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Emirati Poems and Poetry - Poems from United Arab Emirates

Emirati Poems and Poetry - Poems from United Arab Emirates. emirati poems written by PoetrySoup members. Examples of emirati Poetry. Read emirati Poems

PMPoem TitleNationalityCountryCategoriesPoetDate Posted
Poem of heartbreakEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesangst,break up,heartbrokePerillo, Bianca 04/01/2014
The ballad of Rebecca Ann SedwickEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesanti bullying,bullying,jePerillo, Bianca 04/01/2014
COLOURSEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesnature,bhatt, stuti 03/21/2014
THE LOST PIEEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratespoems,jayan, abie03/19/2014
When dawn will fallEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesnature,Dua, Saanvi03/19/2014
BravoEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesabsence,for him,goodbye,lMoussa, Mary03/01/2014
Moon of my LifeEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesbeautiful,birthday,desireZaqout, Tariq02/04/2014
Please dontEmiratiUnited Arab Emirates jayan, abie01/29/2014
All about MeEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratessweet,Dua, Saanvi01/23/2014
Like Never BeforeEmiratiUnited Arab EmiratesspiritualJaihoon, Mujeeb01/22/2014
A SecondEmiratiUnited Arab Emirates jayan, abie01/22/2014
Love and lossEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesanimal,loss,love,Dua, Saanvi01/18/2014
Like a Poet Would DoEmiratiUnited Arab Emirateslove,passion,poetry,chamma, farah01/18/2014
Blue moon of the lakeEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesmythology,Dua, Saanvi01/06/2014
late night under the arms of momEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesmom,akbar, afiya01/02/2014
ENGLISH - Lesson 1 EmiratiUnited Arab Emirateslanguage,Dua, Saanvi12/27/2013
crossing by a smileEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratessmile,akbar, arzoo12/22/2013
a b c for super thingsEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratessmile,akbar, afiya12/20/2013
An angel for meEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratescute love,for her,romantiAnsari, Ibrahim12/18/2013
hurray christmas's gifts are mineEmiratiUnited Arab Emirateschristmas,akbar, arzoo12/17/2013
Come Home -- lyricsEmiratiUnited Arab Emirateslife,Jabri, Sarah12/16/2013
Blame YourselfEmiratiUnited Arab Emirateshistory,how i feel,Ansari, Ibrahim12/16/2013
Daddy's li'l girlEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesfather,father daughter,Dua, Saanvi12/16/2013
Broken Glass WingsEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesfaith,farewell,fear,life,Jabri, Sarah12/15/2013
world atlasEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratescity,akbar, arzoo12/15/2013
snowfalls -at nightEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratessnow,akbar, arzoo12/13/2013
shoo-- there is some one at doorEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesadventure,akbar, arzoo12/12/2013
friendly yes but sometimes rudeEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesfriend,akbar, arzoo12/12/2013
Winter BluesEmiratiUnited Arab Emirateswinter,Dua, Saanvi12/10/2013
People are of -----EmiratiUnited Arab Emiratespeople,Dua, Saanvi12/06/2013
A question of MankindEmiratiUnited Arab Emirateslyric,world,Dua, Saanvi12/02/2013
SmileEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratessmile,Dua, Saanvi11/27/2013
Wishing on a StarEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesnight,stars,Dua, Saanvi11/27/2013
THOUGHTS OF LIFEEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesworld,bhatt, stuti 11/24/2013
a wicking treeEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesearth,growing up,bhatt, stuti 11/20/2013
MeEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesme,Dua, Saanvi11/20/2013
If they were trueEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesdream,Dua, Saanvi11/20/2013
PersonalityEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratespoetry,Dua, Saanvi11/19/2013
lifeEmiratiUnited Arab Emirateslife,bhatt, stuti 11/18/2013
sun is every where where ever we seeEmiratiUnited Arab Emirateslife,bhatt, stuti 11/18/2013
The silly cat with a hat EmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesanimal,funny,Dua, Saanvi11/17/2013
MissEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesfunny,girl,Dua, Saanvi11/12/2013
ShadowsEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesnature,Dua, Saanvi11/12/2013
Frozen TearsEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratescry,sad,Dua, Saanvi11/07/2013
R-E-M-I-XEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratescolor,for children,Dua, Saanvi11/04/2013
You can paint what I cannot writeEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesemotions,for him,life,lovKaabour, Maya11/03/2013
in the shadow of doubtEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesconflict,confusion,dark,lMoussa, Mary11/03/2013
In SilenceEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesbeauty,betrayal,longing,lMoussa, Mary11/03/2013
It kills her day by day - breast cancer awarenessEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratescancer,sad,Dua, Saanvi11/02/2013
FrankenweenieEmiratiUnited Arab Emiratesfor kids,halloween,Dua, Saanvi10/22/2013