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Malaysian Poems and Poetry from Malaysia

Malaysian poems and poetry from Malaysia. Read examples of Malaysian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Do Not Lose Heart MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne08/22/2016
Patience MalaysianMalaysiaRedzuan, Ami08/21/2016
Lagenda MalaysianMalaysiaRedzuan, Ami08/21/2016
In the Life of a Learner MalaysianMalaysiaJason, Jaz08/19/2016
Mobius Union MalaysianMalaysiaVeena, Manni08/18/2016
Thinking Of You MalaysianMalaysiaZaini, Fatin08/16/2016
White Roses MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne08/14/2016
Words MalaysianMalaysiaKaur, Melisha08/13/2016
AGELESS MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/11/2016
NO GOODBYE MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/11/2016
THE PATH MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/11/2016
A BLOSSOM MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/11/2016
BONELESS TONGUES MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/11/2016
PLEASE MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/11/2016
POETRY TO MY BEING MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/11/2016
INK MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/11/2016
RISE MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/11/2016
ME, NO MAN OF THE IRON MASK MalaysianMalaysiaJolo, Neldy08/11/2016
I Am Sorry, Please Forgive Me MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne08/09/2016
I Thank God for Cookies MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne08/09/2016
Die Hard MalaysianMalaysiaSadik, Shazrina08/04/2016
The Electrifying Love of God MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne08/02/2016
Question Mark MalaysianMalaysiaSadik, Shazrina07/31/2016
A Solitary Longing MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia07/26/2016
11:23 PM MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia07/25/2016
Big Brown Bear MalaysianMalaysiaLasarus, Emilia07/24/2016
Lily MalaysianMalaysiaZaini, Fatin07/20/2016
A Carat To The Ocean MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia07/16/2016
Regret, realized, recovered MalaysianMalaysiaChng, Zhu Lin07/10/2016
Loneliness MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne07/08/2016
The Little Girl is Crying MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne07/06/2016
A Thousand Thoughts MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne07/06/2016
For You MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia07/03/2016
Deep Thoughts from My Heart MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne07/03/2016
My Weak and Weary Cry MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne06/30/2016
It's 4 am MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne06/30/2016
The Pit and Battle of Despair MalaysianMalaysiaLiaw, Joanne06/30/2016
Thy Death, Poetry MalaysianMalaysiaAbdul Moin, Al Amin06/26/2016
The Bad Man MalaysianMalaysiaAbdul Moin, Al Amin06/26/2016
Let Us Paint, World MalaysianMalaysiaAbdul Moin, Al Amin06/26/2016
Childish MalaysianMalaysiaAbdul Moin, Al Amin06/26/2016
Listen And Obey MalaysianMalaysiaAbdul Moin, Al Amin06/26/2016
Villainous Volcano MalaysianMalaysiaAbdul Moin, Al Amin06/26/2016
Friday, 24th of June 2016 MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia06/24/2016
A Writer's Block MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia06/22/2016
Her Consequence MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia06/22/2016
Shake it Off MalaysianMalaysiaZaini, Fatin06/22/2016
Crush MalaysianMalaysiaZaini, Fatin06/22/2016
Jogging MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia06/17/2016
The Blue Room MalaysianMalaysiaHo, Julia06/17/2016