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Canadian Poems and Poetry from Canada

Canadian poems and poetry from Canada. Read examples of canadian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Premium Member Poem Expressing your individuality and uniqueness CanadianCanadaHamilton, John07/27/2016
Ten Years CanadianCanadaTroutman, Tanis07/27/2016
Frightened Of The Dark CanadianCanadaRose, Mystic07/27/2016
With Silken Roses CanadianCanadaRose, Mystic07/27/2016
Anatomy of A Poem CanadianCanadaBarter, Denis07/27/2016
Premium Member Poem Pink CanadianCanadaWings, Broken07/27/2016
This Life CanadianCanadaLeblond, Corrina07/27/2016
Rarely joy CanadianCanadaTroutman, Tanis07/27/2016
When You Lose A Friend CanadianCanadaRose, Mystic07/27/2016
Life at the end CanadianCanadaHo, Elaine07/26/2016
Premium Member Poem Pandemonium CanadianCanadaWarrior, Winged07/26/2016
In the crowd CanadianCanadaTroutman, Tanis07/26/2016
I am a dolphin CanadianCanadaHo, Elaine07/26/2016
The truth stood downcast in the lie CanadianCanadaTroutman, Tanis07/26/2016
Premium Member Poem This Is Just A Dream CanadianCanadaWings, Broken07/26/2016
Premium Member Poem Pending Mayhem CanadianCanadaKent, Ronald07/26/2016
A Humorous Poem For Cheryl Hoffman CanadianCanadaRose, Mystic07/26/2016
Premium Member Poem Devastated and delirious CanadianCanadaHamilton, John07/26/2016
Si Sikelel' iAfrika Up above CanadianCanadaMcGeachy, Gerrard07/26/2016
Premium Member Poem Pandemonium CanadianCanadaWings, Broken07/26/2016
Premium Member Poem Love's flame ignites CanadianCanadaHamilton, John07/26/2016
Premium Member Poem Can Love Kill CanadianCanadaEllison, Jack07/26/2016
In The Forest CanadianCanadaBadke, Rosa R.07/26/2016
Sweet Songs of Birds CanadianCanadaBadke, Rosa R.07/25/2016
The Dealership CanadianCanadaTroutman, Tanis07/25/2016
Blunt Force Trauma CanadianCanadaTroutman, Tanis07/25/2016
Premium Member Poem Seeing Red CanadianCanadaKent, Ronald07/25/2016
Storm on Canvas CanadianCanadaRaina, Meenakshi 07/25/2016
Premium Member Poem Eyes That Shine - A Re-write CanadianCanadaYvonne, Maurice07/25/2016
Little Bear CanadianCanadaDe Beaulieu, Darlene07/25/2016
Buttercups CanadianCanadaDe Beaulieu, Darlene07/25/2016
Angels Sing Their Sweetest Song CanadianCanadaWhite, Sherri07/25/2016
Premium Member Poem The Past Has Gone CanadianCanadaWarrior, Winged07/25/2016
Premium Member Poem A Beautiful Ballet CanadianCanadaEllison, Jack07/25/2016
What Is Life CanadianCanadaRose, Mystic07/25/2016
Walking My Tiger Home CanadianCanadaRose, Mystic07/25/2016
A Prayer To My Father In Heaven CanadianCanadaRose, Mystic07/25/2016
Premium Member Poem ''Making A Gem Out Of Garbage'' CanadianCanadaWings, Broken07/24/2016
Premium Member Poem Tear Wet With Sadness CanadianCanadaWings, Broken07/24/2016
No smircsti CanadianCanadaTroutman, Tanis07/24/2016
Premium Member Poem The Past and Me, Entwine CanadianCanadaWings, Broken07/24/2016
Premium Member Poem Lightning strikes electrify a kiss, not for contest CanadianCanadaHamilton, John07/24/2016
Carved Hearts CanadianCanadaRaina, Meenakshi 07/24/2016
Clean Slate CanadianCanadaTroutman, Tanis07/24/2016
Failings of the Formers CanadianCanadaTroutman, Tanis07/24/2016
She Has A Sunshine Smile , her name is Anne CanadianCanadaRose, Mystic07/24/2016
A Golden Grain of Sand CanadianCanadaBadke, Rosa R.07/24/2016
Premium Member Poem Humans-your masterpiece CanadianCanadaHamilton, John07/24/2016
Premium Member Poem Walking My Tiger Home CanadianCanadaWarrior, Winged07/24/2016
Premium Member Poem A Lollapalooza CanadianCanadaEllison, Jack07/24/2016