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Short Celebrity Poems | Short Celebrity Poetry

Short Celebrity Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Celebrity by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Celebrity short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Celebrity poem by Neelam Sangawai| Details |


reflecting the mob
Celebrity’s sunglasses  

denied acquaintance

Short Celebrity poem by Adeleke Adeite| Details |

christmas' celebrity

once in David's royal city
born a king in pleasant pity
christmas: a  memorial of this celebrity.

Short Celebrity poem by Kim Merryman| Details |

Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire,
Danced with flair!
Graceful and lithe was he,
As he danced into celebrity.


Short Celebrity poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details |

Cinquain One

Pursue celebrity
Across the sea,... stadium. And dread
For hints.

Just an attempt...

Short Celebrity poem by Brian Strand| Details |


Opera& music in every style
Establish his celebrity profile,
Living a life so mobile-
A genius with a raucaus laugh
Long lasting fame,his epitaph.

Short Celebrity poem by Michael Degenhardt| Details |

My Pickle

Wow, if I were a celebrity tickler
I’d start with Miss Kelly Pickler
I’d tickle her face
Or in any old place
But finding her? That is the stickler

Short Celebrity poem by doris lee| Details |


everyone  has  one.they   can  be  old  names.they can  be  different  names.they  
can  be  celebrity names.they can be  silly  names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Short Celebrity poem by James Ph. Kotsybar| Details |

Partial Celebrity

I’ve seen a rosy-cheeked nobody 
who was a star far more i
n her thrill at the chance met moment 
than the jaded celebrity 
who grimaced to give her autograph again.

Short Celebrity poem by Paul Curtis| Details |


It seems to me that a man in his middle years
Is rendered more attractive, almost immediately, 
To the opposite sex, if found to be wealthy
And/or he is a well known TV celebrity

Short Celebrity poem by Mandy Tams The Golden Girl| Details |

Mission Statement

To be faithful and true, honest and good, that’s anyone’s mission in life if they could
But I want to be rich, famous, and a fantastic celebrity
Then I could share out my wealth with those less fortunate than me.

Short Celebrity poem by Jason Talbott| Details |

A New Monster in Loch Ness

I saw the huge beast from the dock.
The scene evoked bowel loosening shock.
Run and hide, Nessie!
It's about to get messy.
Rosie O'Donnell* is swimming in the Loch.

(*or insert your "favorite" celebrity name here)

Short Celebrity poem by romeo naces| Details |


some news reporters love madly
to barge into your 

if you're a hot celebrity
or one with 

they publish from your diary
sour secrets and soggy 

their report, written, said or sung,
hard candy on the gossips' 

Short Celebrity poem by sekitto kisakye| Details |


Like Zidane,
he struggled very hard
to build his name
and become a celebrity.

Like other celebrities,
Micheal Jordan and Jenifer Ropez,
success is the way
to make ourselves great.

Struggling is not death
but a source of joy,
if there's life
and hard work.

Short Celebrity poem by Subhayan Gupta| Details |

The Crash

Crashing and smashing,
Then stop.
There the man is lying.
He is not a celebrity,
Or, some irritated,
On the hands of fame;
Or, one of the terrorists-
Will claim a headline.
Yet he lies peacefully there,
Under the tyres of civilization,
And Without any accusation,

Short Celebrity poem by Alois Saint-Martin| Details |

Rock a bye Baby

Celebrity Blowout
New Years Eve
Starring Lady Gaga
Justin Bieber
The Republic Candidates for President
and a Cast of Thousands

Now we can Love
New York
Night of Orgiastic
Greed, Anarchy
and Lust

Occupy New Years Eve ?
The Philistine­s
They wouldn't Dare !

Short Celebrity poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

TV Judges

Every time that I've been called to serve on a jury
it never ceases to sicken and amaze me.
Every judge appears to be competing to be a celebrity
like the TV Judge Brown or the TV Judge Judy.
Just do your damned jobs and perform your civil duty.
If it were within my power I'd discontinue Court TV.

Short Celebrity poem by Mandell Smock| Details |


There's a shooting downtown.  A tree frog
Chirps.  Two young people discover love.  A tree frog
Chirps.  The Chicago Cubs beat the Toronto
Bluejays.  A tree frog chirps.  A bimbo
On the Internet becomes a celebrity.  A
Treefrog chirps.  Life goes on.  Day by day,
Week by week, year by year.  And a tree frog chirps.

