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Mosotho Poems and Poetry from Lesotho

Mosotho poems and poetry from Lesotho. Read examples of mosotho poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

I am Black MosothoLesothoMahomaile, Rahaba04/30/2016
Reminiscence MosothoLesothoMahomaile, Rahaba04/12/2016
My Anchor MosothoLesothoMolupe, Moliehi04/05/2016
Stuck in your orbit MosothoLesothoMolupe, Moliehi04/05/2016
My story MosothoLesothoMokemane , Eric 12/19/2015
YOUNG LOVE MosothoLesothoSema, Eclidah 12/04/2015
Art of Intercession MosothoLesothoMahomaile, Rahaba12/04/2015
My Cry MosothoLesothoMahomaile, Rahaba11/17/2015
State of mind MosothoLesothoMahomaile, Rahaba11/17/2015
Where the lilies Bloom MosothoLesothoSema, Eclidah 11/09/2015
I Felt Lost MosothoLesothoSema, Eclidah 11/09/2015
the Heart of A poet MosothoLesothoSema, Eclidah 10/22/2015
Time Or Death MosothoLesothoSema, Eclidah 10/21/2015
I listened MosothoLesothoMakhakhe, Lebohang09/23/2015
Spiritual journey of a woman MosothoLesothoMakhakhe, Lebohang09/21/2015
Him MosothoLesothoMahomaile, Rahaba08/19/2015
prisoner of hope MosothoLesothoMahomaile, Rahaba08/16/2015
At the comfort of her homne MosothoLesothoMakhakhe, Lebohang06/19/2015
Virtue or Beauty MosothoLesothoMahomaile, Rahaba05/02/2015
My own words MosothoLesothoMakhakhe, Lebohang05/17/2013
Our Names MosothoLesothoMatabane, Motloang12/02/2008
I'm Letting Go MosothoLesothoMatabane, Motloang12/02/2008
I Stepped In To The Light MosothoLesothoMatabane, Motloang04/19/2008
The hand that gave me Poetry MosothoLesothoMatabane, Motloang03/24/2008
Wake up in Jerusalem MosothoLesothoMatabane, Motloang03/24/2008
A woman I knew MosothoLesothoMatabane, Motloang03/24/2008
STOP! MosothoLesothoMatabane, Motloang10/02/2007
War MosothoLesothoMatabane, Motloang10/02/2007
Welcomed Home MosothoLesothoMatabane, Motloang10/02/2007
A Twised Mirage MosothoLesothoMatabane, Motloang10/01/2007
The Train MosothoLesothoMatabane, Motloang10/01/2007
From one keeper to another MosothoLesothoMatabane, Motloang10/01/2007
You MosothoLesothoMatabane, Motloang09/27/2007
the girl i never knew MosothoLesothomphutlane, likeleli02/22/2007
my dream MosothoLesothomphutlane, likeleli02/20/2007
To whom i owe all that i speak MosothoLesothoMatabane, Motloang08/29/2006