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Malaysian Poems and Poetry from Malaysia

Malaysian poems and poetry from Malaysia. Read examples of Malaysian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Things She Hopes For MalaysianMalaysiaZaini, Fatin02/12/2016
The Greater's Love MalaysianMalaysiaM.Isa, Nona Roguyah02/06/2016
Just Let It Be MalaysianMalaysiaM.Isa, Nona Roguyah02/05/2016
Nebula MalaysianMalaysiaZahari, Naddy02/04/2016
Different MalaysianMalaysiaZahari, Naddy02/04/2016
Tea Story MalaysianMalaysiaZahari, Naddy02/04/2016
Sidestep MalaysianMalaysiaZahari, Naddy02/04/2016
Zika Virus What Next MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG02/03/2016
THAT GIRL MalaysianMalaysiaNajwa, Nuralia02/03/2016
CHANGE MalaysianMalaysiaNajwa, Nuralia02/03/2016
DLCW Don't Let China Win MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG02/02/2016
Secret Admirer MalaysianMalaysiaZainodin, Nisa02/01/2016
Hidden Hope MalaysianMalaysiaZainodin, Nisa02/01/2016
Dreaming MalaysianMalaysiaZainodin, Nisa02/01/2016
When It Rains It Pours MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG01/30/2016
Hands Caught In The Till MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG01/28/2016
Motor City 2016 Champion MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG01/28/2016
Out Of Practice MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG01/28/2016
Hand In The Cookie Jar MalaysianMalaysiaCHUAN SENG, KENG01/28/2016
For Him MalaysianMalaysiaZaini, Fatin01/27/2016
EVERYONE IS PART OF A WHOLE MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/25/2016
MESSAGE FROM THE SKY MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/25/2016
NO WAY OUT MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/25/2016
RECITING WITH THE SKY MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/25/2016
JUNGLE OF DEATH MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/25/2016
THE RIGHT PLACE IS THE HEART MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/25/2016
THEY ARE NOT MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/25/2016
STORY OF A DEAD LIFE MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/25/2016
SINGS MY FREEDOM MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/25/2016
HARDSHIP IS EASE MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/25/2016
TEACHER AND RECORDER MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/24/2016
TALKING TO ANTS MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/24/2016
MY LYRIC TO THE MOON MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/24/2016
WHAT LIMIT IS MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/24/2016
MY HEART SEES MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/24/2016
SEES NO COLOR MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/24/2016
I NEED A CHANGE, NOT TIME MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/24/2016
THINK METAPHORICALLY MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/24/2016
PLEASE RISE MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/24/2016
STAB ME NOT BY YOUR TONGUE MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/24/2016
Hawk-eyed MalaysianMalaysiaZahari, Naddy01/23/2016
Lazy MalaysianMalaysiaZahari, Naddy01/23/2016
City Lights MalaysianMalaysiaZahari, Naddy01/23/2016
You MalaysianMalaysiaZahari, Naddy01/23/2016
Olive MalaysianMalaysiaZahari, Naddy01/23/2016
Linger MalaysianMalaysiaZahari, Naddy01/23/2016
Hanging On MalaysianMalaysiaZahari, Naddy01/23/2016
One's Last MalaysianMalaysiaZahari, Naddy01/23/2016
Transit MalaysianMalaysiaZahari, Naddy01/21/2016
Miss Barnacle MalaysianMalaysiaZahari, Naddy01/21/2016