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Short Basketball Poems | Short Basketball Poetry

Short Basketball Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Basketball by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Basketball short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Basketball poem by Smail Poems| Details |


A devil
Evil spirit
Regarded as cruel
The jealousy

Short Basketball poem by Smail Poems| Details |

Pink Kitty Cats

Cats all around
Playing with the yarn
So cute and pink

Short Basketball poem by Smail Poems| Details |


Sly quiet slim fur
Sneaking through the trees
The only one that likes water

Short Basketball poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details |

Not His Game

He tried basketball.

He cant run and he cant jump.

He sits in the stands.

Short Basketball poem by Sienna Muniz| Details |

No longer... My Boy



Loving,basketball playing, 24/7 gaming.

My best friend


Short Basketball poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details |

Zuit Suit Bigot

He is a billionaire in a zuit suit
who owns a basketball team.
Money cannot buy brains.

Short Basketball poem by Derek Westbrook| Details |

Anita anita

Anita anita I don't know what I would do if is really Anita Anita but just remember I really Anita anita

Short Basketball poem by Randy Steele| Details |






Basketball has taller, thinner sorts

Rugby is a shorter, thicker sport

Short Basketball poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

For K.U.

Basketball - watch them go!

Zipping around to and fro

See the basketball meet net

K.U.'s going to win I bet!

Short Basketball poem by Joseph May| Details |

Free throw Clerihew

 Shaquille  O'Neal
plays basketball with zeal
can dunk without leaving the ground
but his free throws hardly  go down

Short Basketball poem by rock scarfone| Details |


Old Man Bianco his vocal voice
stripped of all its octave choice
creaked and crowed in age and vice
Liquor, tobacco, you pay the price!

Short Basketball poem by Namon Kanatharana| Details |

My School

My school is a very great place 
My school has an awesome Basketball Court
My school has an great library
My scool is the best place to be in

Short Basketball poem by Merle Manu| Details |


Who's basketball

Who's bouncing it?

Who needed soccer balls?

Who brought them?

Who knew?



I would buy that juice

Would you?

Short Basketball poem by Frank Penicaro| Details |


Fell asleep with a broken guitar

and a bowl of cheese.

played basketball with a deflated ball.

remorse is forbidden,live in the

amusement of the puzzle.

Short Basketball poem by Chris Matt| Details |

Basketball Shoes

My basketball sneakers could make me fly

In fourth grade I could jump so high

I wasn't the best on the team

But I was in my dream

With those shoes, I swear I could touch the sky.

Short Basketball poem by Duke Beaufort| Details |


Hyperbole is a spots cast
Announcers have egos so vast
My ears must have rest
From this lambasting pest
Collection of morons amassed

Author's note: Is it getting worse, or is it just me?

Short Basketball poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |

March Madness

March Madness is here
college fans and beer

theyre at the sport bars
watching future stars

they got their brackets
hold Easter Baskets

basketball is loved by some
than others just think its dumb

Short Basketball poem by brittney lopez| Details |

This is me

My knees were the things that 

kept me up and my skin is my 

cutting board my eyes are the 

rain clouds to the fire running 

down my arms and my heart is 

the fire place that keeps me 

burning so calm

Short Basketball poem by Honestly JT| Details |

Beyond The Arc

It was like a free throw 

from the three-point line.

I had all kinds of space and time;

It was a bank shot right off the board,

Then through the rim and net;

I scored.

©2014 Honestly JT

Short Basketball poem by Jhonny Thermidor| Details |



Is what you can call

A world you havent seen before.


Is what you can call

A basketball player with a football.


Is when you cant see,

A fish should live IN and ONLY in the sea!

Short Basketball poem by Michael Miers| Details |

sitting on the temple step

beliefs are the effect of doubt

no belief can be held without doubt


tarzan was a monkey lover

tarzon tickled in monkey's ear

jane changed all that

fish swim in water and

Charlie Mack's

been dead

for awhile

Short Basketball poem by George Aul| Details |

No Foul

My dream, my desire

is one with a naughty theme...

four women and me

engaged in some sweaty fun - 


For "Tanka me a Dream" contest sponsored by Michael J. Falotico.

by George Aul

Short Basketball poem by Effie Blake| Details |


carnival -- indoors

instead of outdoors -- has a 

stifling air to it

silk wearing psychic --

mouth with an overbite -- tells

the future glibly

basketball game -- hoops

too small for tossing -- gives a

large dust-covered prize

Short Basketball poem by Tarsha Jones| Details |

Will not Make me Fall

You can crush me, beat me, call me out name
The same fact remain, that I will stay the same
You can cheat, trick, remain to call me a *****
But in my heart I will remain rich
You can bounce me around like basketball
But you will not make me fall

