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Pole Poems and Poetry from Poland

Pole poems and poetry from Poland. Read examples of Pole poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Next to him the world was taken in slow motion, Hailey 1 PolePolandWillow, Weeping07/01/2016
Going to morrow PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/27/2016
DH PolePolandSikorska, Danka06/23/2016
On my ex-nothing birthday my next-nothing dumped me PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/22/2016
I did not slip on a teardrop PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/20/2016
The pain was indescribable as that color was part 6 PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/19/2016
Superhopeful PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/15/2016
Bad rhyming muse PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/14/2016
There was no other kind of love in my eyes part 5 PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/12/2016
Slim shady PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/10/2016
Island Of Fantasy PolePolandWillow, Weeping06/06/2016
Effects, oh yes, some side ones part 4 PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/31/2016
If you were a letter PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/22/2016
Spelling life PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/21/2016
No fool PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/19/2016
Cut PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/18/2016
Impossible he wouldn't came again part 3 PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/15/2016
Locked PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/13/2016
Lover PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/13/2016
He is such a fool part 2 PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/11/2016
Flower power PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/11/2016
I do not love him Wait, in fact I do I do love him part 1 PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/10/2016
Who's whose problem PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/10/2016
Sensuality goes to PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/09/2016
Rainbows PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/08/2016
My eyes tearfuly blinded with anger of disappointment PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/08/2016
Nessnothing PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/06/2016
Zoo-logical PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/05/2016
Mars4me PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/04/2016
Flush out flash-back PolePolandWillow, Weeping05/03/2016
When I don't read poem because it has not catchy title enough PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/29/2016
To listen to you PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/28/2016
Mentally about a bout PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/27/2016
Heel over heads PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/26/2016
Self problem control PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/26/2016
The other side of the ticket PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/26/2016
We the cheaters of existence PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/25/2016
Happy counting PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/25/2016
A part of enjambment PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/25/2016
Life irony PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/25/2016
Lost in wild imaginations or vain schemes of some anticipated good PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/24/2016
Daydreams PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/24/2016
No other PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/24/2016
It was cried over at first PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/24/2016
Gingering it up PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/24/2016
And so we did PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/24/2016
Under cover PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/23/2016
Promises promises PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/22/2016
Epilogue devouring PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/22/2016
I killed PolePolandWillow, Weeping04/22/2016