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Jamaican Poems and Poetry from Jamaica

Jamaican poems and poetry from Jamaica. Read examples of jamaican poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
I am JamaicanJamaicaThompson, Germaine12/10/2014
Friendship Lost JamaicanJamaicaDacosta, Dwight12/09/2014
Independently JamaicanJamaicaThompson, Germaine12/05/2014
Metaphors JamaicanJamaicaThompson, Germaine12/04/2014
Addiction JamaicanJamaicamckenzie, niketa10/13/2014
Him and I JamaicanJamaicaGayle, Dana10/12/2014
Everyone Needs Someone JamaicanJamaicaRhoden, Odel09/22/2014
Halloween,Halloween JamaicanJamaicaPalmer, Richard09/21/2014
NO ESCAPE JamaicanJamaicawilliams, treisha08/19/2014
My ink is my blood JamaicanJamaicaRobinson, Adrian07/27/2014
I speak tears JamaicanJamaicaRobinson, Adrian07/27/2014
Opinion JamaicanJamaicaGregory, Weston07/25/2014
Just Life JamaicanJamaicaPalmer, Richard07/25/2014
Merely female JamaicanJamaicaSeaton, Celia07/23/2014
change That hurts JamaicanJamaicaMORGAN, DWAYNE07/23/2014
Carbon copy JamaicanJamaicarowe, shaniel07/19/2014
Conflict JamaicanJamaicaThompson, Germaine07/16/2014
Wonderful Words JamaicanJamaicaPalmer, Richard06/25/2014
give me my rights JamaicanJamaicaRobinson, Adrian06/07/2014
I confronted the mirror again today JamaicanJamaicaSmalling, David06/01/2014
My country and I JamaicanJamaicaSmalling, David06/01/2014
I saw Montpelier rain today JamaicanJamaicaSmalling, David06/01/2014
I saw Montpelier rain today JamaicanJamaicaSmalling, David06/01/2014
Of all the poets that ever wrote JamaicanJamaicaSmalling, David06/01/2014
I held your hands, you did not pray JamaicanJamaicaSmalling, David05/31/2014
Once I called all poets to come, they came JamaicanJamaicaSmalling, David05/31/2014
Paradigm JamaicanJamaicaSmalling, David05/31/2014
Sometimes I will not try JamaicanJamaicaSmalling, David05/31/2014
Maya Angelou JamaicanJamaicaSmalling, David05/31/2014
A Girls Night Out JamaicanJamaicaPalmer, Richard05/25/2014
The Exam -May 05,2012 JamaicanJamaicaPLATT, CARLTON05/23/2014
Counting Stars JamaicanJamaicaPLATT, CARLTON05/22/2014
Summer Groom JamaicanJamaicayorke, gelissa05/12/2014
words are my colours JamaicanJamaicaRobinson, Adrian05/06/2014
When I Die 2 JamaicanJamaicaPalmer, Richard04/23/2014
Earth JamaicanJamaicaGregory, Weston04/19/2014
Drugs are bad things JamaicanJamaicarose, aaliyah04/09/2014
The Poetry In Me JamaicanJamaicaMurray, Melisha04/05/2014
Nurse the Rhymes JamaicanJamaicaPalmer, Richard03/25/2014
My pen will tell the tales JamaicanJamaicaRobinson, Adrian03/22/2014
Across the bridge JamaicanJamaicaRobinson, Adrian03/22/2014
Prophecy JamaicanJamaicaRobinson, Adrian03/22/2014
Deafening Silence JamaicanJamaicaRowe, Wendia03/20/2014
Precious JamaicanJamaicaGregory, Weston03/18/2014
Each man giving a bag of tools JamaicanJamaicaRobinson, Adrian03/17/2014
life JamaicanJamaicasmith, latoya 03/15/2014
RESPONSIBILITY JamaicanJamaicaHarrison-Jackson, Anoush03/13/2014
love hurts JamaicanJamaicasmith, latoya 03/13/2014
what is love JamaicanJamaicasmith, latoya 03/13/2014
whatever I breathes isn't oxygen JamaicanJamaicaRobinson, Adrian03/10/2014