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Malaysian Poems and Poetry from Malaysia

Malaysian poems and poetry from Malaysia. Read examples of Malaysian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
SOAK IN THE BLOOD MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/31/2015
Once MalaysianMalaysiaYap, Natalie01/24/2015
NOT JUST A MOTHER MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy01/21/2015
A Vulpine Affair MalaysianMalaysiaRao, Sunil01/19/2015
Time MalaysianMalaysiaChan, Jason01/13/2015
Speechless MalaysianMalaysiaElle, Mich01/12/2015
I Gazed Upon The Horizon MalaysianMalaysiaLim, Leon01/06/2015
Visitor of Bath MalaysianMalaysiaRao, Sunil12/27/2014
Forgive Before it is Too Late MalaysianMalaysiaRao, Sunil12/24/2014
The Murder of Lady Anne of the Marshland MalaysianMalaysiaRao, Sunil12/13/2014
The Craftsman and the Witty Squab MalaysianMalaysiaRao, Sunil12/06/2014
The Cricket's Hymn MalaysianMalaysiaRao, Sunil11/30/2014
Violas MalaysianMalaysiaRao, Sunil11/30/2014
Persephone MalaysianMalaysiaRao, Sunil11/30/2014
The Letter To Myself MalaysianMalaysiaElle, Mich11/19/2014
love pain MalaysianMalaysiaAathaappa, siow11/16/2014
Beautiful feelings MalaysianMalaysiaAathaappa, siow11/16/2014
An Idling Hazy Victory MalaysianMalaysiaRao, Sunil11/11/2014
Insanity MalaysianMalaysiaRao, Sunil11/11/2014
Of Her Presence, Herpes MalaysianMalaysiaRao, Sunil11/10/2014
A Wasted Existence MalaysianMalaysiaRao, Sunil11/10/2014
Diplomacy MalaysianMalaysiaRao, Sunil11/10/2014
Dear Miss Lovely MalaysianMalaysiaRao, Sunil11/05/2014
The Beats MalaysianMalaysiaJohnson, Alexandria10/31/2014
Gone MalaysianMalaysiaJohnson, Alexandria10/30/2014
I Beg Thee Understand MalaysianMalaysiaRao, Sunil10/12/2014
I Am My Disney Princess MalaysianMalaysiaElle, Mich09/08/2014
LIFE IS NOT A RACE MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/28/2014
GREEN FUTURE MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/28/2014
IN GRIEF MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/28/2014
HERO OF SABAH MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/28/2014
INK IN THE PAPER MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/27/2014
PATIENCE MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/27/2014
CLOUD WINGS MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/27/2014
PAGE OF WORD MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/27/2014
DREAM MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/27/2014
MEMORIES OF JABIDAH MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/16/2014
ART IS LIFE MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/15/2014
HEART SINGS LISTEN TO IT MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/15/2014
HISTORICAL STORY MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/15/2014
NOTHING TO FEAR MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/15/2014
INDEPENDENCE IS OUR SOUL MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/15/2014
I Am Doing Well MalaysianMalaysiaElle, Mich08/13/2014
Happy Birthday II MalaysianMalaysiaElle, Mich08/12/2014
Happy Birthday MalaysianMalaysiaElle, Mich08/12/2014
All is kosher MalaysianMalaysiaAbdullah, Rozmanshah08/07/2014
Sunken Eyes MalaysianMalaysiaYap, Natalie08/04/2014
ORGANIC NATURE MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy07/31/2014
JUST BEAUTIFUL BLUE MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy07/31/2014
When I Can't Talk MalaysianMalaysiaElle, Mich07/28/2014