Short Basketball poem by Ashraf Ahmad| Details |


Basketball is the greatest sport

You get to dribble up and down the court

A shot here 

A block there

The shotclock goes out 

The crowd starts to shout

Don't be a fool and bring this game to shame

Because basketball is the greatest game

Short Basketball poem by Jon A Cavanaugh| Details |

The Procrastinator

Walking daily is a start
To strengthening muscles in the heart
Swimming laps
A climbing wall
lifting weights
Or basketball
Mile walks around a track
Might all offset a heart attack
But, the stubbornly staunch procrastinator
Will undoubtebly say "I'll do it later"

Short Basketball poem by Michael Miers| Details |


Sweep, old lady, sweep away

the tin


and dust

of the day

breath as the sun sighs and

settles into the


consider the satellites as they

come back


gather the children on the

wide fields you have


Sleep, old lady, come Monday

and dream

Short Basketball poem by Jacob Cramer| Details |

Just Me and My Dixon Ticonderoga

Some kids play soccer.
Some go out for a mocha.
I, however, chew my DIXON Ticonderoga.

I look out the window
and cringe in disgust.
They're fighting over a basketball and making a fuss.

I just nibble at my eraser.
Happy as can be

Well, I am kind of friendless.

And Im often lonely.

Oh who am I kidding! This is the life, baby!

Short Basketball poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |

Earl the Pearl

Earl the Pearl Monroe played basketball
he played guard being five foot three tall

he had great moves on the court
was a businessman off court

in childhood best friend was Knicks fan
he played and he had the best plan

back then Calvin Murphy was I
then after losing dont ask why

because Earl the Pearl was won again
later in life I finally win


Short Basketball poem by Jawaad Khan| Details |


Bouncing the ball on the court 

Air balls flying through this sport 

Slam dunking hard on the rim 

Knowing to guard her or him 

Elevating your feet up high in the air 

Tearing up the court but always play fair 

Bearing the tragedy of losing 

Aiming for the shot but still confusing 

Leaving the opponent to trip and fall 

Loving the game of BASKETBALL!

Short Basketball poem by Donald Reith| Details |

Sir Jack And The Outside-Inside Basketball Attack

The incredible shooting display put on by "Sir" Jack, 

Teaches a basic tenet of basketball that remains still, 

You can expand your game from the outside 

and considerably broaden your skill, 

With accuracy you can keep defenders off-guard, 

You can shake 'em or hit one in their grill, 

By working the game outside-inside, 

You can score on any defender at will.

Short Basketball poem by Sofia Shteyngolts| Details |


She put my note to you

Under your vocab book,

right before recess...

And thats when my friend told  me 

You thought that I was strange,

But that you didnt mean it in a bad way...

and that a small smile flashed on your face...

I laughed

saw you playing basketball,

Your brown-blond hair flying in all 


I thought about the note...

And now Im sitting in class...


Short Basketball poem by Cherica Eckiwaudah| Details |

My Mommy

My mommy has elmos laugh.

She is a part of the riverside staff.

My mother is really short.

Baketball is her favorite sport.

Peanut is my mothers nickname.

In basketball she brought her a-game.

She loves me a whole bunch.

She always takes me out to lunch.

My love for her will never die.

This is truly NOT a lie.

This poem is finally over.

Now she knows i love her.

By: Cherica Eckiwaudah

Short Basketball poem by Veronica Joseph| Details |

Done Yet?

the house is busy

in and out

shopping errands lawn garbage

cars shifting, boys shouting

basketball, baseball, dog leash

hockey skates




how many for dinner?

laundry dishwasher soap


ah bleach

ice tea on the porch

dog at my feet

newspapers on the table

later, maybe later

grocery list

drug store

exhange shoes

oil change




are we done yet?

Short Basketball poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Basketball is for Everybody


Telling blacks not to come to a basketball game.

That is such a racist remark and a shame.

Making such a comment is an absurdity.

In the professional basketball community,

African-Americans make up the great majority.

Those words said were a public disgrace.

Everywhere in any professional sports place,

room should be made for any color and race.

from a news story found on


Short Basketball poem by Lou Schreiberg| Details |

What Do Fireflies Eat?

it's raining , it's pouring

the old man is snoring

it's I, it's me, I can see

I can hear, just me here

darn that old mirror

can't it sometimes lie

am getting tired awake

street light slat peeking

flying clown on the ceiling

lighting up his red nose

rudolph playing basketball

hey hands, meet my feet

am sleepy hungry

warm milk maybe, something

clown, what should I eat

what do fireflies eat

Short Basketball poem by Casper Daccary| Details |

About me3

Out at the club looking for pretty faces

Looking for love in all the right places

Look through the room and sh*t, theres a ten I see

Making my move as I down another hennessy


So drunk, I throw up, in a bucket

Blow chunks, I look up, see a b*tch and f*ck it


Get myself cleaned up, physically speaking

Took that b*tch home her bed's rhythmically squeaking

And when she wakes up I'm long gone, son

A day in the life of John S Johnson

Short Basketball poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Future Superstar


The world welcomes a newborn baby boy. 

