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Yemeni Poems and Poetry from Yemen

Yemeni poems and poetry from Yemen. Read examples of yemeni poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Apple YemeniYemenAlnamer , Ali04/04/2016
Poetry Soup Friends YemeniYemenAlnamer , Ali04/04/2016
Not Dead YemeniYemenAlnamer , Ali04/04/2016
Best Friend YemeniYemenAlnamer , Ali04/03/2016
Progress with him YemeniYemennm, lol02/18/2016
About Him YemeniYemennm, lol02/18/2016
The Guy in the Empty Desk YemeniYemennm, lol02/17/2016
The Empty Desk Next to Him YemeniYemennm, lol02/17/2016
The armed militias YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji12/30/2014
Waiting YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji12/24/2014
Your Eyes YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji08/20/2014
Glance of my age YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji11/26/2013
Swings of Childhood YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji06/22/2013
My sweetheart YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji06/22/2013
The value of love YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji05/04/2013
The sea never assassinates its friends YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji05/04/2013
Enemies of the Peace YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/22/2013
Israel and Palestine YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/20/2013
Between soul and body YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/20/2013
A naked woman YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/20/2013
A naked woman YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/20/2013
My friend YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/11/2013
Be my life YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/11/2013
Last dinner YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/09/2013
The World in Prison of Love YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/09/2013
Zero YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/07/2013
The Morning Woke Up YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/07/2013
My story YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/06/2013
I swear YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/06/2013
All the feasts will sing YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/06/2013
Behind YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/03/2013
Cry YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/03/2013
Before sundown YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji04/03/2013
My Mother YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji03/21/2013
Who turns off this world YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji03/20/2013
Buccaneers of love YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji03/20/2013
Who resembles you YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji03/20/2013
The ideal woman YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji03/20/2013
I and You YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji03/20/2013
Hearts YemeniYemenAlmurisi, Naji03/20/2013