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Short Silver Poems

Short Silver Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Silver by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Silver poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Silver poem by Mark J. Halliday| Details | |


Sterling wires folded
With round-nose-plyers by hand
Mother's Day necklace

Short Silver poem by kash poet| Details | |

Rippling silver pond

Rippling silver pond silent flow of molten moon my tip-toeing heart closer to another moon drinking silver sip by sip.

Short Silver poem by Shadow Hamilton| Details | |

Silver Beams

silver beams dancing
gently casting deep shadows
that seduce senses

icy waters plunge
steeply down into the lake 
forming long ripples

Short Silver poem by Jacob WÖLF| Details | |

Glistening water.

Glistening water
In the silver moon-lit night
watch natures beauty

Glistening water
upon the brightness of day
watch the silver fish

Short Silver poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details | |

SILVER STRANDS-the hairdresser

the hairdresser
cut my long silver strands—
locks of love

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Silver Strands 	Sponsored by: Susan Burch

Short Silver poem by Adam Pruchnicki| Details | |

Night Sky

cold vast darkness
infinite void of loneliness
scattered with glittering whispers
of ancient heroes silently watching
the silver moon
drifts in frozen solitude

Short Silver poem by Lea O'Brien| Details | |

My Odd Silver Mind

My odd silver mind
It grows through time
When I stop thinking
it stops growing
My odd silver mind

[ I wrote this when I was like 4 or 5 years old ;-) ]

Short Silver poem by Kris Lund | Details | |

Gleaming, Sun, Demon, One

Gleaming Tones
on an unconquered
Seeing myself
down the Demon hole.
Shimmering fractions
spun on a silver
And seeing the
bounce off the
unwanted One.

Short Silver poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details | |

Silver Strands

The rain fell in silver strands Upon the lake its music made Accompanied by leaves and wind A winter symphony is played.........
for the Silver Strands contest

Short Silver poem by Dzana Madagu| Details | |

Answered Prayer

Rising up like sweet essence
From this earthen clay pot
Into the Silver Bowl
Of this Silver Bowl, the Almighty inhales the insides
Before giving this final decision
And the decision?
Not guilty.
Life eternal.

Short Silver poem by Kenna Johnson| Details | |


"A cardigan-wearing wolf.

A not-so-innocent lamb. 

Inches away--yet

the air is still.

The wolf feigns concern

the lamb takes the bait.

Innocent lies, 

innocent touches,

but the wolf's mind is full of


Short Silver poem by John Beam| Details | |

Snow Spring

grey clouds bring large flakes                                                                               descend melting in moments                                                                                       the sides are sterling

Short Silver poem by John Monteblanco| Details | |

Silver Strands

There she was, the girl of my dreams.
She had purple hair with silver strands.
Those strands stood out more than her hair.
They swayed with such elegance and grace.
How I longed to touch her hand, better yet, smell her gorgeous long silver strands.

Short Silver poem by Cynthia Alvez| Details | |

Writing On The Face of The Moon

I am writing a silver poem,

With my pink pen...

I am writing my silver poem

On the face of the moon and

As moonbeams streak across the

Midnight sky, I want you to dance

In the moon's glow and cherish

The moment as will I!


Short Silver poem by simon cooper| Details | |



Saturnine sleeper of the night,
Soaring slowly, out of sight,
Sleekly shadowing the gloom,
Silent harbinger of doom,
Innocent assassin, surreptitious, sly,
Stainless scandal slipping by,
Scything swiftly through the dark,
Hark the herald warning: Shark.

Short Silver poem by Ariella Ru| Details | |

The Silver Moon

In the obscurity of the night
The silver moon rose high
It’s glittering beams shone in the dark sky
Filling the blackness with crystal light
A heavenly orb
Casting a luminous glow on the shadowy world below
Queen of the stars
Lady of the night
A silvery beacon of hope in the vast emptiness

Short Silver poem by Shadow Hamilton| Details | |


She was wearing a mask
silver it glints in light
soon it will be removed
silence now fills the room 
slowly all revealed                             
some then are compromised                             
Secrets now all do see

written 04/26/2014 by Shadow Hamilton

contest  Lets Pleiades

Short Silver poem by James Rasmusson| Details | |

Silver Lady Lost

I dreamed a dream
from within a dream
of a madcap search
for the Silver Lady.

Silver Lady lost and found
Silver Lady lost…
I heaved and cry-cried bitter tears
'til time became an ash.

Through fissure of a shattered heart
the Silver Lady lost was found
and alchemized
into the Golden essence of you.

Short Silver poem by Donal Mahoney| Details | |

Green Panatela

Green Panatela

Waiting in his Cadillac, silver gray, 
Dr. Oates swerves his lighter   

to his green panatela.
Next to Dr. Oates, 

a poodle, silver gray, barks  
where Mrs. Oates will sit

in moments now, 
when from the beauty shop,

coiffed silver gray,
majestically she issues. 

Donal Mahoney

Short Silver poem by Emma Buckeridge| Details | |

Mr Moon

The silver moon shines
Shimmering over the sea
Lighting up shadows
Stirring right inside of me
Watching waves drift on the shore

The night sky dances
With the gentle silver face
Holding hands with stars
This scene, my eyes have embraced
Watching life drift in the night

For contest : moonlight dream
By Emma Buckeridge
Tanka form

Short Silver poem by Ginna Wilkerson| Details | |

Elusive Fish

Sliding through the sunlit lake,
Shining armor of silver plates,
Slippery shadow shape through translucent liquid;
Darting down to the depths,
Suspended there in weightless water,
Then vanishing in a veil of billowy dark green fingers;
The ghost of a glimmer,
A tiny drop of silver glimpsed from the glassy surface,
Then lost beneath the lake. 

Short Silver poem by Rhia Madison Thomer| Details | |

Silver Monster

I never used to believe; 
monsters existed only under the bed
or in the nighttime closet
until I met one in the color  red.
Red that first was silver rich
I met him by accident
but he tasted what lay beneath.
Monster wants me permanent. 
He took things before I had a say
he was my skins first kiss,
he wants me as his;
a monster with sharp silver lips.

Short Silver poem by Jesse Kaler| Details | |

grasping to th steel gates of anger

alone i stand,
in the steel gates of anger
grasping to the bars
and looking to the other side
where the silver gates of life 
stand in the moonlight
glistening over the steelgates of anger
the silver gates unlock the anger into the sky
where it merges with the color of the sky.

Now the steel is bright
glistening under the silver gates
white moon
and anger enthrolled sky.

Short Silver poem by Isabelle Woolley| Details | |

A Date

Rushing through lusty August towards
A vault of blue, a longing promise.
It is like waiting for the visiting moon,
The day when the silver light shimmies past
My bedroom curtains, and I will look up
And I will feel the burning of the heart.
Mist will pour down from the Sun
And the same mist will fall from my mouth.
I will no longer be in need and
It will all sliver pass me.

Short Silver poem by i have forgiven you but it will never be the same| Details | |

.Silent is Silver.

If silver is expensive
expensive is lost
lost is silence 
silence is silver

the silver silence covers 
my lost lips
my lips are silent 
my lips are silver
silver is silent

the silver silence 
bounds my wrists 
my wrists are
my wrists are silent
silent is silver

silence is silver 
lost in silence 
expensive is lost
is silver expensive?

Short Poems