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Short Anniversary Poems | Short Anniversary Poetry

Short Anniversary Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Anniversary by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Anniversary short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Anniversary poem by Samantha Cook| Details |

A little clock face

It has  memorys 
It has anniversary
It has death
It has  births
It has alot for a little clock faces.

Short Anniversary poem by Effie Blake| Details |

Annual Celebration

his hair is grayer
and his skin more wrinkled, but
he's a better friend
than he was the day before --
my anniversary man.

Short Anniversary poem by Rosemarie Quintal| Details |

The Neighborhood Barked At Midnight




Short Anniversary poem by Brian Strand| Details |

A Vacation vignette

This August's our fiftieth anniversary,
so off to la belle France,
for our summer vacance,
my first-born and gran-kids to see-
Sun,siesta,Sauvignon....mais oui !

Short Anniversary poem by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders| Details |

Swinging on a Star

God's hand reached through time
dropping brilliance in the night
love's eternal gift
one star named for "my best friend"
our anniversary light

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

Short Anniversary poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |


Happy occasions.
Celebrating continued occurrences.
Confident, abiding, illustrious, joyous
Yearly date

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
February 22, 2010
Poetic form: Cinquain

Short Anniversary poem by Nicole Sharon Brown| Details |

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary
To You
You is a god damned fool
You is his wealth garden tool
A dumb ass ho
You is a god damned fool
You is his wealth garden tool
Happy Anniversary
To You.
wrote 4-19-10

Short Anniversary poem by Quentin Ehlinger| Details |

Natal Anniversary

A simple note for your natal anniversary
Would be no more then simply just cursory.
Yes, a word or two to wish to you
A happy birthday just wouldn't do
So I simply wrote for you this little verse, you see?

Short Anniversary poem by C. L. Thornton| Details |

For His Wife's Facelift

This year for an anniversary gift
I gave my wife, with no little courage,
a check for a permanent facelift.
She would have preferred candy
or roses, she said inaudibly,
her voice somewhere in her cleavage.

Short Anniversary poem by Brian Strand| Details |


of mind
and ciphers-
played in Blethchley

Note.This week is 70th anniversary of the place where WW11 German code Enigma was 
cracked.Said to be as significant as DDAY ,taking up to 2 years off the war.

Short Anniversary poem by Caryl Muzzey| Details |

Puppy Love

Two young kindergartners kiss
holding hands on the playground 
vowing lifetime together….

Copyright © 2010  By Caryl S. Muzzey

Third Place Winner ~ "Love or Humor” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: John Freeman
Feb. 13, 2011

Short Anniversary poem by Lillie Williams| Details |

I'm Sorry

I’m Sorry

I am sorry that I missed
Your anniversary, and 
I’m sorry I wasn’t there
I offer this card with love
To show you that I care

I know this card is late
And somehow over due
But this doesn’t stop me
From wishing happy
Anniversary to you

Short Anniversary poem by Black Eyed Susan| Details |


(this actually a rondolet, a shortened form of rondeau)

Stitches from our wedding quilt
Your so-called “business traveling"
Anniversary streamers of guilt
25 years - the life we built

Received 1st place

Short Anniversary poem by chris bowen| Details |

ottaman strikes

sway armenian horde
your master,the ottaman
passes through your door

i wrote this to mark the anniversay of the ottaman/armenian war of 1915,today is the 
marked anniversary.i believe this would be the view of maybe a young,swaggering ottaman 

Short Anniversary poem by James LaVigne| Details |

Always Remember 9-11

Today 11th of September
Second anniversary
Of the terrorist attacks on America
The attacks that lead us to war
To war on terrorism
A lot of people died that day
The date was 9-11-01
That is one day nobody will ever forget
We will always remember 9-11-01

Short Anniversary poem by Steve Eng| Details |

All Hallow’s Eve Epilogue

You say this little book of verse
Is stranger that the rest you’ve seen?
Remember—nothing’s ever worse
Than being born on Hallowe’en.

A poet’s birthday shouldn’t be
A holiday to raise the dead,
And yet my anniversary
Is when the greedy ghouls are fed.

