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Jamaican Poems and Poetry from Jamaica

Jamaican poems and poetry from Jamaica. Read examples of jamaican poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

WINGS OF LOVE JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean11/21/2015
GOOD MORNING KISS JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean11/20/2015
The Stuff Dreams are Made of JamaicanJamaicaGooden, Sherese11/15/2015
REFLECTION JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean11/06/2015
JUST SAY SORRY IT IS OKAY JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean11/06/2015
LET'S DO IT JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean11/05/2015
DREAM LOVER JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean11/03/2015
LOVE AT HEART JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean11/03/2015
Morning does though have to come JamaicanJamaicaHamilton, Shannon11/02/2015
WITH YOU JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean11/02/2015
A WOMAN JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean11/02/2015
SUMPTUOUS WOMAN JamaicanJamaicaMorris, Carlton Dean11/02/2015
JAMAICA JamaicanJamaicajohnson , nedra10/16/2015
LOVES' 4 Letter BEGINNING JamaicanJamaicajohnson , nedra10/09/2015
I FORGIVE JamaicanJamaicajohnson , nedra10/07/2015
No Love Zone JamaicanJamaicaBrown, Danielle10/05/2015
His Faithfulness JamaicanJamaicaBrown, Danielle10/05/2015
The God I Serve JamaicanJamaicaBrown, Danielle10/05/2015
Why JamaicanJamaicaBrown, Danielle10/05/2015
Escaping Thoughts JamaicanJamaicaBrown, Danielle10/05/2015
I DO DO I JamaicanJamaicajohnson , nedra10/05/2015
When You Hid From Me Your Beauty JamaicanJamaicaHamilton, Shannon09/28/2015
OBAMA JAMAICA JamaicanJamaicajohnson , nedra09/27/2015
THE NEED TO CRY JamaicanJamaicawhyte, ricardo09/13/2015
In Retrospect JamaicanJamaicaHowitt, Marjorie09/10/2015
flip or flop JamaicanJamaicaSutherland , Christopher 09/01/2015
The Children JamaicanJamaicaJackson, Eaton08/29/2015
King In A Cornfield JamaicanJamaicaJackson, Eaton08/29/2015
IN OUR MINDS JamaicanJamaicaJackson, Eaton08/29/2015
Blue moon JamaicanJamaicaSutherland , Christopher 08/28/2015
To be Happy JamaicanJamaicaHarrison-Jackson, Anoush07/27/2015
My Teacher JamaicanJamaicaHowitt, Marjorie07/20/2015
Seeking JamaicanJamaicaWilliams , Dennis 07/11/2015
drought JamaicanJamaicaWilliams , Dennis 07/05/2015
oblivion JamaicanJamaicaWilliams , Dennis 07/05/2015
Alone again JamaicanJamaicaWilliams , Dennis 07/03/2015
keep cool JamaicanJamaicaWilliams , Dennis 07/02/2015
Dearest Dreamer JamaicanJamaicaGooden, Sherese06/24/2015
Beautiful Day JamaicanJamaicaFlynn, Janett06/09/2015
WRITERS BLOCK JamaicanJamaicaRichards, Terrica06/09/2015
Broken Heart JamaicanJamaicaHowitt, Marjorie06/01/2015
MY BEAUTIFUL AFRO JamaicanJamaicaHowitt, Marjorie05/25/2015
The APPEAL of the SEA JamaicanJamaicaHitchins, Audley 05/25/2015
Butterflies JamaicanJamaicaHitchins, Audley 05/22/2015
Time JamaicanJamaicaHitchins, Audley 05/22/2015
My Mom's 90th Birthday JamaicanJamaicaFlynn, Janett03/29/2015
How will i die JamaicanJamaicaRichards, Terrica03/02/2015
If I Proposed JamaicanJamaicaRichards, Terrica02/28/2015
Love you too much JamaicanJamaicaRichards, Terrica02/28/2015
Grandma's Red Gem JamaicanJamaicaRichards, Terrica02/28/2015