Mandell Smock

Short Celebrity poem by Michael Degenhardt| Details |

For Paul McCartney

The terms of the engagement
Had my head there in a tizzy
For it left me in amazement
And made me feel quite dizzy
The perception of the notion
Was one, complete insane
For her leaving was the motion
After marrying just for fame
So now she has celebrity
To come back, I dare not beg
I’d say with such alacrity
I’d beat her with her leg

Short Celebrity poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |


.                        Celebrity
                          Able artists…

.           © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
                    February 14, 2010

.                Poetic form: Lanterne

Short Celebrity poem by Dean Neighbors| Details |


We look, askance, at self in jest
with naked, empty eyes;
we try to chart the track that’s best
through life’s uncertain skies.

We cannot make an outward choice
without an inward glance
to check the state of mother’s voice--
we dare not take the chance.

The lords of ambiguity,
we work to earn a “name”,
pursuing great celebrity--
while demonizing same.

Short Celebrity poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

The Celebrity

I don't have a favorite movie star or celebrity.
All of them appear so self absorbed and narcissistic to me.
Their only goal in life is fame and publicity.
When I see them walk the red carpet so glamorously
displayed for all of us to see internationally,
I can almost hear them all screaming subconsciously,
"Hey Everybody! Look At Me!"
Talk about major insecurities.

Short Celebrity poem by jack horne| Details |

Well, you didn't predict that

Predicting tall dark strangers,
Houses near water or trees,
And all the usual stuff,
He makes a killing.

He claims to have second sight,
Is clairvoyant to the stars,
A local celebrity:
He has believers.

It caused much embarrassment,
When his caravan burnt down;
And he was caught in a loo
With another man!

(A true story ).

Jack Horne for Linda-Marie’s Crystal Ball contest

Short Celebrity poem by Susan Mills| Details |

Laughter Yoga

Group of gals
Yeah we're pals!

She went to jail
Let's laugh about bail!

My child self shines through
As my inner self grew!

Lovely ladies laughs about that pilates
Bellyaches hurt at all that grates!

Now becomes funny thinking of honey
Jump up and down, it's sunny!

That celebrity from Laugh in does it well
Doctors orders as endorphins do so kindly swell!

Short Celebrity poem by Sindey Forte| Details |

Baby Power

Being born was great for me,
Though I can’t recall the chore,
But every year I’m pleased to see,
That it’s me they all adore.
My mom and dad stay close to me;
They claim to know me well;
They’re proud to know a celebrity,
And me, I know they’re swell.
They celebrate, they laugh and sing,
And gifts on me they shower;
I must have done a wondrous thing,
My birthday cries, BABY POWER!

Short Celebrity poem by romeo naces| Details |

Media Blitz

If you're still not frequently misquoted
            or not often lied about completely,

that means mighty press is not interested
            and you're not yet a real celebrity.

To snatch and hold tight their attention first,
            make the shrewdest media blitz that you can,

for they  love the best even at their worst,
            famous or infamous, you'll be their man !

Short Celebrity poem by romeo naces| Details |


Strange, but wealth and fame breed odd insecurities
of blokes and chicks called showbiz 
pampered deities.

When still unknown they thirst for popularity,
dreaming to be a hot, glitzy 

They long to bask in stardom's charm and vanity.
But when they're there, they turn 
into an oddity:

They nod at fans inside long limo's secrecy,
behind dark glasses, pining 
for lost privacy!

Short Celebrity poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

Public Entertainers

Classic rock bands and hilarious comedians all use to entertain me,
but now when they perform ancient relics are all I see.
If you're an old time singer or comic celebrity
here's some advice from yours truly.
Continue releasing your records but don't make appearances publicly
because you've all gotten old and if the truth be told it depresses the hell out of me.
It sure is a drag this thing we call mortality.

Short Celebrity poem by Christopher Goss| Details |



You sell identities like lemonade
On a hot summer afternoon

You lick the frosting of another soul
Off of the barrel of your gun

You let murderers walk the streets
To fill prisons with sunflowers

You fill media with celebrity gossip
While people starve and die

Corruption cements the walls of justice together
While we debate basic human rights

And the worst part of it all
Is me sitting here letting it happen

Short Celebrity poem by Adeleke Adeite| Details |


We’ve got originality
and street credibility
in this sincere society.
If you’re in a confused community
filled with cursed celebrity
who’s got hot hostility
-We can fix your hospitality
with the pens in this poetry city
Yeah, we’ve got eternal eligibility
 A fair forte… a facility
built with trust and tenacity
…just playing with words… sincerity.
 Truly, poetrysoup is a strong city
built on creativity… originality

Short Celebrity poem by Oluwatomisin Oyegoke| Details |


In anyone’s discussion
You might hear about a mission
That came to pass because of Gods decision
And through Gods permission
One comes to the realization
That Jesus is the reason 
For this spectacular season
So let us all not waste the opportunity
To serve and celebrate in unity
And fulfill our destiny
We can be like the celebrity
Known in every society
Aspiring to be Gods major priority
Like Jesus the reason for this season

Short Celebrity poem by romeo naces| Details |

Inane, Askew

Unless you're a true celebrity
or one with real notoriety,

        what you think folks think or say
        of you in public or in secrecy

shouldn't bother you in any way
though your hunches persist;

        for all you know they don't even
        have an inkling that you exist;

and when you're down, don't blame
the world for ganging up on you;

        don't kid yourself with such conceit
        that's so inane and so askew!

