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Jamaican Poems and Poetry from Jamaica

Jamaican poems and poetry from Jamaica. Read examples of jamaican poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

DEAR GOD JamaicanJamaicaEdwards-Gregory, Karen 10/20/2016
David JamaicanJamaicaHamilton, Shannon10/18/2016
FRIENDSHIP JamaicanJamaicaEdwards-Gregory, Karen 10/15/2016
Help Me JamaicanJamaicaCAMPBELL, KERINTH10/11/2016
I've Been There Before JamaicanJamaicaCAMPBELL, KERINTH10/11/2016
COLD LOVE JamaicanJamaicaEdwards-Gregory, Karen 10/10/2016
LOVE SONG JamaicanJamaicaEdwards-Gregory, Karen 10/07/2016
WALKING A MILE WITH YOU JamaicanJamaicaEdwards-Gregory, Karen 10/06/2016
My Nine Months Gift JamaicanJamaicaEdwards-Gregory, Karen 10/05/2016
Transportation JamaicanJamaicaCAMPBELL, KERINTH10/03/2016
Tearful Language JamaicanJamaicaCAMPBELL, KERINTH10/03/2016
My Pumpkin JamaicanJamaicaEdwards-Gregory, Karen 09/28/2016
The Anguish JamaicanJamaicaMorgan, Natasha09/12/2016
A Woman Who Battles With Depression -part 1- JamaicanJamaicaSangster, Michaelia09/08/2016
ROSES JamaicanJamaicaSangster, Michaelia09/05/2016
Spell of the Blackmajic Woman JamaicanJamaicaWalton, Marcia08/11/2016
METAMORPHOSIS JamaicanJamaicaWalton, Marcia08/11/2016
I think not JamaicanJamaicaAdams, Shaneka07/20/2016
Where God is there is no Hopeless Situation JamaicanJamaicaMorgan, Natasha07/19/2016
Phoenix the dawg JamaicanJamaicaGregory, Weston07/16/2016
The Restoration of All Things JamaicanJamaicaMorgan, Natasha07/12/2016
Comfort Me Oh Black Shamballa JamaicanJamaicaWiggan, Sandra07/07/2016
Jesus is Real JamaicanJamaicaMorgan, Natasha07/07/2016
MY SCARS ARE MY VICTORY Part One JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean06/19/2016
Crime Against Humanity JamaicanJamaicaGregory, Weston06/13/2016
Maybe If I Was A Boy JamaicanJamaicaSangster, Michaelia06/02/2016
THE MISSING PIECES Part Two JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean05/23/2016
THE MISSING PIECES Part One JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean05/23/2016
Scars Never Fade JamaicanJamaicaSangster, Michaelia05/19/2016
A Stones Throw- By Elma Mitchell: prostitute's response JamaicanJamaicaSangster, Michaelia05/18/2016
Metallic Skin JamaicanJamaicaYoung, Ramone05/14/2016
Dream in Dreams JamaicanJamaicaYoung, Ramone05/13/2016
luchando por el amor JamaicanJamaicamckenzie, niketa04/23/2016
Come JamaicanJamaicaJohnson, Maren03/25/2016
Alone Again JamaicanJamaicaJohnson, Maren03/25/2016
The Social Ladder JamaicanJamaicaJohnson, Maren03/25/2016
He Never Loved Me JamaicanJamaicaJohnson, Maren03/25/2016
Always Positive JamaicanJamaicaPalmer, Richard03/21/2016
Politician Ways JamaicanJamaicaGregory, Weston03/17/2016
My Beloved Male Companion JamaicanJamaicaSangster, Michaelia03/06/2016
BE DIFFERENT JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean02/24/2016
NO EVIL DISTRACTIONS JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean02/19/2016
A Love Lost JamaicanJamaicaBrown, Michael-Shane02/07/2016
ISLAND BOY LOVE JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean02/06/2016
LOVE AFFIRMATION JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean02/06/2016
SAGE I AM Edge Verses JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean12/30/2015
Daddy's Little Princess II JamaicanJamaicaHarrison-Jackson, Anoush12/26/2015
Technological Teen JamaicanJamaicaSangster, Michaelia12/14/2015
This Is Who I Am JamaicanJamaicaSangster, Michaelia12/13/2015