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Dutch Poems and Poetry from Netherlands

Dutch poems and poetry from Netherlands. Read examples of dutch poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoem TitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
In Tchibo GermanyDutchNetherlandsYan, Van10/26/2014
Cheap CigarDutchNetherlandsYan, Van10/25/2014
NetsDutchNetherlandsYan, Van10/22/2014
Premium Member Poem The art of human perspectivesDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly10/12/2014
These Brick Bound BoxesDutchNetherlandsCats, Lottie10/07/2014
Premium Member Poem The key holderDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly10/07/2014
Premium Member Poem Out of controlDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly10/07/2014
Premium Member Poem Black knightsDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly10/04/2014
Premium Member Poem Autumnal seductionDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly10/04/2014
Premium Member Poem Old and wise blue eyesDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly10/01/2014
Premium Member Poem Pleasure measureDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/28/2014
Premium Member Poem Walk of lifeDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/27/2014
Premium Member Poem Jobless bluesDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/25/2014
DestinationDutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/25/2014
ChangeDutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/25/2014
EnlightenmentDutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/25/2014
The universal language of loveDutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/25/2014
AngelDutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/25/2014
Premium Member Poem Cobbler s magicDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/24/2014
Premium Member Poem The death march of Anahit, Anoush and Aram and AraxDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/23/2014
Premium Member Poem Solar powerDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/23/2014
Premium Member Poem Blavand s white towerDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/22/2014
Premium Member Poem Will you marry me againDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/21/2014
Premium Member Poem Impressive silenceDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/21/2014
Premium Member Poem The weight of honestyDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/21/2014
Premium Member Poem Everlasting fragranceDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/17/2014
Premium Member Poem Hidden mountaineerDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/17/2014
UndergroundDutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/14/2014
Premium Member Poem Tangible volatilized illusionDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/14/2014
Premium Member Poem Fata MorganaDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/14/2014
Premium Member Poem Reflections on enlightenmentDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/13/2014
Premium Member Poem Limitless intimacyDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/13/2014
Premium Member Poem MoonsetDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/12/2014
At a birds-flight of joyDutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/10/2014
Angels of lightDutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/10/2014
A tear fights his way through desolationDutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/10/2014
Premium Member Poem for Irfana Ali Bhat amidst of Kashmir floodsDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/09/2014
And immortalize you in my fireDutchNetherlandsand Gerhard, Bianca09/09/2014
flowers in my minds gardenDutchNetherlandsandres, yovanny09/05/2014
Premium Member Poem The ultimate love testDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/04/2014
Premium Member Poem The chestnut treeDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/03/2014
Premium Member Poem Poetical VisualsDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/03/2014
Premium Member Poem Out in the country part three The reedDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/03/2014
Premium Member Poem My first mothersdayDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/02/2014
Premium Member Poem Out in the country part two The SwanDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/01/2014
Premium Member Poem Out in the country part one The ducksDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly09/01/2014
Premium Member Poem His Medal of Honor dishonoredDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly08/31/2014
Premium Member Poem Russian RouletteDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly08/31/2014
Premium Member Poem A pond AlouetteDutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly08/31/2014
Premium Member Poem A so called captain of a Costa Concordia DutchNetherlandsWouterse, Elly08/31/2014