longs
for you to understand
the peace I feel.

Short Blue poem by Olivia Brooks| Details | |


as she sinks
he rises. 

as he sinks
she sinks too.

Short Blue poem by Charmaine Chircop | Details | |

Haiku 69-About The Swan Lake

swan lake a feather falls silently

Short Blue poem by Uwe Stroh| Details | |

Trout and Bear

Trout speeds, jumps
Bear waits, pounces
Clear waterfall wins

Short Blue poem by Uwe Stroh| Details | |

In The Minds Eye

To the left 
of the mossy forest path
the blue lake evaporates.

Short Blue poem by Marty King| Details | |

windy blue sky clear haiku

windy blue sky clear
so upbeat and relaxing
escape daily grind....

Short Blue poem by Abdullah Alhemaidy| Details | |

Sky and flowers

A wonderful sky
sun colors pair and roses
the lovely flowers 

Short Blue poem by L. M. K.| Details | |

Haiku 1

I bled myself dry
because of you slaughtered, drained

Short Blue poem by Uwe Stroh| Details | |


Colored leaves fall
Trapped web of deception
Sad songs singing wind

Short Blue poem by viviane leite| Details | |


A change in the  mood
To once more accede to you
Aesthetic'lly blue

Short Blue poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


am not lying
this am not denying
its not a joke
now i poke

Short Blue poem by Charles Henderson| Details | |


poor cherry blossom
no one there to see you open
birthdays spent alone

Short Blue poem by Kris Lund | Details | |

In Too Deep

Safety in numbers is what they say, 
but trusting others is hard, OK?

Short Blue poem by Marty King| Details | |

rock in the river haiku

rock in the river
memories of simpler times
when the blue skies smiled

Short Blue poem by Belly Bell| Details | |

haiku blues

rising from behind
clouds suave like cotton candy
water drops like ice

Short Blue poem by Manya Saxena| Details | |


The Memory of you,
was like the unheard echo,
in the depths of the sea.

Short Blue poem by Marty King| Details | |

ahhhh yes indeed haiku

up over the bridge
and down off of the mainland
right on the island....

Short Blue poem by Michael Miers| Details | |

blood in stool

the old brick is dead
tuck the morkin, shoot the dog  
bootless memories

Short Blue poem by Ruben A. Hernandez Diaz| Details | |


Swifting winds and waves,
On the edge of some ocean,
In the blue and aqua.

Short Poems