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Pakistani Poems and Poetry from Pakistan

Pakistani poems and poetry from Pakistan. Read examples of pakistani poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

I am Trying to Break Your Heart PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/11/2016
The Mother PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/11/2016
Artist's Life PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/11/2016
Time And Life PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/11/2016
What Is Life PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/11/2016
The Poetry Of Life PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/11/2016
The Poetry Of Life PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/11/2016
Between the form of Life and Life PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/10/2016
Always for the first time PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/10/2016
A life PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/10/2016
Sing me, my Love PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra02/10/2016
Friendship Is Life PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/09/2016
Every Breath You Take PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/08/2016
The Hardening of a Heart PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/08/2016
Magic PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/08/2016
Listen to the Heart PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/08/2016
Half Of A Heart PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/08/2016
How Do You Say Goodbye PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/08/2016
I ask you this PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/08/2016
One World PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/08/2016
The Three Roses PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/08/2016
Last Love PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/08/2016
Alive PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra02/07/2016
In Search of Light PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra02/07/2016
Lost Love PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/06/2016
Missing You PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/06/2016
Needing Love PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/06/2016
Forever Friends PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/05/2016
Roses PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/05/2016
Friends For Life PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/05/2016
Forever Friends PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/05/2016
What Is A Friend PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/05/2016
Best Friends Forever PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/05/2016
Future We May Face PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/05/2016
To You PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/04/2016
Love In A Life PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/04/2016
My Love PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/04/2016
My True Love Has My Heart PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/04/2016
Love PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/04/2016
Friends PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/03/2016
Long Distance Love PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/03/2016
Falling in Love PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/03/2016
True Love PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/03/2016
love PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/03/2016
love PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/03/2016
Mohabbat PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/03/2016
Mohabbat PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/03/2016
Romatic PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/03/2016
Lost PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 02/03/2016
Love is for the brave PakistaniPakistanMalik, Banaras02/02/2016