Short Anniversary poem by john mcgrath| Details |

Happy anniversary.

On this date,we both celebrate!
when our paths came together!
I met my mate over broth filled plate!
then felt daft!when the soup trickled over!
we both broke out in laughter!
as you tidied up my chin!
Will you be my pal forever?
Master and mistress in everything?

Short Anniversary poem by Andrea Dietrich| Details |

Lavender Roses

Leading to our room. . .
fragrant petals you had strewn -
        lavender roses.
Their hue was that of the sky
when passion first bloomed for us.

Lavender roses -
      your anniversary gift
for our fortieth.
Where the path of blossoms ends. . . 
      we recreate fantasies.

Short Anniversary poem by Donal Mahoney| Details |

Silver Anniversary

Silver Anniversary 

There beyond the shrub
the sun medallions on the grass
around a python and boar,
the python winding.

Through binoculars I see
the python work so slow.
The boar now knows

what I learned long ago.
To go this way
takes years.

Donal Mahoney

Short Anniversary poem by Merle Manu| Details |


(Anniversary Poem)

Pretzels and quetzalcoatlus
Permutation and elocution
Relocation and evolution-

Clambakes and squirrel soup;
Quarters and field tents;

Soaping and soaking and 

Slumbering sea monster in 
silken slippers, journals through 
the Darkness

Short Anniversary poem by Mindy Craig| Details |

Your always loved

Today is the one year anniversary
since you have left us
you are always loved
and we miss you very much
I can't believe you are gone
it is like a nightmare
and I can't wake up
I wait by the phone
just waiting for you to call
but I realize you are not calling
I miss you grandma.

Short Anniversary poem by Safari Bizenga| Details |

Our Love

Our love is our mystery;
It leads us to its discovery;
Let us follow it, like a good story;
Let us celebrate it, like an anniversary.

Our love is far from perfect;
It strives for what is correct;
Let us nourish it, never leave it neglected;
Let us cherish it, keep it protected.

Short Anniversary poem by ANGEL SNEAD| Details |




Short Anniversary poem by Jill Martin| Details |

Near Me

Be still.
I can hear you
eyelashes resting
    on untasted cheek.
a tiny hand clutching
    calloused finger.
the curling petal
      of a spent anniversary rose.
sifting sand measuring
      remaining time.
I cannot see you,
      but I hear you everywhere.

Short Anniversary poem by diane christian| Details |

happy anniversary (Leon and Sue)

I'm not sure the exact date 
of your special day
but here's sending you best wishes
and wishing you every happiness
along the way
to a wonderful couple 
Leon and Sue
happy anniversary
 God bless you.

happy anniversary Leon and sue,
with love and best wishes from diane, Josh, james and leanne

Short Anniversary poem by Francine Roberts| Details |

Will You Dance With Me

"Will you dance with me?"
It was our first dance,
I knew at a glance
That we were meant to be.

"Will you dance with me?"
It was our wedding day,
In his arms I would stay.
His smile was all I could see.

"Will you dance with me?"
We are slower now
But we remember how.
It's our golden anniversary.

Short Anniversary poem by Deneen White| Details |


For every tear that falls
For every heart that breaks
For every melody that's sung
For every instrument played
For every sad thought
For every moment lost
For every forgotten anniversary
For every I'm sorry
For every mistake
For every love that's lost
There is always tomorrow
To make up for yesterday

Short Anniversary poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Debbie's Contest

Our own beloved Debbie encourages us to write poetry. She wants to see if we have the ability to write something freely commemorating her earth-entering anniversary. Can you submit in her contest something that stands above the rest? Enter something this hour. I know all of you have the power.

Short Anniversary poem by Lindsay Laurie| Details |


Today they are with you,
Tomorrow they are gone,
In the days that follow
Somehow life goes on.

But tears that fell like rain,
When souls are torn apart,
In time are gently frozen	
In the corners of the heart.

So quickly goes a week,
A month will disappear,
And then the tears return.
…The anniversary is here.

