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Short Computer Poems | Short Computer Poetry

Short Computer Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Computer by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Computer short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Computer poem by tom bell| Details |

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Short Computer poem by Tyesha Ehigiator| Details |

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Short Computer poem by das wanderlewis| Details |




Short Computer poem by Nancy Jones| Details |


No blog posting, I see.
Woe is me, woe is me.

Short Computer poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |

Dawdle the Day



Compute what?

Snailmail-MS word


Short Computer poem by Eva J Tortora| Details |

Steals the Greatness.....

I love the greatness

I must steal the greatness!

Short Computer poem by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen| Details |


Go down,

To come up,

Like Down loading,

To update!

Short Computer poem by Eva J Tortora| Details |

No Quote.....

She said

"Dont Quote me on this

But I love you.....

Short Computer poem by Dan Keir| Details |


A suffocation
Poor poetry drowns me out
Most of it my own

Short Computer poem by Dan Keir| Details |

The Internet: Return

A void of Facebook
Creativity dies here...

Short Computer poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |


In today's world
computer madness
tell me who's watching who?

Short Computer poem by Ph.d Volo Von Wolfenstein| Details |

Processing Infinity

Binary system,

Ones and zeros don't exist-

Broken Computer.

Short Computer poem by Chris Patton| Details |


From the Marios

to the computer systems

chivalry is dead

Short Computer poem by Dan Keir| Details |

The Internet

Oh the internet
A battle ground for morons
Will we ever learn?

Short Computer poem by HGarvey Daniel Esquire| Details |

Bad Puppy

My new little Pup

She Bit my computer cord

Off line for a week

Short Computer poem by RUDOLPH RINALDI| Details |

Made a robot

made a robot
named it after him
programmed it to be compassionate

Short Computer poem by Diana Rosser| Details |

unfamiliar bird

unfamiliar bird
perched on a wooden fence post -
computer turned on

Short Computer poem by Mark Halliday| Details |

Facebook et cetera

Social media

Endless lists of so-called friends

Who have never met

Short Computer poem by Adriana Galainena| Details |


On a pink floret
a bug decends and moves in.
Rich life without strife.

Short Computer poem by CJ Krieger| Details |

Haiku For Lost Data

My computer died

Lost all my information

Screaming loud feels good

Short Computer poem by Boris Mezhibovskiy| Details |


Basking in the glow

of my wonderful machine.

What a waste of time.

Short Computer poem by RUDOLPH RINALDI| Details |

a decade is yesterday's century

a decade is yesterdays century
things change that fast
tomorrow a day

Short Computer poem by Vassilis Comporozos| Details |

Orange tulips

Orange tulips

against a sun-lit background 

on the computer screen.

Short Computer poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details |

Rebooting Fool

My computer crashed!

I am brain dead without it!

Reboot fool, reboot!

Short Computer poem by Cathy Ncube| Details |

no match for high-tech jobs

lower-skilled workers

are plentiful, but are no

match for high-tech jobs

Short Computer poem by Scott Kruize| Details |

You, Computer Haiku

You do some things well

Computer: others better

Let it do those things

Short Computer poem by Mark Halliday| Details |


The Zerg are vanquished;

The Protoss have been routed.

Death's Avatar wins!

Short Computer poem by Renee Hendricks| Details |

Code Dreamer

She dreams in code

Computer language flowing quick

Through her sleeping mind

Short Computer poem by jay del fierro| Details |

Greatest Show on Earth....

        Animals dancing 

   carnival and circus show

       performing artists

Short Computer poem by Charles Henderson| Details |

occupy wallstreet

<center>occupy wallstreet

protesting from a five grand

laptop computer</center>

Short Computer poem by John Michaels| Details |


<center>A moment in time

once treasured forever, now

just zeroes and ones.</center>

Short Computer poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details |


Late nights on the net

Computer games my wife to get.

Youre my best friend yet

Short Computer poem by tom bell| Details |

Please Note

Please email all challenge response to, as well as 

posting,  thanks

Short Computer poem by doris lee| Details |

what i did

why is  he/she  mad.

i  cant  say  why

so  i  ask and they say  i'm  not  gonna tell you

Short Computer poem by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen| Details |


Jobless pens,

Separated ink,

At the paperless society,

In the Global village!

Short Computer poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details |

...oil all the hinges

oil all the hinges

silence the light with rose pink

hide the computer

*advise to lovers :P

Short Computer poem by Gene Bourne| Details |

Haiku 14

Turn computer on 
Tingling feeling, just a fizz 
Where your Navel is

Gene Bourne


Short Computer poem by Peter Thomas| Details |

The Room: Part One

Quiet room, perhaps
The hammering of keyboards
Talking at the back

(By Peter Thomas and Dan Keir)

Short Computer poem by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders| Details |

Late Night

Late night,

Streets are silent

Upstairs, my husband snores

In the light of my computer,

I write

Short Computer poem by Justin Debrosse| Details |

Sign the line

All I'm asking is that you sign the line that is dotted....
Either that or cosine me a new brain wave

Short Computer poem by MC MC| Details |

Hope You Like What I Say?

Hope You Like What I Say?

I stay on the computer

night and day

hope you like

what I have to say!

Short Computer poem by Willow Dray| Details |

Winters Warm

i am sad

this is bad

but its just a passing fad

tomorrow i will be glad

which is totally rad

i have a dad

Short Computer poem by Christy Hardy| Details |


My light is always on,

my door is always open,

and my computer,

well, I hope it never gets


Short Computer poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Waiting on my Computer

<b>I wait on my computer
Irritated I grow tired
I feel like throwing it out
An open window</b>

Russell Sivey

Short Computer poem by Patricia Sawyer| Details |

Rain Dance


drum beaters

Beaded moccasins


medicine man

in wolf's skin

rattles around fire

Short Computer poem by Amanda Hay| Details |


hours sitting at the computer 
typing typing typing 
where has my life gone?
No friends no Siblings 
 just homework.

Short Computer poem by Emma Anonymous| Details |

Commentary on the Youth of Today

I cannot skip 
instead I hop

I cannot flip
instead I flop

I cannot do so many things
instead I play computer games

Short Computer poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

My Only Friend

What a moment of clarity, sad to no end,

when I opened up my eyes and realized

that my computer was my only friend.

Short Computer poem by Duffy Laudick| Details |

Music From The Grid

Electronic beat marches
synthetic strings whine
plastic guitars distorted
vocals quantized
airwaves digitized
computer world

Short Computer poem by Elsa Bergman| Details |


killing us, healing us,  
bending us, mending us,  
helping us, stopping us,  
blessing us, messing us

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