Short Celebrity poem by jay del fierro| Details |

Dare to children

Little children...
playing in front of the backyard fence,
creating shadowy images of themselves,and
blending one into another,pretending
to be the other,if only for the moment,
happiness pursued in the shadow,from the light...

Dancing like envisioned stars,
celebrity and sport,enhances dream...
enhances the possible chances,of
a come true prospectus,if only
still written within the heart...

Don't we all wish...and dare to dream....

Short Celebrity poem by romeo naces| Details |

Just Hard Candy

Not a few newshounds 
   want very badly 
to crash and barge 
   into your privacy

if you're some kind 
   of a celebrity
or one endowed with 

no, they don't need 
   your kind invitation,
they can launch anytime 
   their invasion;

they'll publish secrets 
   from your diary
and show soggy details 
   of your laundry

as their public reports, 
   spoken or sung,
melt like hard candy 
   on the gossip's tongue!

Short Celebrity poem by Justin Debrosse| Details |

The Newspaper's Portrait of Life and Human Existence

The slimy backend of the American Dream
Coming to a screeching halt on an anonymous highway

The AC Press horrendously portrays the days events
Why do people read this discharge?
Isnt the same reason celebrity disaster magazines
Line every shelf of the checkout at the grocery?

This newspaper is the equivalent
Of a chain smoking, saggy faced
Ex waitress
With her uterus removed
Playing the lotto
And heading to Atlantic City
To get emulsified with alcohol

Short Celebrity poem by verlecia fields| Details |

In Blood and Decay

my dammed, lovely name spilled in blood 
what dose that 
truly mean 

will my murder be solved 
will my life have some meaning
who will cry for me
who could careless 

will my body decay 
into history 
without a great deserving name 
without giving its lifeless shell 
a strength to be named 
among the celebrity of writers 

among the greatest writers 
i think not...

but some Professor thinks so...

only time will tell... 


Short Celebrity poem by Margeret Bailey| Details |


How does one know when they have truly arrived?

Is it gauged by material things or fancy supplies?

Could it be a feeling of unbearable lightness,
leaving all the baggage behind ?

It might be a mental destination when a person
envisions celebrity status in his/her mind......,

"Arrival" is relative, and means different things to
different people,

It is getting where you want to be when everyone thinks
your goals are unattainable........

Short Celebrity poem by Colin Marschall| Details |

~Prelude For A Stalker~

I wish she were my concubine
all wrapped in my celebrity,
draped, Dali-like around my neck
or me melded between her thighs,
not just a deity
who floats past floored-jaws
as if they were a guard of honour.

A virtual sniper
fixating her in a thousand yard stare,
firing bullets of desperation
hoping to pierce her heart,

but I am a candle in a flash bulb supernova
not even the burn in retina's memory,
just a mote in jetsam discarded.

Short Celebrity poem by romeo naces| Details |



If you're some kind 
   of a celebrity
or one endowed with 

not a few newshounds 
   want very badly 
to crash and barge 
   into your privacy.

They can launch anytime 
   their invasion;
no, they don't need 
   your kind invitation.

They'll publish secrets 
   from your diary
and show soggy details 
   of your laundry.

Then their public reports, 
   spoken or sung,
melt as hard candy 
   on the gossip's tongue!


Short Celebrity poem by Matthew Miles| Details |

Numb Citizen

Another numb citizen anaethetized to atrocity by forever exposure,
Another perfect being being perfected under the knife of celebrity,
Another beautiful animal lungs & fur stained black by industry,
Another blunted soul mind mundaned by menial labour,
Yet another poet, throwing numb, perfect, beautiful, blunted prose to the wilting world,
Praising the invisible she with recycled words, Hailing who knows who through the smog of 
society with his attempts at lucidity.

Short Celebrity poem by Elton Camp| Details |

Sharing a Name With a Celebrity

Sharing a Name With a Celebrity

By Elton Camp

Sometimes it can be sort of fun
To share a name with Elton John

He can lay claim to it if he durst,
But by many years, I had it first

My knowing of him did begin
With his “Candle in the Wind”

For him, “Elton” is a stage name
As to me, my father’s to blame

While I think that it wasn’t wise,
A weird name was right in his eyes

John has titles and awards in his life
But compared to his, I prefer my wife

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