Short Anniversary poem by Michael J. Falotico| Details |

Two Hearts Embrace

When the rain kissed the sun…
Our lives just begun…
As the stars caressed the moon…
Two hearts played in tune…
Patient walls that slowly fell…
Opened doors inside a shell…
Time moves underneath our lives with grace…
Only stronger does our love embrace…

written as an anniversary card for Rosanna..

Short Anniversary poem by Jemmy Farmer| Details |

No Breath of Joy (Freeverse)

one candle lit 
set apart
for my tears will not apologize
I am dead but alive

no amount of time can pass
from this anniversary to the next
the heartless affects of years bring no ease
no air, no breath of joy

AIDS stole my heart that day
a year ago
I can’t hold you anymore
my adorable son
arms like my heart


Short Anniversary poem by Dr.Ram Mehta| Details |

My 51st Marriage Anniversary

A hand was put in my hand
I remember fifty years back
I still hold that hand firmly
Today unaltered.

Our wedding was accomplished
Exactly fifty one years back
The celebrations of it
Continues this day.

Anniversary is time
To celebrate today’s joy
The memories of yesterday
Hopes of tomorrow


Short Anniversary poem by Brian Strand| Details |

A romancical

we painted rainbows
you and I,
'cross our golden sky;
one by one the years
rolled away,
but a vow,once made,
still lives on,
brightly,as before;
this pot of treasure
worth much more than gold;
to sustain us,as
we grow old;
this love,grows not cold   

Note:Kathy and I celebrate our 50th anniversary this 

Short Anniversary poem by John Monteblanco| Details |


25 years from Father's Day we'll look back and laugh 'cause that's our "anniversary."
Do I want to spend the rest of my life in your hands?

No doubt I love your Mexican and Peruvian background but I forget everything, including my
name whenever I see you.
My answer to I.S.T.O, is yes she is. From now until I reach my "final" destination.

Short Anniversary poem by Michael Benkhen| Details |

Befallen Slave

Befallen slave,
la ractera,
the child of night,

Upon whip's handle,
feeds the shelves,
the cradle starved.

Cyphera encountus,
abacus is nay appalled
...with corpse's heart;
lest the starving wallet beat.

St. Valentine's anniversary
covertly taints it's favorite treat.

- Is this poem too cryptic??

Short Anniversary poem by ilene bauer| Details |

Fifty Years

A pillbox hat, a suit of pink,
The blood and all the tears;
That small salute, so solemn – 
Is it really fifty years?

A swearing-in, a widow’s face
Behind a netted veil;
The coffin in a hearse and then
The bugle’s lonely wail.

The anniversary today
Demands that we take note
Of innocence and what was lost
In times that seem remote.

Short Anniversary poem by Phyllis Babcock| Details |


Who would have known time flew so fast
The first forty years are now in the past
Today is a ruby of a day
Then next comes golden, climbing it's way.
Forty years together as man and wife
Times of happiness, special moments in life
All in all we have come a long way
That's why I am sending my love today.

 Happy 40th Anniversary to my Husband

Short Anniversary poem by Leon Stacey| Details |

Pleasures by the Seashore

Pleasures await you by the seashore,
And in the coming months
Invest in your family; today and tomorrow,
Pleasures await you by the seashore.
Your first choice will be the wisest to follow;
Do not put all your stocks in the market.
Pleasures await you by the seashore
And in the coming months...

(1 Year Anniversary Dinner at Sydney's Buffet)

Short Anniversary poem by POET. UNDERTAKER| Details |

Obituary-Remembering my Dad

Sacrifice, Compromise,
values preached and followed by saints and sages,
your experiment with this yielded success, peace
and obviously a place in Heaven.
Your prayers and blessings will certainly drive us....

