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Tunisian Poems and Poetry from Tunisia

Tunisian poems and poetry from Tunisia. Read examples of Tunisian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Romeo and Juliet Audabe TunisianTunisiaMD, Cherif12/19/2014
Cupid's Arrow TunisianTunisiaMD, Cherif10/10/2014
Artificial Nocturne TunisianTunisiaAmmar, Fatima08/15/2014
Annie's lost paradise TunisianTunisiaKhardani, Yosra02/28/2014
Azrael's Aquatic Acre TunisianTunisiaAmmar, Fatima01/20/2014
Fur Elise TunisianTunisiaAmmar, Fatima01/07/2014
Romantic Energy -Haiku- TunisianTunisiaAmmar, Fatima01/05/2014
Florence Nightingale -Senryu- TunisianTunisiaAmmar, Fatima01/05/2014
Limbo TunisianTunisiaAmmar, Fatima01/05/2014
The Sinking Boat of Justice TunisianTunisiaAmmar, Fatima01/05/2014
Jailed in His Own Skin TunisianTunisiaAmmar, Fatima01/05/2014
winter nights TunisianTunisiaorlock, damien12/21/2013
time to flee TunisianTunisiaKhardani, Yosra10/04/2013
spirituality TunisianTunisiaorlock, damien09/21/2013
the heart TunisianTunisiaorlock, damien09/21/2013
The garden TunisianTunisiaorlock, damien08/17/2013
The Paper TunisianTunisiaKhardani, Yosra08/11/2013
NO MORE FAKE CHEERS TunisianTunisiaKhardani, Yosra08/04/2013
A Dream TunisianTunisiaKhardani, Yosra07/20/2013
Chained Thoughts TunisianTunisiaKhardani, Yosra07/20/2013
Not in the same way TunisianTunisiaKhardani, Yosra07/07/2013
DEAR FRIENDS TunisianTunisiaKhardani, Yosra06/27/2013
who is she TunisianTunisiaKhardani, Yosra06/15/2013
SHE TunisianTunisiaKhardani, Yosra06/15/2013
HE IS BACK TunisianTunisiaKhardani, Yosra06/15/2013
DESERTED GARDEN TunisianTunisiaKhardani, Yosra06/15/2013
BIRTH TunisianTunisiaKhardani, Yosra06/15/2013
REST IN PEACE TunisianTunisiaKhardani, Yosra06/14/2013
Nothing ever lasts TunisianTunisiaKhardani, Yosra06/14/2013
LAND, FREEDOM,NATIONAL DIGNITY TunisianTunisiamouwahed, khedher02/18/2013
A Silly Mistake TunisianTunisiarhimi, yasser01/31/2013
A Modern Confession for a Dying Beggar TunisianTunisiarhimi, yasser01/28/2013
In the Splits of that Stony Picture TunisianTunisiarhimi, yasser01/22/2013
Song of the Raped Virgin TunisianTunisiarhimi, yasser01/22/2013
The S-plit With-in TunisianTunisiarhimi, yasser01/22/2013
Scars Left Behind TunisianTunisiarhimi, yasser01/22/2013
The Somniloquist TunisianTunisiarhimi, yasser01/22/2013
Alongside Agony TunisianTunisiarhimi, yasser01/22/2013
One Last Breath TunisianTunisiarhimi, yasser01/22/2013
Phantasmagoric Moments TunisianTunisiarhimi, yasser01/22/2013
Let this be my thought TunisianTunisiaOmri, Chokri12/12/2012
Spring is coming despite winter TunisianTunisiaOmri, Chokri12/09/2012
Discord TunisianTunisiaOmri, Chokri12/04/2012
A Poor man's view TunisianTunisiaOmri, Chokri12/04/2012
Hamlet TunisianTunisiaOmri, Chokri12/04/2012
Le Triomphe de L'amour sur La mort TunisianTunisiaOmri, Chokri12/04/2012
Let us try again TunisianTunisiaOmri, Chokri12/04/2012
Ode to my son TunisianTunisiaOmri, Chokri12/04/2012
In the City Cafe of Tunis TunisianTunisiaOmri, Chokri12/03/2012
Ode To Harmony and Serenity TunisianTunisiaOmri, Chokri12/03/2012