To the mother and father, he is a bundle of joy. 

Right now of course, he is so small. 

It won't be long before he is big and tall. 

As a defensive lineman, he will hone his attack. 

The boy will have no trouble sacking the quarterback. 

He will control the boards, slam dunk, and grab every rebound. 

I'm sure a sports superstar will be found.

Inspired by another member's poem


Short Basketball poem by Steve Michael| Details |

My Passion

My passion is sports, always has been, always will be...

Be it, pro football, college football, baseball, college basketball, pro basketball,

hockey or soccer, I love it all...

I live and die by my favorite teams, be it the Braves, Cowboys, Penn State or Flyers, I'm

a passionate and emotional fan...

I cheer loudly when they do good, and yell even louder when they screw up...

I love my teams, and, I'll never apologize for my passion for them....

Short Basketball poem by Ammy Avocet| Details |

Hey Fiddle Fiddle

He fiddled 

with his foreskin,

pulling the taunts over

The tip of his nose,

it still stung, from when

Gary Mother****in' Jackson

(a strapping lad who insisted

this should have been his middle

name, after taking up a pool

job one summer)

Had pushed him, rather

abruptly into the bushes,

and those branches

Feeling like hands, poked

and prodded into the depth's

of his skin and he'd walked 

Through that day, red and 

welty, like an overgrown zit.

Short Basketball poem by brittney lopez| Details |


They say the sun shines on the skin of a goddess her hair dark filled with flowers and her skin of silk,
When you see her don't let her go she will treat u like a god and run her silk hands against the ruffness of your skin she will show u the right way to enlightenment her eyes golden brown so deep you can get lost she can see right through you and know the depth of your soul she will speak words so smooth softer then the wind 
Skin so smooth the sun follows her every move.

Short Basketball poem by benjamin grimm| Details |

The Mother

Sad hands

soft sighs

Felt a loss

Her son away now flies

Alone and feeble

A scrapbook on her lap


Because she can't get it back

Elementary Photographs

2nd grade

Proud of the Boy

And the progress that he made

High school Basketball

6ft 7inches tall

Mom took a picture

Forever displayed on Bedroom Wall

Son moves away

Just got married the other day

The mother called

Two voices had a lot to say

Missing Boy

Now D.A.

Time is gone

Then is Yesterday

Short Basketball poem by TERESA MORENO| Details |

i am

I am athletic and talented

I wonder what ill be doing in 3 years

I hear people shouting out my name

I see me going the right path

I want to become something

I am athletic and talented

I pretend that  I'm strong

I feel like I'm a survivor 

I touch the basketball

I worry about loosing myself 

I cry about thinking about my past 

I am athletic and talented

I understand my music

I say never give up

I dream about my future

I try to hide my emotions

I hope to have a better future

Short Basketball poem by Matthew Anish| Details |

Notes upon Watching the Nets

A nice, pretty Jewish woman 
told me a while back 
that she thought Basketball was for Black people 
   What she didn't realize is that it used to be called 
"The Jewish Game".  
I passed through a period as a youth when 
   I wanted to become a basketball player
  Well, I am now a poet
Maybe one day I will write a poem 
  about Elgin Baylor or George Mikan 
    Know who they were?  
   They were fine ballplayers 
Memories of ballgames 
  are burned into my consciousness

Short Basketball poem by Emmanuel M. Hitilasha| Details |

On the data lines

With a devastating voice

To calm your mindset and change

Ironing the game to be fine

Good obsession

But elders are starving

While they are looking after the livestock

I will just scrutinize what is visible

Or am I out of context?

If it makes you forlorn

It is you who have a spot on a trail

Or if Im wrong, correct me

Dont let the neighbor to laugh at me

An ancient accepted wisdom

What my peers are scared to talk?

Thoughts far away

Thinking bottomless

Belief of growing up beings

Short Basketball poem by Matthew Anish| Details |

A Walk on the Lower East Side

     Past the bodegas 
the House of Sages 
    Past the children playing 
in the yard 
Past the drugstore 
Past the basketball 
hoops - - which remind 
of a class at Brooklyn College 
Past the ice cream trucks 
   and the kosher bakery 
Past the supermarkets 
   Hearing people 
discuss old politics 
   I head to my home 
The Lower East Side 
    seeing my friends, avoiding my enemies 
   Looking for peace - as night falls  
        on Losaida - my home on the Lower East Side

Short Poems