///This I gave this ad in the local daily remembering the 
2nd death anniversary of my Dad Mr.Soosai Anthony.T
on the 30th of May 2013.//////

Short Anniversary poem by kristi hayner| Details |

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

'bout to celebrate 
4 years almost total bliss
few bumps here and there

never have to fear
lonely times that once were near
my gift from the gods

lucky me to be
here besides you night and day
covering my flaws

covering my back
whenever you think you can
my perfect iron man

doing all you can
to make my life more than bore
you've made it easy

Short Anniversary poem by Andrea Dietrich| Details |

Things Fifty

Fifty Cent, the rapper, sang “Get Rich or Die Tryin’.” Fifty-fifty: half a chance. Over fifty: dyin’! Golden is one's fiftieth anniversary. Soft porn: the "Fifty Shades of Grey" Trilogy. “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover,” “Fifty Dead Men Walking,” Fifty stars for fifty nifty states. Time to stop talking! For Shaz Cheesman's "50 Words" Poetry Contest

Short Anniversary poem by Jodie Allen| Details |

Happy 4th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

That I have loved before,
Is that I have never known love.

That I have felt joy before,
Is that I could never compare.

That my heart could soar,
Is that I never did leave the earth.

That I have your love, and more,
Is that I continue to breathe.


My husband gave me a new Poetry Soup account and wrote this poem for me for our 4th anniversary.

Short Anniversary poem by linda smith| Details |

Happy Anniversary

I speculated in my head
what sort of token should I give,
to the One I love the most,
my dearest friend, partner, soulmate,
on this special day.
I could not decide
upon a single day that would show
my deepest thoughts, love and desire.
And so I pen these careful words
on a two cent piece of paper
to show my greatest gift,
my love for you.
Happy Anniversary, Baby.

Short Anniversary poem by Kimmy Holmes| Details |

One more time

Ok, I'll play it again
we'll dance one more time 
That's us
always needing one more time

I'ts late, we're drunk on ourselves
and on Vodka
I would feel guilty if I cared
but at this moment, I feel 
I just feel
and that's so very nice

You are as lovely
and you smell as good
as you always did
as you first did

Happy Anniversary
Now let's go to bed

Short Anniversary poem by Satish Verma| Details |


You walk on burning embers
like a black stone
to meet the end before beginning
on empty landscape.   

What was the need
to cross a saviour ?
Death had the wedding anniversary
in a garden -   

full of blessings for the sky
to enter the round seed of thought. 
After the explosion, there were
severed heads of two smiling teens.                

Satish Verma

Short Anniversary poem by randy johnson| Details |

Don Adams

(Dedicated to Don Adams who died September 25, 2005.)

You soared to fame in the sixties as Maxwell Smart.
You had a lot of talent and a very big heart.
You died on my parents 40th wedding anniversary.
When you died, millions of people were saddened and sorry.
You also did the voice of Inspector Gadget, I loved that cartoon.
You lived a long life but you were still taken from us too soon.

Short Anniversary poem by kathryn collins| Details |

I gasp

I gasp

Morning is cold.
I outstretch my arm in empty reach.
I gasp.

I listen for the miracle: the shower
door closing behind him.
I gasp.
I wait for my toweled Rodin and
the whistling kettle.
I gasp.

I’m not sure if can get up today.
My breath returns and I robotically rise,

Kathryn M. Collins©
revised Nov. 15, 2013
(would have been our 44th anniversary) 

Short Anniversary poem by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders| Details |

Frozen in Time

shipwreck victims whisper from the ocean floor frozen in time
*contemporary haiku (lacks nature subject or season word) is inspired by the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic sinking By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, March 22, 2012 for Haiku from the Heart contest (Sidney LeeAnn)

Short Anniversary poem by Rory Clark| Details |

Happy Anniversary

Romance to me is like a toy
New and fresh, than I enjoy
But as the months drew into years
Anniversary in arrears
Where did the love that once we shared
go, was it ever truly there?
Soulmate for some might be true
Not for me, old pal, and as for you?
If it helps you to hold that debris
Then who am I to set you free?
But for myself I know full well
From Her wrath, I'd rather chance in hell!

Short Anniversary poem by caroline mackey| Details |

One Of Gods Little Angels

     On this the first anniversary of your birth

Loved ones gather around to share this blessed


    Mya Lee Ann you are truly a gift from above

        A gift that fills many hearts and lives

  A ray of sunshine to be shared among many

Thankful we are to God every day for sending us

                        Our little angel

                         Mya Lee Ann

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