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Sudanese Poems and Poetry from Sudan

Sudanese poems and poetry from Sudan. Read examples of Sudanese poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Love letter SudaneseSudanm.zain, abubaker06/05/2016
Just Dreams SudaneseSudanabdo, Yassin02/06/2016
O Worled I am Human SudaneseSudanabdo, Yassin02/04/2016
The Deep-Rooted-Tree SudaneseSudanSalih, Mohamed05/25/2015
You SudaneseSudanElneel, Yasir04/30/2015
Short love affair SudaneseSudanElneel, Yasir03/02/2015
Is this pain real SudaneseSudanalaa, amjed08/25/2014
own shadows SudaneseSudanalaa, amjed08/17/2014
Why don't we just avoid all this and live a happy life SudaneseSudanalaa, amjed08/16/2014
be Successful SudaneseSudanalaa, amjed08/16/2014
alone SudaneseSudanm.zain, abubaker03/12/2014
some days SudaneseSudanm.zain, abubaker01/25/2014
i once was a dreamer SudaneseSudanm.zain, abubaker01/18/2014
the will to life SudaneseSudanm.zain, abubaker11/03/2013
the cynic SudaneseSudanm.zain, abubaker12/09/2012
time SudaneseSudanm.zain, abubaker11/30/2012
philosophy SudaneseSudanm.zain, abubaker11/29/2012
discourses SudaneseSudanm.zain, abubaker11/24/2012
what is love SudaneseSudanm.zain, abubaker11/24/2012
I will love you till the day i die SudaneseSudanalaa, amjed04/09/2012
how life go's SudaneseSudanalaa, amjed04/08/2012
rise of my self SudaneseSudanalaa, amjed04/06/2012
you are my angel SudaneseSudanalaa, amjed04/04/2012
your love hurts SudaneseSudanalaa, amjed04/04/2012
pain SudaneseSudanalaa, amjed04/04/2012
missing someone SudaneseSudanalaa, amjed04/03/2012
think with your mind SudaneseSudanalaa, amjed04/03/2012